A Patch is a minor software update that usually involves bug fixes and small changes to the software, but does not bring new features or major changes which are usually introduced with Major Updates.

In tibia, there are generally speaking 2 types of patches: Client and Server patches. Even though these are usually released alongside each other, this is not always the case. For example, the adjustment of creatures' strength or loot do not require a Client Patch, whereas an adjustment on the client interface usually won't require a Server patch as well.

Over the past few years, CipSoft has created a custom of releasing patches on Tuesday, during Server Save, which are usually announced as Bugfixes and Content Changes. Of course, emergency bug fixes can be released at any other time or day in order to avoid major problems in the game or reduce their consequences (e.g. a Server Reset).

Since detailed information about server patches is not released by CipSoft, those cannot always be tracked. Announced changes and client patches, however, are registered on the following pages:

Version Name Release Date Summary Changes



September 03, 2003

An small patch that introduced the premium area of Rookgaard.

  • A premium area was added to the east of Rookgaard.
  • Bugfixes related to the usage of items the Levitate spell were done.




August 12, 2008

A small patch that introduced some adjustments in respawns, and NPC.




September 30, 2008

Introduced small improvements to the NPC trade window as well as account names.

  • NPC Trade window improvements:
    • Weight is now displayed in the NPC trade window.
    • Items that cannot be afforded are greyed out.
    • You can now buy items in backpacks.
  • When creating an account, you are now asked to choose an account name.




October 1, 2009

Introduced the link copy protection

  • When a link is copied from the client, a warning is shown about the hacking risks of external links.




October 1, 2009

Fixes the problem introduced with link protection system introduced in the previous update.

  • Fixed kicks and graphical cloning issues introduced by the previous update.



Autumn Patch 2009

World Transfer

November 5, 2009

This update renamed pvp types and made some adjustments to them, as well as adding the war system and world transfers.

  • The War System was introduced, a way for guilds to have wars even in worlds without PvP enabled.
  • PvP types were renamed and received some adjustments.
  • Character World Transfers were added, allowing a player to transfer their character to a different world.
  • Characters can only leave Rookgaard at level 8 or 9.



Spring Patch 2010


March 17, 2010

This patch introduced changes in the reporting system, the stamina system and other minor changes.

  • All players are able to report inappropriate names of other characters. There are limitations for the amounts of pending reports.
  • The automatic bot detection tool is improved, players who receive a banishment will be kicked faster from the game than the next server save.
  • With 14 hours of Stamina or less, no loot will be received anymore.
  • The 50% bonus experience hour for premium accounts is extended to two hours. The regeneration of the stamina is boosted too, from 1 minute per 12 minutes logged out changed to 1 minute per 10 minutes logged out.
  • The Pits of Inferno shortcut is now enabled for everybody who enters a random throne room.
    • A new shortcut is made to skip the lever riddle after doing it once.
  • If one of your characters receives a namelock, you will have three chances to rename it. If the third name proposal gets rejected as well, the character will receive a name from the name generator.
  • The character creation page on received a make-over (requires javascript).
  • Information about banishments will no longer be displayed on a character page from now on, no matter if the character is hidden or not.
  • There is now a solution for the error that sometimes occurs when logging out. If the client tells you that you are already logged in with a character even though that is not the case, you will now just have to log in and out with the affected character to solve this problem.




August 23, 2010

Gamemasters were removed from the game, Beholders were renamed to Bonelords and other minor changes.



Autumn Patch 2010


September 22, 2010

This patch focused on adding new PvP features.

  • New PvP features were introduced:
    • Assisted Kill: If you help to trap a person or paralyze another player who dies, this will be counted as an assisted kill. It will be displayed in your kills list as well as in the victim's character death list, but it will not have any effects on any skull limits.
    • Fair Fight Rules: If you get killed and at least 40% of the damage dealt within the last 60 seconds came through PvP damage, the death penalty on level and skills will be reduced according to a certain formula.
    • PvP-Blessing: This blessing can be bought at any temple NPC and costs the same as a regular blessing. If you are killed while having this blessing and at least 40% of the damage dealt within the last 60 seconds came through PvP damage, you will not lose your regular blessings and its AOL. Does not count for red or black skulled players.
    • Revenge Skull: For 7 days after an unjustified death, the victim sees an orange skull whenever they meet their killer or killers. This means that he can attack and kill the player character marked with an orange skull justifiably. Yet, he will still receive a PZ block and a yellow skull for attacking an orange skull.
    • Swapping Position If Trapped: If you receive PvP damage and are unable to move to any of the squares around you because of a trap, you will get the ability to swap position with your trappers, under certain circumstances.
    • PvP Stairhopping Delay: After changing floors, for example by going up or down ladders, you will be able to attack other player characters within the first 2 seconds, but only with single directed attacks.
    • PZ On Demand Fix: If there is a stack with player characters in it, all player characters will be displayed on the battle list regardless of their position in a stack. On Open and Hardcore PvP, all player characters even deep down in a stack can perform all actions.
  • Many achievements were introduced for completing outfit and addons quests.




January 27, 2011

Added the English Chat and Game Codes.



Spring Patch 2011


April 20, 2011

This update introduced some minor improvements to the server log and changes to the equipment inventory.

  • Dread Doll was implemented as FunTibia's item.
  • The winning submissions of the Royal Painting Contest were added to Thais and Carlin castles.
  • The inventory was updated with new graphics and new limitations.
    • The hand slots are now exclusively a weapon slot on the left and shield on the right.
    • The arrow slot now only allows ammunition and certain light sources.
  • The Server Log Channel shows new information such as damage healed, damage dealt and received by other players or monsters on screen, experience received by other players on screen, players joining/leaving private chat channels (this can be turned off by click on Options > Console > uncheck 'Show Status Messages in Console').
  • Implemented the You cannot use objects that fast. message if the player use an object more than 2 (?) times per second.
  • Time left for rings and boots have been improved, now you can see hours, minutes and seconds as well.
  • Creature HP bars are now all the same height above them.
  • The text color from exiva spell and chest quests were changed from green to white.
  • Male Knight Outfit received a new hair look.




May 03, 2011

This patch addresses a couple of issues that came up with the spring patch. A console option to show or hide status messages which originate from other creatures and characters is added.

  • Added a console option to show or hide status messages which originate from other creatures and characters.
  • The update of the output text of the exiva spell has been fixed so it will work like before the patch again. This means the spell output will be updated instantly again instead of taking a few seconds if you cast it several times in a row.
  • The position of names and health bars of creatures in the game window had been changed. Due to feedback from the community and due to a bug regarding the clickable area of creatures which was introduced with that change the position has now been reverted to the original one of client version 8.71 and before.
  • No more status messages are displayed in white text on the bottom of the game window for damage, healing and experience.
  • A bug fix to address the display of enter and leave messages in the guild chat channel will implemented.



Mad Sheep

May 12, 2011

Fixed an issue with Mad Sheeps.




June 9, 2011

This update did not feature any new content, but the release of the Beta Flash Client




October 20, 2011

This small patch introduced a new Tutor system.

  • You can now receive Thank you!'s from other players for helpful posts and statements.
  • By receiving enough Thank you!'s from other players in a specific timeframe and fulfil some minor requirements, you will automatically become a tutor.




April 05, 2012

This patch came shortly after the previous update to fix an issue related to hotkeys.

  • Fixed an issue with the delay of hotkeys in the stand-alone client




April 13, 2012

This patch introduced some fixes to some items and graphics and other minor changes.

  • Characters can now always log out in a protection zone regardless of whether or not the logout block is active.
  • Orockle who now also gives information about the status of the Hive world change when asked about "news" or "status".
  • The speed boost of the depth galea helmet now works correctly.
  • New graphics for each of the four enchanted versions of the barbarian axe have been added.
  • Several small issues with new fansite items have been fixed.
  • Beta Flash client fixes:
    • The spell list now updates correctly when the filter or sort mode is changed.
    • Fixed a bug with mouse look in classic controls
  • Addressed an issue which caused a crash of the Beta Flash client when displaying a tooltip for the L1 action button.




May 03, 2012

The mechanisms that trigger in case of connection interruptions due to lag and kicks was improved, also another small fixes.

  • The mechanisms that trigger in case of connection interruptions due to lag and kicks were finetuned.
  • The sprite of incredible mumpiz slayer has been replaced with the new longsword graphic.
  • The market flag has been removed from all flower pots except for empty flower pots and iced ones. We have also removed the market flag from enigmatic voodoo skull and from depleted versions of the claw of the noxious spawn.
  • Yasir now only buys Zaoan items from you if you are also able to sell them to Esrik, which means that you need to have turned in enough tomes of knowledge in Farmine.
  • A few achievement typos have been fixed, and the achievement "Best there was" has been renamed to "King of the Ring".



Premium Scroll

June 13, 2012

Premium Scrolls, rule changes and preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera are added to Tibia.

  • Premium Scrolls were added as a way to upgrade your account to premium.
  • The comments of Tibia Rules 1c and 2c were updated to cover the advertising of ingame trades involving Premium Scrolls that have been transferred into the game. Advertising trades of any kind that involve the paying of real money are still considered illegal.
  • Preview worlds Aurora and Aurera.




August 29, 2012

The Flash Client ended its Beta stage and was officially launched as a legit alternative to the stand-alone client. A few changes were made to Rookgaard and the Island of Destiny.



Jade Zaoan Bishop

March 14, 2013

This patch introduced customized corpses for human creatures and many other small improvements.




April 4, 2013

This update introduced the Browse Field feature.

  • The Browse Field feature was implemented to prevent depot and corpse trashing. For more information, see the article.
  • The Houses and Guildhalls of players who are scheduled for deletion will automatically have all their invitation and subowner lists reseted.




April 11, 2013

Minor improvements, as well as the introduction of fansite item Bookworm Doll.




June 12, 2013

This was a roundup of fixes and adjustments to the changes made in the previous update.

  • Optional PvP
    • An issue that prevented players from aiming runes at squares on which another character was standing has been fixed. This means it will be possible again to aim runes on other characters.
    • Magic Walls and Wild Growth plants will vanish if a character walks into them. However, if they are cast by a guild war participant, their blocking effects will apply to his war opponents. Magic walls or wild growth plants that were cast by a war participant will vanish if somebody who is not a war opponent of the casting character walks into them.
    • Characters will not be able to attack their own summons anymore. Also, it will not be possible anymore to get damaged by your own summons.
  • Open PvP
    • All area attacks will reach characters that are standing inside a magic wall or wild growth with all consequences.
    • An issue that activated the red fist mode on Open PvP if a player was online on a Hardcore PvP world before switching to a character on an Open PvP world has been fixed. When logging in on an Open PvP character, the default setting will be Secure Mode ON and Dove Mode On.
  • Hardcore PvP
    • There will be no attack or damage restrictions anymore for characters standing in a stack. This means that any character in a stack can deal and receive damage.
    • Snap-backs will no longer occur when bumping into other characters.




June 13, 2013

It was not advertised for download nor was it a forced download upon login, it was purely an optional update with no apparent changes.

There are no known changes.




August 23, 2013

This update introduced infrastructure changes.

In this patch, the network infrastructure was changed. Previously the servers were located in United Kingdom and United States, hosted by Internap. With this patch, the provider was changed to This is a temporary solution, because it will take a few weeks to get Prolexic set up.




October 29, 2013

Smart-Click was added to the Flash Client, as well as other general changes.

  • A new Flash Client feature, the Smart-Click and mouse controls customization, has been made available for testing in the Preview Game Worlds.
  • Players who cannot finish certain tasks of the Spike Tasks Quest due to their level may now cancel their tasks at Gnombold and Gnomilly.
  • The world change The Mummy's Curse will be reset after some time after the last jar has been destroyed and if no one has killed Horestis.
  • Horestis does now only spawn in the room behind the teleporters.
  • The mini world change Noodles is Gone is now announced correctly on the World Board and by the Towncryer.
  • It is not possible anymore to block the spawn of Versperoth.
  • An issue with The Repenters Quest task "About Watering a Garden" has been addressed. Players are now able to fill the vial with water again, and thereby finish the task.
  • To prevent player blocking, it is not possible anymore to walk behind the table at Liane in Carlin and at Benjamin in Thais.
  • The look of the Yummy Gummy Worm has been changed. They are now colored.
  • The Market layout on the Stand-Alone Client received some changes. Player names have been moved to behind the offer expiration date, and additional price and amount information was added when buying/selling to an existing offer.
  • The new reward system was added to the Mutated Pumpkin. Those who took an active part in the fight against the Mutated Pumpkin will be rewarded according to their participation during the fight.
  • It is still possible to enter the portal after the Mutated Pumpkin was killed, and to skin its corpse with an obsidian knife to receive a second reward.




December 18, 2013

Content patch that introduced fixes to some quests and other adjustments.

  • The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest - Task "The Innards Value": If you lose your full storage flask before returning it to Omrabas, you can now start the task anew by using the keyword "lost" when talking to him. Please note that this only works if you do not carry an empty storage flask with you.
  • The Snow Globe can now be used as a light source.
  • Ruprecht now correctly offers Christmas Cookie Trays and Snowflake Tapestries as a reward if a player has the required number of Christmas Tokens.
  • Sandomo's answers to the keyword "book" and his greeting were adjusted to provide better comprehensibility concerning the earning of inquisition gold.
  • Sebastian now teleports you away from his boat if you say "kick" to him.
  • The stats of the Umbral Master Spellbook were adjusted as announced on the winter update test board: Def 20; ML +4; earth, energy, fire, ice prot. 5%; 30 oz; lvl 250.
  • Noodles is Gone Mini World Change: The message for the mini world change on the world board in the Adventurers' Guild was adjusted to avoid confusion.
  • The orc raid in Thais was relocated to the North to prevent orcs from spawning in an inaccessible area.
  • The Explorer Society Quest - Mission "The Ectoplasm": You can now buy a new Ectoplasm Container from Angus and Mortimer in case of loss.
  • We addressed a PvP issue that made it possible to receive a white skull without a protection zone block.
  • Quite a number of map bugs and typos were fixed.
  • Flash Client: Closing the options menu no longer closes opened container widgets.
  • Flash Client: Dragging and dropping an item into a container slot is not cancelled anymore if you drop it onto the separator between two slots. The item now gets placed into a container slot nonetheless.




January 20, 2014

Introduced the new tutorial for the Flash Client and minor technical adjustements.




January 23, 2014

It fixed a single bug with both the Flash and Stand-Alone Client.

  • Flash and Stand-Alone Client: a bug was fixed where arrow key inputs would be doubled. For example, pressing down on the character selection menu would skip down twice.




January 29, 2014

It fixed various bugs and weaknesses in the game.



Cake Backpack

February 18, 2014

This patch fixed various bugs and weaknesses in the game.




March 06, 2014

This update introduced new NPC icons and other fixes.

  • NPC Speech Bubbles were implemented, which can be used to identify their purpose.
  • NPCs will now say all their dialog regarding a keyword at once.
  • Addressed a small issue with the Mend Broken Dreams quest on Roshamuul. It is not possible anymore to release more than 3 butterflies during one mission.
  • Eruaran now hands out the right addons when asking him for the mask and the claw.
  • Dream matter will now be removed correctly during the Umbral Creation process of Crude Umbral Axes at Eruaran.
  • The World Change Thornfire works again as intended. It is now possible to change the status of this world change again by extinguishing enough fire.
  • It is not possible any longer to use dice on Depot Lockers and the Counter between the them.
  • Some map issues have been fixed as well.
  • It should not be possible any longer to use blocked summons in PVP to trap people in a stack. The summons can now be killed by the trapped players.
  • Another issue where a player could get a skull while defending himself in Dove mode has been fixed as well.
  • Addressed some minor technical PVP issues.



Melting Horn

March 12, 2014

This update introduced PvP adjustments tested in preview worlds, as well as other loot adjustments.

  • Loot of Demons and Hellhounds was adjusted.
  • Blocked summons cannot be used any longer to trap people in a stack. The summons can now be killed by the trapped players.
  • An issue where a player could get a skull while defending himself in dove mode has been fixed as well.
  • Some minor technical PVP issues were addressed.
  • Some of the NPCs were edited concerning their new icons.
  • Some map issues have been fixed.
  • The content for Chyllfroest Mini World Change was added to the game data. It was announced later on March 21st 2014.



Outfit Jersey Male

March 27, 2014




March 31, 2014

Implemented the Reward Chest system to deepling bosses, as well as other client changes.

  • New Buy Premium button, on both clients. This button will open the web browser and navigate to this page, which directs the player through the process of purchasing premium. Free accounts that have never been premium cannot hide the Get Premium button. The button cannot be moved but if a free account player attempts to disable it, the button will glow green.
  • New Premium Features widget. Opening this widget also adds the Buy Premium button, but they are separate widgets. Open it by pressing the Get Premium crown next to the Purse.
  • Frozen Starlight: using this item when Yakchal has been killed in the last 4 hours will now produce a message.
  • Cluster of Solace: now has a restriction of 1 stack (100 clusters).
  • Reward Chest: Tanjis, Obujos and Jaul now use the new loot system. Players can now only open 1 reward chest each time they complete the coral mine mission. Note that the news article incorrectly states that chest rewards haven't changed. CipSoft meant with this that you can still obtain a reward for killing a boss.
  • Druid Outfits: an issue was fixed.
  • The Lair, Lost Cavern: some of the walls can now be decorated.
  • Dream Warden Outfits: turning in the claw will now give you the correct addon.
  • Robson: now sells Labels.
  • Some map bugs were fixed.




April 28, 2014

Small patch with some fixes.

  • Beds: fixed a bug with certain beds that could not be slept in.
  • Spyreport: can now be bought from Black Bert.
  • Omrafir: no longer disappears at low health. That is, he can now be slain.
  • Some minor map bugs and typos were fixed.




May 20, 2014

A small patch introducing some fixes.




July 22, 2014

Express Character World Transfer and a dozen of Mounts were introduced to the Store.



Stone of Insight

August 12, 2014

Changes were introduced to the Rise of Devovorga




September 3, 2014

Three new outfits were added to the Store.

  • 3 new Outfits with addons became for sale on




September 9, 2014

An experience bonus for players under level 50 was introduced.

  • Characters of level 1 and 2 will benefit from a bonus that doubles their experience gain, this bonus will slowly decrease as they advance in level until it reaches the normal experience gain at level 50.
  • Graphical fixes of Beastmaster Outfits and Champion Outfits.
  • An issue with NPC Chemar was fixed.




September 24, 2014

Various fixes were introduced, including many Dawnport issues.

Dawnport Issues

Animation and Graphic Issues

Miscellaneous Changes




September 30, 2014

Various fixes were introduced, including a compensation for players affected by a previous update.

  • Some issues concerning Dawnport were fixed.
  • All players who were affected by the deleted inboxes caused by Update 10.55 or were still missing money from house transfers received their belongings and/or money back.
  • The flickering flames of the Nethersteed, Tempest, and Flamesteed are now also animated when standing still.




October 6, 2014

Implement the preview phase of the Retro Open PvP Worlds on the preview servers Aurora and Aurera




October 8, 2014

Content fixes and changes.

  • Lava tiles now work as intended again.
  • The speed of characters is now displayed correctly again in the character profile of the Flash Client.
  • All runes on Dawnport can now also be used through the action bar in the Flash Client.
  • It's now impossible to throw items back to Dawnport once preparing to leave the island.
  • Inigo doesn't allow the transferring of vocation sets and similar items to Rookgaard anymore.
  • Some other Dawnport issues have been fixed as well, along with the usual bugs and typos.




October 14, 2014

This patch introduced two new outfits to the Tibia Store.

  • 2 new Outfits with addons became available on




December 04, 2018

Bugfixes for the character selection window, balance of Warzones 4-6 creatures and other changes.

  • An issue which logged in the wrong character in the characters selection screen when hidden characters are not displayed was resolved.
  • An issue causing the character selection screen to malfunction under certain circumstances was fixed.
  • Takeable Crystal Lamps were removed from the first floor of the carnivora dungeon.
  • Health points, attack and defense values of monsters inhabiting Warzones 4, 5 and 6 were reduced.
  • Heavy Crystal Fragments can be obtained at a faster pace and as loot from the Warzone bosses.
  • Raised the drop chances of the item Suspicious Device.




December 18, 2018

Several bugfixes.




January 09, 2019

Several bugfixes.

Note: The lever to the boss room had been removed on January 05 during an emergency server patch to prevent a possible bug abuse related to Reward Container bosses and the fight participation system.
  • The Frame Rate Limit slider for the Mac client was temporarily disabled.
  • The loot table of the Crazed Winter Vanguard was slightly adjusted.
  • Tibians can no longer be turned into snowmen while standing in a Protection Zone.
  • Removed the protection zone block check from several portals and teleports that got implemented with the Winter Update 2018.



Hirelings Patch

Hireling Trader

January 15, 2019

Hirelings were added to the Store.




January 22, 2019

Adjustments to Hirelings and other changes.

  • Minor adjustments were made to the Hirelings' dialog options.
  • Hirelings react to the keyword trade from now on.
  • Free Accounts can no longer use the services of a hireling.
  • Reduced weight of the Hireling Lamp to 0 oz.
  • The positioning of the Dream Warrior Outfits has been adjusted.
  • Fireworks rockets are no longer tradeable via the Market.
  • An issue causing the client to crash under certain circumstances has been resolved.
  • Players with an active protection zone block are no longer able to enter the "cleansing chamber" during the Barkless quest.
  • Wilting Leaf Golem, Stonerefiner and Yielothax can now be rolled as prey monster.
  • Goblin Leader is now classified as very rare in the Bestiary.
  • An issue, which sometimes disrupted the character's movement after using the Attack Next/Previous Target hotkey has been resolved.
  • An issue which, under rare circumstances, prevented The Last Lore Keeper to spawn correctly, has been resolved.
  • Climbing up ladders while having a creature corpse on the same field is now working again when you are using classic controls & right click for quick looting.
  • Sinister Book, Ominous Book and Knowledgeable Book are now inscribable and were added to the Cyclopedia.
  • Several minor map and NPC fixes.




January 23, 2019

Address some stability issues that occurred with the previous client update.

  • Address some stability issues that occurred with the previous client update.




January 29, 2019

Several bugfixes.

  • Supply Stash: Using "Stow all items of this type" on items that are placed in Your Inbox container, automatically closes the Inbox window afterwards.
  • The Frame Rate Limit slider for the windows client was temporarily disabled.
  • A missing protection zone field near NPC Kunibert was added.
  • Hirelings that have learned the Trader skill now also sell meat, ham and brown mushrooms as well.
  • Special Summons can no longer enter the boss room of The First Dragon.
  • Firework rockets can now be disassembled with an obsidian knife or comparable tools.



Outfit Lion of War Male Addon 3

May 21, 2019

This update introduced the first Tournament, and added items to the Store that can be bought with Tournament Coins Tournament Coin.



Outfit Golden Male Addon 3

June 12, 2019

Implemented Golden Outfits and other improvements.




July 31, 2019

Minor bug fixes from the Summer Update, an issue with The Lightbearer reward.

  • Address a few minor bug fixes from the summer update test which didn't make it into the release version of the client.
  • An issue which applied The Lightbearer reward of 10% increased shared experience in party mode to several game worlds was fixed.



Battle Badger

August 06, 2019

Several bug fixes related to the Summer Update, Boosted Creatures and other problems. New Store mounts.

  • The total gold sum in The Market now shows the correct amount.
  • Searching the Cyclopedia and Market now works when accessing them through the depot search.
  • The depot could not be opened when the stash was still open at the Hireling Steward. This has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to receive a fake white skull in the PvP arena.
  • On Retro Hardcore PvP, attacks on party members via right-click now work with classic controls.
  • All guild members can now make use of the show/hide messages function in the guild chat.
  • The Bear Skin item now has earth protection +11 instead of ice protection +11.
  • The curse of the Cobra Bastion no longer attracts aggressive rats but harmless ones.
  • In order to complete the quest Fafnar's Wrath, players now only need 10 Sphinx Feathers instead of 20.
  • The teleport after killing Gaffir in the Cobra Bastion now works when killing him subsequent times.
  • Cobra Viziers are now less talkative while their combo attack now deals more damage.
  • Access to Urmahlullu the Immaculate can no longer be blocked.
  • Missing PZ fields were fixed, e.g. in Issavi temple.
  • Some minor NPC fixes were implemented.

Moreover, the following bugs prior to the update were also fixed:




August 21, 2019

Several bug fixes related to the Summer Update.

  • The Golden Outfits is now being displayed in the outfit dialogue, even if you have not purchased it yet. In order to equip it, you have to buy it, however.
  • The Golden Outfits received a noticeable shine, illuminating the area around it.
  • The Party List is now being refreshed more consistently.
  • Reed Balls can now be baked at your own Oven.
  • The server log now displays the correct loot when killing Xogixath.
  • Killing Urmahlullu the Weakened will no longer yield an empty reward bag.
  • Looted Blister Rings no longer show the ring to be active.
  • The helmet Galea Mortis can now be imbued with Powerful Epiphany.
  • Unlocking the full Hand of the Inquisition Outfits now gives you an achievement.
  • Badges displayed by other players are now shown as a grid on the website with adjusted tooltips.
  • Missing PZ fields were fixed.
  • Some NPC fixes have been implemented.
  • A couple of map fixes were released.




August 27, 2019

General bug fixes.

  • No more rearranged backpacks after losing connection.
  • The correct amount of secret Achievements completed and its total are now being displayed in the Cyclopedia.
  • Gaffir can no longer be killed through the wall.
  • Bragrumol's spawn location has become less predictable.
  • The description of the Sweet Mangonaise Elixir has been slightly altered.
  • The Party List is now being refreshed even more consistently.
  • Some fixes concerning The Market were implemented.


12.20.8910 (2)


September 03, 2019

General bug fixes.

  • The amount of characters that can now enter the boss fight with Scarlett Etzel is limited to five.
  • Ugly Monsters stick around for a longer period of time before despawning.




September 16, 2019

Fixed some bugs and implemented changes to the Map Refresh feature.

  • Fixed some bugs and implemented changes to the Map Refresh feature.




October 01, 2019

Changes to the Map Refresh feature and Issavi northwest bridge.

  • More changes to the Map Refresh feature.
  • The bridge in the northwest of Issavi was adjusted.




October 14, 2019

Fixed some bugs on the Orcsoberfest event and changed the maximum Market fee.

  • A certain waterfall on Orcsoberfest Island no longer devours creatures and items.
  • The cooldown of all Orcsoberfest minigames except fishing has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • King Chuck now can only be fought every 20 hours.
  • It is no longer possible to feed King Chuck the same ingredient five times in a row.
  • The maximum Market fee was changed from 1,000 to 100,000 gold.




October 14, 2019

More changes related to the Orcsoberfest event and Issavi's port bridge.

  • The item Beer Tap is no longer tradeable in The Market. However, it can now be sold to Yasir, as well as items dropped by Cows.
  • The item Meat Hammer can no longer be equipped.
  • The Issavi port bridge has been adjusted again.




October 23, 2019

Unannounced update.




October 29, 2019

More changes related to the Orcsoberfest event

  • The racks you can get during the Orcsoberfest event can now be used as containers.
  • In the depot search, the context menu entry "Show in Market" is now available for the Blister Ring.




November 05, 2019

Some general bug fixes and changes to the Low Blow charm.

  • The Protection Zone fields on the steamboat in Kazordoon have been removed. Instead, NPC Junkar now checks if characters have a Protection Zone Block and will not teleport them with a block.
  • Blister Rings no longer count as supplies in the Hunt Analyser when they expire.
  • From now on, the Low Blow charm's damage will be calculated in the following manner: 8% are added to your critical hit weapon chance against the creature you've used your charm on. If a Critical Hit is dealt due to these additional 8%, every charm creature affected by the attack will receive critical damage. The charm's description has been changed accordingly.




November 26, 2019

Bug fixes related to Beds and changes to Urmahlullu.

  • House owners can now also use a bed's footboard to kick a sleeping character out. Moreover, beds can no longer be unwrapped in front of a depot locker.
  • Beds that are stacked on top of each other can no longer be used to sleep and offline train. The same applies to beds placed on door fields. Occupied bed pieces on door fields have been cleared of their human remains.
  • Beds can no longer be unwrapped on top of other impassable objects. Beds placed on such fields have been cleared and wrapped.
  • An issue that prevented a guildhall transfer from working properly in a specific, rare scenario, was fixed.
  • The rent of the house "Stonehome Village 3", which was raised to 80k by mistake, has been lowered to 50k again.
  • Urmahlullu has been adjusted to make the fight a bit more challenging. It cannot be cornered that easily anymore so be on your guard. Also, the participation during the whole fight is now taken into account for the distribution of XP and loot.




December 10, 2019

Bugfixes and adjustments related to the Winter Update 2019 and other changes.

  • An empty guest list no longer leads to the sub-owner list being cleared.
  • It is now possible to select the current date for a house transfer in the client (which was already possible on the website).
  • There is no longer a chance of being teleported to Svargrond when fighting Vok the Freakish.
  • A bug which has prevented some players from progressing in the first mission of the The New Frontier Quest has been fixed.
  • The helmet Galea Mortis can once again be imbued with Powerful Epiphany.
  • The Testserver Assistant no longer appears as a vendor in the items section of the Cyclopedia.
  • Some improvements have been made to the new houses.
  • Some graphical glitches have been fixed.


12.30.9305 (2)


December 11, 2019

One specific graphical glitch fix.

  • Fix a graphical glitch with Green and Red Beds that resulted from the previous patch



Cold Percht Sleigh Variant

December 12, 2019

The stuck-carpets bug was fixed, only healing is not enough to gain participation in a boss fight, new mounts released in preparation for the Winterlight Solstice.

  • Carpets can now be removed from anywhere by right-clicking on one and selecting "Browse Field". Rift Carpets and Void Carpets which exist "in the wild" due to previously being stuck can now be taken as well. Moreover, rift and void carpets can no longer be placed outside of a home.
  • Carpets can now be put under everything on which you can put an item on top by placing your carpet on top of the object and using it, which will make it appear underneath the item. This means you can now also place them under ladders and in front of/under doors, without affecting opening or closing the door – however, the door has to be opened to place the carpet. You can also put carpets under garden flowers now, giving you artistic licence.
  • The insatiable void that is the dustbin is no longer a danger to any carpets. You can safely place them atop the dustbin, use them, and they will appear underneath.
  • Please note that there are a couple of items like barrels in certain residences on which you cannot put any items and thus, cannot place any carpets beneath.
  • You can lay up to three carpets on top of each other.

Furthermore, a small change in regards to participation has also been introduced:

  • From now on you have to do damage in a bossfight in order to receive participation, so e.g. healing your teammates is no longer enough. Please note that you have to actually do damage to the boss, with one point being already enough, however. If the boss's resistances fully negate the damage, your attack will not count towards participation. As long as damage to the boss is dealt by the player, healing done will still be considered for the total fight participation of the player.



Winter Update 2019 Adjustments

Ice Chandelier

December 17, 2019

Second batch of adjustments following the 2019 Winter Update and other unrelated bugs.

  • The session time in the party hunt analyser now updates more consistently.
  • The Bestiary tracker has been adjusted which may result in improved performance.
  • A bug which has prevented some players from progressing in the third mission of the The New Frontier Quest has been fixed.
  • The graphics of non-player red and green beds have been fixed.
  • The Drain the Brain mission can no longer be reset when talking to Para Norbert.
  • Rift and void carpets placed inside a home in front of the door can no longer be taken by strangers.
  • Players staying in one of the boss rooms of the Warzones 4-6 after a fight will now be transported to Gnomus instead of back into the warzone.
  • The price for prey creatures rerolls has been reduced to 150 gp per level.



Dawn Strayer

January 14, 2020

General bugfixes and introduction of a new Store mount.



Filth Toad

January 21, 2020

General bugfixes and content changes.

  • The monster Filth Toad has been shifted from the "Aquatic" to the "Amphibic" category.
  • If a player buys Premium Time in a Resting Area, Soul Point regeneration will now begin instantly.
  • No spells offered by Garamond and Ser Tybald in Dawnport can be taken to the main continent any longer.
  • When cancelling the connection process after selecting a character and trying to enter the game, you will no longer be returned to the login screen but to the character selection screen.
  • Items will now be sorted case insensitive.
  • The party list refreshes more consistently once a team member dies.
  • The description of the dove mode has been updated to better reflect its (unchanged) mechanics.
  • The chance of a Wiggler dropping Green Piece of Cloth was highly increased. Previously, it hadn't been looted in dozens of thousands of kills by different fansites. After this update, it became a rare loot.
  • Moreover, several map issues, typos and graphical glitches have been fixed.


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