A Patch is a minor software update that usually involves bug fixes and small changes to the software, but does not bring new features or major changes which are usually introduced with Major Updates.

In tibia, there are generally speaking 2 types of patches: Client and Server patches. Even though these are usually released alongside each other, this is not always the case. For example, the adjustment of creatures' strength or loot do not require a Client Patch, whereas an adjustment on the client interface usually won't require a Server patch as well.

Over the past few years, CipSoft has created a custom of releasing patches on Tuesday, during Server Save, which are usually announced as Bugfixes and Content Changes. Of course, emergency bug fixes can be released at any other time or day in order to avoid major problems in the game or reduce their consequences (e.g. a Server Reset).

Since detailed information about server patches is not released by CipSoft, those cannot always be tracked. Announced changes and client patches, however, are registered on corresponding update pages.

Version Name Release Date Summary Changes


Version 2.01 Alpha


July 23, 1997

  • Bug fixes




February 20, 2002

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the client to crash




August 23, 2002

A patch to test the new version 7 client's automatic updating, prior to its formal release.

Further announced for the same patch on August 27, 2002:

  • Fixed some bugs detected during the testing phase of the new client.


7.11 (2)


September 03, 2003

An small patch that introduced the premium area of Rookgaard.

  • A premium area was added to the west of Rookgaard.
  • Bugfixes related to the usage of items and the Levitate spell were done.

Further announced for the same patch on September 25, 2003:

  • Changed some features in Tibia and fixed some bugs concerning game weaknesses and powergaming. Some of them have already been effective for a week, others are coming online today.
    • summoned and convinced monsters will no longer yield Experience Points. This also applies to children of monsters, e.g. Poison Spiders of Giant Spiders. Instead they will also die when their parent dies. The experience points of the parents have been risen adequately.
    • The behaviour of strong monsters has been changed.




July 22, 2004

Longer Account Numbers and Revised Documentation

  • Account numbers may now contain 6 or 7 digits
  • Revised parts of documentation
    • Manual, quickstart, and FAQ have been updated, and should now provide enhanced information
    • First illustrations by graphic artist are now available in the manual section of vocations




June 7, 2005


  • Several minor bugfixes for the client have been made to increase reliability
  • The login characters list will close after 30 seconds of inactivity




November 16, 2005

A technical update in preparation for the coming Christmas 2005 update, version 7.5

  • The durability of Spears, Small Stones, Throwing Knives and Throwing Stars is increased.
  • Items or creatures that are roped up from a hole will now end up on the field the rope user is standing on.
  • Weight's second decimal digit was added to server messages received after looking at an item.




May 31, 2006


  • Removed minor technical problems with graphics engine




June 9, 2006


  • Fixed technical problems with the automap and autowalk




August 29, 2006


  • Fix for a display error of Premium Account days in the client
  • The handling of the automatic character deletion has been changed:
    • All characters on free accounts are deleted if they are not used within a period of n months where n is equal to their level
    • Characters of level 20 or higher are no longer excepted
    • Once an account has not been used for 2 years all characters on it are deleted regardless of their level




August 12, 2008

A small patch that introduced some adjustments in respawns, and NPC.




September 30, 2008

Introduced small improvements to the NPC trade window as well as account names.

  • NPC Trade window improvements:
    • Weight is now displayed in the NPC trade window.
    • Items that cannot be afforded are greyed out.
    • You can now buy items in backpacks.
  • When creating an account, you are now asked to choose an account name.




October 1, 2008

A small patch to fix some minor bugs.

  • Bugs were fixed in NPC trade.




April 22, 2009


  • The new Privacy Policy becomes effective and there are some bugfixes.




October 1, 2009

Introduced the link copy protection

  • When a link is copied from the client, a warning is shown about the hacking risks of external links.




October 1, 2009

Fixes the problem introduced with link protection system introduced in the previous update.

  • Fixed kicks and graphical cloning issues introduced by the previous update.



Autumn Patch 2009

World Transfer

November 5, 2009

This update renamed pvp types and made some adjustments to them, as well as adding the war system and world transfers.

  • The War System was introduced, a way for guilds to have wars even in worlds without PvP enabled.
  • PvP types were renamed and received some adjustments.
  • Character World Transfers were added, allowing a player to transfer their character to a different world.
  • Characters can only leave Rookgaard at level 8 or 9.



Spring Patch 2010


March 17, 2010

This patch introduced changes in the reporting system, the stamina system and other minor changes.

  • All players are able to report inappropriate names of other characters. There are limitations for the amounts of pending reports.
  • The automatic bot detection tool is improved, players who receive a banishment will be kicked faster from the game than the next server save.
  • With 14 hours of Stamina or less, no loot will be received anymore.
  • The 50% bonus experience hour for premium accounts is extended to two hours. The regeneration of the stamina is boosted too, from 1 minute per 12 minutes logged out changed to 1 minute per 10 minutes logged out.
  • The Pits of Inferno shortcut is now enabled for everybody who enters a random throne room.
    • A new shortcut is made to skip the lever riddle after doing it once.
  • If one of your characters receives a namelock, you will have three chances to rename it. If the third name proposal gets rejected as well, the character will receive a name from the name generator.
  • The character creation page on tibia.com received a make-over (requires javascript).
  • Information about banishments will no longer be displayed on a character page from now on, no matter if the character is hidden or not.
  • There is now a solution for the error that sometimes occurs when logging out. If the client tells you that you are already logged in with a character even though that is not the case, you will now just have to log in and out with the affected character to solve this problem.




May 05, 2010

This patch introduced a way to report illegal statements ingame as well as suspect players using unofficial software to player.

  • Players are now able to report illegal public statements ingame as well as players you suspect of using unofficial software to play.




May 06, 2010

Bug fixes for the report update introduced with Update 8.56.

  • Besides a couple of minor bug fixes, NPCs and creatures can no longer be reported for ingame offences.




August 23, 2010

Gamemasters were removed from the game, Beholders were renamed to Bonelords and other minor changes.



Autumn Patch 2010


September 22, 2010

This patch focused on adding new PvP features.

  • New PvP features were introduced:
    • Assisted Kill: If you help to trap a person or paralyze another player who dies, this will be counted as an assisted kill. It will be displayed in your kills list as well as in the victim's character death list, but it will not have any effects on any skull limits.
    • Fair Fight Rules: If you get killed and at least 40% of the damage dealt within the last 60 seconds came through PvP damage, the death penalty on level and skills will be reduced according to a certain formula.
    • PvP-Blessing: This blessing can be bought at any temple NPC and costs the same as a regular blessing. If you are killed while having this blessing and at least 40% of the damage dealt within the last 60 seconds came through PvP damage, you will not lose your regular blessings and its AOL. Does not count for red or black skulled players.
    • Revenge Skull: For 7 days after an unjustified death, the victim sees an orange skull whenever they meet their killer or killers. This means that he can attack and kill the player character marked with an orange skull justifiably. Yet, he will still receive a PZ block and a yellow skull for attacking an orange skull.
    • Swapping Position If Trapped: If you receive PvP damage and are unable to move to any of the squares around you because of a trap, you will get the ability to swap position with your trappers, under certain circumstances.
    • PvP Stairhopping Delay: After changing floors, for example by going up or down ladders, you will be able to attack other player characters within the first 2 seconds, but only with single directed attacks.
    • PZ On Demand Fix: If there is a stack with player characters in it, all player characters will be displayed on the battle list regardless of their position in a stack. On Open and Hardcore PvP, all player characters even deep down in a stack can perform all actions.
  • Many achievements were introduced for completing outfit and addons quests.




January 27, 2011

Added the English Chat and Game Codes.



Spring Patch 2011


April 20, 2011

This update introduced some minor improvements to the server log and changes to the equipment inventory.

  • Dread Doll was implemented as FunTibia's item.
  • The winning submissions of the Royal Painting Contest were added to Thais and Carlin castles.
  • The inventory was updated with new graphics and new limitations.
    • The hand slots are now exclusively a weapon slot on the left and shield on the right.
    • The arrow slot now only allows ammunition and certain light sources.
  • The Server Log Channel shows new information such as damage healed, damage dealt and received by other players or monsters on screen, experience received by other players on screen, players joining/leaving private chat channels (this can be turned off by click on Options > Console > uncheck 'Show Status Messages in Console').
  • Implemented the You cannot use objects that fast. message if the player use an object more than 2 (?) times per second.
  • Time left for rings and boots have been improved, now you can see hours, minutes and seconds as well.
  • Creature HP bars are now all the same height above them.
  • The text color from exiva spell and chest quests were changed from green to white.
  • Male Knight Outfit received a new hair look.




May 03, 2011

This patch addresses a couple of issues that came up with the spring patch. A console option to show or hide status messages which originate from other creatures and characters is added.

  • Added a console option to show or hide status messages which originate from other creatures and characters.
  • The update of the output text of the exiva spell has been fixed so it will work like before the patch again. This means the spell output will be updated instantly again instead of taking a few seconds if you cast it several times in a row.
  • The position of names and health bars of creatures in the game window had been changed. Due to feedback from the community and due to a bug regarding the clickable area of creatures which was introduced with that change the position has now been reverted to the original one of client version 8.71 and before.
  • No more status messages are displayed in white text on the bottom of the game window for damage, healing and experience.
  • A bug fix to address the display of enter and leave messages in the guild chat channel will implemented.



Mad Sheep

May 12, 2011

Fixed an issue with Mad Sheeps.




June 9, 2011

This update did not feature any new content, but the release of the Beta Flash Client




October 20, 2011

This small patch introduced a new Tutor system.

  • You can now receive Thank you!'s from other players for helpful posts and statements.
  • By receiving enough Thank you!'s from other players in a specific timeframe and fulfil some minor requirements, you will automatically become a tutor.




December 20, 2011

Market changes to avoid scams

  • Market changes:
    • If the price of a sell offer is more than 25 percent above the average market value, the offer will be marked red if there is enough statistical data available
    • If the price of a buy offer is more than 25 percent below the average market value, the offer will be marked red if there is enough statistical data available
    • A mouse-over shows if the offer is dubious
    • The amount, the piece price, and the total price are now separated by slashes in the stand-alone client
    • In order to clarify the piece price of an item, the word "each" was added to all offers in the stand-alone client




December 29, 2011


  • Minor adjustments




January 4, 2012


  • Fixed an issue with the market in the stand-alone client.




January 13, 2012

  • Patch in preparation for the 15th anniversary festivities.




March 22, 2012

  • Fixed some issues
  • It is no longer possible to bypass the idle detection by using a hotkey to open a container




March 22, 2012




April 05, 2012

This patch came shortly after the previous update to fix an issue related to hotkeys.

  • Fixed an issue with the delay of hotkeys in the stand-alone client




April 13, 2012

This patch introduced some fixes to some items and graphics and other minor changes.

  • Characters can now always log out in a protection zone regardless of whether or not the logout block is active.
  • Orockle who now also gives information about the status of the Hive world change when asked about "news" or "status".
  • The speed boost of the depth galea helmet now works correctly.
  • New graphics for each of the four enchanted versions of the Barbarian Axe have been added.
  • Several small issues with new Fansite Items have been fixed.
  • Beta Flash client fixes:
    • The spell list now updates correctly when the filter or sort mode is changed.
    • Fixed a bug with mouse look in classic controls
  • Addressed an issue which caused a crash of the Beta Flash client when displaying a tooltip for the L1 action button.




May 03, 2012

The mechanisms that trigger in case of connection interruptions due to lag and kicks was improved, also other small fixes.

  • The mechanisms that trigger in case of connection interruptions due to lag and kicks were finetuned.
  • The sprite of Incredible Mumpiz Slayer has been replaced with the new longsword graphic.
  • The market flag has been removed from all flower pots except for empty flower pots and iced ones. We have also removed the market flag from enigmatic voodoo skull and from depleted versions of the claw of the noxious spawn.
  • Yasir now only buys Zaoan items from you if you are also able to sell them to Esrik, which means that you need to have turned in enough tomes of knowledge in Farmine.
  • A few achievement typos have been fixed, and the achievement "Best there was" has been renamed to "King of the Ring".



Premium Scroll

June 13, 2012

Premium Scrolls, rule changes and preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera are added to Tibia.

  • Premium Scrolls were added as a way to upgrade your account to premium.
  • The comments of Tibia Rules 1c and 2c were updated to cover the advertising of ingame trades involving Premium Scrolls that have been transferred into the game. Advertising trades of any kind that involve the paying of real money are still considered illegal.
  • Preview worlds Aurora and Aurera.




August 9, 2012

Client patch to address a few issues

  • In warzone 3, Lava Golems have been replaced by Minions of Versperoth that have no loot and yield less experience points. Vesperoth's experience points have been increased to compensate this.
  • All minor and major Gnome task achievements have been adjusted again. The achievement for a task now triggers as intended after having completed the corresponding task once.
  • You can now decorate the walls of the Eastern House of Tranquility and the Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell.
  • Coconut Shrimp Bake and Depth Galea now work correctly together. After having used the dish, you no longer lose the drowning protection from the depth galea when moving underwater.
  • The market flags for all assembling statue objects have been changed from "armor" to "valuable".
  • Elgar has resumed his business and is selling parcels and labels again.
  • Fixed a couple of issues for the Beta Flash client, and tweaked it further. For example:
    • In the status bar widget, a skill icon is now displayed next to your progress bar to make it more clear which skill you see there.
    • You can now use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out in the minimap widget.
    • Your character's name and vocation are now displayed in the character profile window.
    • The colours of text messages have been revised to improve the legibility.
    • We have revised the graphics of regular buttons, scroll buttons, and toggle buttons as well as side bars to give them more contrast.
    • Light effects are activated again.




August 29, 2012

The Flash Client ended its Beta stage and was officially launched as a legit alternative to the stand-alone client. A few changes were made to Rookgaard and the Island of Destiny.




August 29, 2012

Bug fixes and several content issues were addressed

  • Fixed a bug that allowed some creatures to summon hordes of monsters.
  • Addressed an issue with migrating and editing the VIP list.
  • Fixed a VIP list issue in the stand-alone client that caused entries to vanish upon scrolling down.
  • Fixed an issue with the incarnation portal in the Plains of Havoc that affected game worlds which already succeeded in the Rise of Devovorga event.
  • The time to enter a boss room in the challenge dungeons was raised from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • The 'kick' feature was added to NPC Rapanaio.
  • Fixed an issue that let characters obtain individual rewards in the Rise of Devovorga event through Vengoth even if they did not enter one of the level restricted portals or Devovorga's lair before their game world succeeded.
  • Fixed an issue with timers and counters in the Annual Autumn Vintage. It may be possible that your world already succeeded in the event due to this issue.




November 8, 2012




December 13, 2012

Few fixes were implemented

  • Fixed an issue with the shared experience bonus. It is now calculated correctly again.
  • Carpet pilot Gewen now checks the premium status of characters correctly.
  • Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell: A couple of house fields in the backyard upstairs and downstairs were added to this house. Therefore, the price of the house has increased to 21,940 gold.
  • If you buy new Venorean furniture pieces, you can now rotate them correctly. Venorean furniture that was bought before the patch, and could not be moved anymore after rotating it, can be destroyed by house owners.
  • The bonus reward from Norman The Foreman now triggers correctly.
  • The Cake Cabinet can no longer be bought from furniture shops. This piece of furniture will be obtainable otherwise.

Further announced for the same patch on December 14, 2012:

  • The issue in the Blackmail mission of the The Thieves Guild Quest has been fixed. The compromising letter can now be found again.
  • A ladder has been added to the hull of the half-finished ship in Venore's shipyard.
  • We fixed an issue with Mamma Longlegs. She now spawns again as usual.

Further announced for the same patch on December 20, 2012:

  • It is now possible to use yellow bed kits on Canopy Beds.
  • An issue with the Warpath Mini World Change was fixed. Players will now always be teleported out of the orc camp two minutes after the death of Bibby Bloodbath.
  • NPC Lynda will not longer hand out an Adventurer's Stone at the end of a marriage ceremony but bring you to Fibula again.
  • It is not possible anymore to bring tutorial items from the Isle of Destiny to main.
  • NPC Black Bert now sells Memory Crystals for 500 gold each.
  • The teleport in the stampor dungeon is not trashable anymore.
  • Issues with the male barbarian and the female Demon Outfits were fixed.
  • From now on, you can only do the Venore daily tasks once every 20 hours.
  • The issue with the layout of the VIP list and hidden offline entries in the Flash client was fixed.
  • Several typos, some map bugs, and minor issues were addressed.

Further announced for the same patch on January 10, 2013:

  • Undisclosed fixes

Further announced for the same patch on February 13, 2013, to be released on February 15, 2013:

  • Increased the respawn rate if less than 500 players are online on a game world
    • The adjusted respawn rate will be considerably higher than before but still not as high as the maximum respawn rate if 800 or more players are online.
    • The maximum respawn rate will remain unchanged.

Further announced for the same patch on February 15, 2013:

  • Implemented the previously announced increase of the respawn rate
  • Few bug fixes were implemented.
  • Addressed an issue where a monster that was trapped by its summons did not attack anymore.

Further announced for the same patch on February 19, 2013:

  • Character World Transfer: it is now also possible to ask Sharon about the number of items which are currently stored in your inbox. The keyword is "inbox".
  • Yasir no longer buys White Deer Antlers.
  • We addressed an issue that prevented Zulazza the Corruptor from spawning in case the boss room was too crowded with players.
  • A few minor adjustments in the tutorial area on the Island of Destiny were made.
  • Some map bugs and typos were fixed. Also, a dead end in a cave near Edron was addressed by adding a small dungeon part with a rope in a chest.

Further announced for the same patch on February 19, 2013:

  • Implemented a temporary measure to respond to complaints about the spamming of illegal advertisements in public channels: a character will only be able to write in the World Chat Channel, the English Chat Channel, and the Advertising Channel, if it belongs to an account with premium status, or if the character has already reached level 20. The same restriction will apply for yelling in the Local Chat Channel.




December 13, 2012

  • Fixed some graphical issues concerning a few mounts, some typos and map bugs.



Jade Zaoan Bishop

March 14, 2013

This patch introduced customized corpses for human creatures and many other small improvements.

Further announced for the same patch on March 18, 2013:

  • Fixed an issue with a mission in What a Foolish Quest that prevented players from collecting Stalker blood by using a special flask on the fresh corpse of a stalker.

Further announced for the same patch on March 19, 2013:

  • Implemented a small adjustment for the world event The Colours of Magic with today's server save so that opening envelopes to obtain powder is now also possible if you already joined one of the wizards




April 4, 2013

This update introduced the Browse Field feature.

  • The Browse Field feature was implemented to prevent depot and corpse trashing. For more information, see the article.
  • The Houses and Guildhalls of players who are scheduled for deletion will automatically have all their invitation and subowner lists reseted.




April 11, 2013

Minor improvements, as well as the introduction of fansite item Bookworm Doll.




June 12, 2013

This was a roundup of fixes and adjustments to the changes made in the previous update.

  • Optional PvP
    • An issue that prevented players from aiming runes at squares on which another character was standing has been fixed. This means it will be possible again to aim runes on other characters.
    • Magic Walls and Wild Growth plants will vanish if a character walks into them. However, if they are cast by a guild war participant, their blocking effects will apply to his war opponents. Magic Walls or Wild Growth plants that were cast by a war participant will vanish if somebody who is not a war opponent of the casting character walks into them.
    • Characters will not be able to attack their own summons anymore. Also, it will not be possible anymore to get damaged by your own summons.
  • Open PvP
    • All area attacks will reach characters that are standing inside a magic wall or wild growth with all consequences.
    • An issue that activated the red fist mode on Open PvP if a player was online on a Hardcore PvP world before switching to a character on an Open PvP world has been fixed. When logging in on an Open PvP character, the default setting will be Secure Mode ON and Dove Mode On.
  • Hardcore PvP
    • There will be no attack or damage restrictions anymore for characters standing in a stack. This means that any character in a stack can deal and receive damage.
    • Snap-backs will no longer occur when bumping into other characters.




June 19, 2013

  • Fixed an issue that led to a Protection Zone Block in dove mode when defending yourself with a direct rune attack. We also addressed an issue that could lead to a white skull in dove mode.
  • It is now possible to walk through other characters in a protection zone on Hardcore PvP worlds.
  • Fixed a bug with the Tibia classic controls that let all Magic Walls and Wild Growth plants on a screen vanish upon right-click on the screen.
  • Addressed an issue that always activated Balanced Fighting when switching characters or logging in. While dove mode will always be activated when logging in on an Open PvP or Optional PvP world, the combat controls that were active upon your last logout or before switching to another character will remain unchanged. This includes the secure mode.




August 23, 2013

This update introduced infrastructure changes.

In this patch, the network infrastructure was changed. Previously the servers were located in United Kingdom and United States, hosted by Internap. With this patch, the provider was changed to Amazon.com. This is a temporary solution, because it will take a few weeks to get Prolexic set up.




August 30, 2013

  • Undisclosed technical changes.




September 5, 2013




October 29, 2013

Smart-Click was added to the Flash Client, as well as other general changes.

  • A new Flash Client feature, the Smart-Click and mouse controls customization, has been made available for testing in the Preview Game Worlds.
  • Players who cannot finish certain tasks of the Spike Tasks Quest due to their level may now cancel their tasks at Gnombold and Gnomilly.
  • The world change The Mummy's Curse will be reset after some time after the last jar has been destroyed and if no one has killed Horestis.
  • Horestis does now only spawn in the room behind the teleporters.
  • The mini world change Noodles is Gone is now announced correctly on the World Board and by the Towncryer.
  • It is not possible anymore to block the spawn of Versperoth.
  • An issue with The Repenters Quest task "About Watering a Garden" has been addressed. Players are now able to fill the vial with water again, and thereby finish the task.
  • To prevent player blocking, it is not possible anymore to walk behind the table at Liane in Carlin and at Benjamin in Thais.
  • The look of the Yummy Gummy Worm has been changed. They are now colored.
  • The Market layout on the Stand-Alone Client received some changes. Player names have been moved to behind the offer expiration date, and additional price and amount information was added when buying/selling to an existing offer.
  • The new reward system was added to the Mutated Pumpkin. Those who took an active part in the fight against the Mutated Pumpkin will be rewarded according to their participation during the fight.
  • It is still possible to enter the portal after the Mutated Pumpkin was killed, and to skin its corpse with an obsidian knife to receive a second reward.




December 18, 2013

Content patch that introduced fixes to some quests and other adjustments.

  • The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest - Task "The Innards Value": If you lose your full storage flask before returning it to Omrabas, you can now start the task anew by using the keyword "lost" when talking to him. Please note that this only works if you do not carry an empty storage flask with you.
  • The Snow Globe can now be used as a light source.
  • Ruprecht now correctly offers Christmas Cookie Trays and Snowflake Tapestries as a reward if a player has the required number of Christmas Tokens.
  • Sandomo's answers to the keyword "book" and his greeting were adjusted to provide better comprehensibility concerning the earning of inquisition gold.
  • Sebastian now teleports you away from his boat if you say "kick" to him.
  • The stats of the Umbral Master Spellbook were adjusted as announced on the winter update test board: Def 20; ML +4; earth, energy, fire, ice prot. 5%; 30 oz; lvl 250.
  • Noodles is Gone Mini World Change: The message for the mini world change on the world board in the Adventurers' Guild was adjusted to avoid confusion.
  • The orc raid in Thais was relocated to the North to prevent orcs from spawning in an inaccessible area.
  • The Explorer Society Quest - Mission "The Ectoplasm": You can now buy a new Ectoplasm Container from Angus and Mortimer in case of loss.
  • We addressed a PvP issue that made it possible to receive a white skull without a protection zone block.
  • Quite a number of map bugs and typos were fixed.
  • Flash Client: Closing the options menu no longer closes opened container widgets.
  • Flash Client: Dragging and dropping an item into a container slot is not cancelled anymore if you drop it onto the separator between two slots. The item now gets placed into a container slot nonetheless.

Further announced for the same patch on January 8, 2014:

Further announced for the same patch on January 18, 2014:

  • From now on, market offers for non-stackable items are limited to 2,000 items per offer due to technical reasons. This new limit applies to newly created offers. It will not affect offers with more items that already existed.




January 20, 2014

Introduced the new tutorial for the Flash Client and minor technical adjustements.




January 23, 2014

It fixed a single bug with both the Flash and Stand-Alone Client.

  • Flash and Stand-Alone Client: a bug was fixed where arrow key inputs would be doubled. For example, pressing down on the character selection menu would skip down twice.




January 29, 2014

It fixed various bugs and weaknesses in the game.

  • The Shattered Isles Quest: in case you lose Eleonore's Crystal Ring, simply say "ring" to continue the quest.
  • Shovel and Pick holes: you can open them even if other players are standing on them. If the hole is a Loose Stone Pile (shovel) the player will fall down the hole; if the hole is opened with a pick, the player standing on top will float above it. This fixes a well-known weakness where griefers could completely block the Pits of Inferno Quest particularly at the maze.
  • Flash Client: Smart-Click feature now uses (opens) Letters.
  • Ahmet: an unknown fix was made to prevent players from getting stuck in the Thieves Guild Quest under rare conditions.
  • Jade Amulet: now weighs 4.00 oz and equippable in the neck slot. Previously it had no weight and could not be equipped.
  • Roshamuul Quest: you can now complete the Desecrating Shrines mission every 10 minutes. Previously it was every 30 minutes.
  • Elementalist Outfits: a graphical bug with the female outfit was fixed.
  • Flash and Stand-Alone Client: an issue was fixed that allowed characters to run in a certain direction without pressing the corresponding key.
  • Some typos and map bugs were fixed.

Further announced for the same patch on February 5, 2014:

  • Fixed an issue with Character World Transfer that let the character appear as a level 1. Most of the affected players will arrive with correct stats on their new world upon their next login. A few transfers will be completed with the next Server Save.



Cake Backpack

February 18, 2014

This patch fixed various bugs and weaknesses in the game.

Further announced for the same patch on February 21, 2014:

  • Reverted a bug fix that addressed an issue with monsters occasionally spawning on stairs




March 06, 2014

This update introduced new NPC icons and other fixes.

  • NPC Speech Bubbles were implemented, which can be used to identify their purpose.
  • NPCs will now say all their dialog regarding a keyword at once.
  • Addressed a small issue with the Mend Broken Dreams quest on Roshamuul. It is not possible anymore to release more than 3 butterflies during one mission.
  • Eruaran now hands out the right addons when asking him for the mask and the claw.
  • Dream matter will now be removed correctly during the Umbral Creation process of Crude Umbral Axes at Eruaran.
  • The World Change Thornfire works again as intended. It is now possible to change the status of this world change again by extinguishing enough fire.
  • It is not possible any longer to use dice on Depot Lockers and the Counter between the them.
  • Some map issues have been fixed as well.
  • It should not be possible any longer to use blocked summons in PVP to trap people in a stack. The summons can now be killed by the trapped players.
  • Another issue where a player could get a skull while defending himself in Dove mode has been fixed as well.
  • Addressed some minor technical PVP issues.



Melting Horn

March 12, 2014

This update introduced PvP adjustments tested in preview worlds, as well as other loot adjustments.

  • Loot of Demons and Hellhounds was adjusted.
  • Blocked summons cannot be used any longer to trap people in a stack. The summons can now be killed by the trapped players.
  • An issue where a player could get a skull while defending himself in dove mode has been fixed as well.
  • Some minor technical PVP issues were addressed.
  • Some of the NPCs were edited concerning their new icons.
  • Some map issues have been fixed.
  • The content for Chyllfroest Mini World Change was added to the game data. It was announced later on March 21st 2014.




March 31, 2014

Implemented the Reward Chest system to deepling bosses, as well as other client changes.

  • New Buy Premium button, on both clients. This button will open the web browser and navigate to this page, which directs the player through the process of purchasing premium. Free accounts that have never been premium cannot hide the Get Premium button. The button cannot be moved but if a free account player attempts to disable it, the button will glow green.
  • New Premium Features widget. Opening this widget also adds the Buy Premium button, but they are separate widgets. Open it by pressing the Get Premium crown next to the Purse.
  • Frozen Starlight: using this item when Yakchal has been killed in the last 4 hours will now produce a message.
  • Cluster of Solace: now has a restriction of 1 stack (100 clusters) on World Tranfers.
  • Reward Chest: Tanjis, Obujos and Jaul now use the new loot system. Players can now only open 1 reward chest each time they complete the coral mine mission. Note that the news article incorrectly states that chest rewards haven't changed. CipSoft meant with this that you can still obtain a reward for killing a boss.
  • Druid Outfits: an issue was fixed.
  • The Lair, Lost Cavern: some of the walls can now be decorated.
  • Dream Warden Outfits: turning in the claw will now give you the correct addon.
  • Robson: now sells Labels.
  • Some map bugs were fixed.

Further announced for the same patch on March 31, 2014:

  • Undisclosed changes.

Further announced for the same patch on April 1, 2014:

  • Undisclosed content fixes.

Further announced for the same patch on April 9, 2014:

  • Standardised the NPC icons. All NPCs have now the same icon, no matter if they are trade or quest NPCs. However, a few NPCs still have no icon.




April 28, 2014

Small patch with some fixes.

  • Beds: fixed a bug with certain beds that could not be slept in.
  • Spyreport: can now be bought from Black Bert.
  • Omrafir: no longer disappears at low health. That is, he can now be slain.
  • Some minor map bugs and typos were fixed.

Further announced for the same patch on May 14, 2014:

  • Addressed an issue with the "join aggression" mode in PvP that made it possible for others to continuously extend the Protection Zone Block of a player.




May 20, 2014

A small patch introducing some fixes.

Further announced for the same patch on May 21, 2014:

  • Released some minor bugs fixes and improvements for our payment system.
    • Players from Brazil are now able to complete their order in Portuguese.
    • The displayed price in Real will not vary any more throughout the ordering process.



Outfit Jersey Male

May 27, 2014

Further announced for the same patch on June 3, 2014:

  • Implemented automatic remount: if you used a mount while entering a Protection Zone, you do not have to mount again once you leave it.
  • No longer necessary not have to mount again after being invisible or after a death, either.
    • Remount manually is only necessary after using the Creature Illusion spell or after being transformed into a creature by a monster.




July 22, 2014

Express Character World Transfer and a dozen of Mounts were introduced to the Store.

Further announced for the same patch on July 30, 2014:

  • You can now travel from Oramond to Travora and vice versa.
  • An issue with the killing tasks on Oramond has been addressed.
  • Some typos have been fixed.

Further announced for the same patch on August 6, 2014:

  • A fix to ddress the login problems some players experienced when switching characters has been implemented today.



Stone of Insight

August 12, 2014

Changes were introduced to the Rise of Devovorga


10.53 (2)


September 3, 2014

Three new outfits were added to the Store.

  • 3 new Outfits with addons became for sale on Tibia.com




September 9, 2014

An experience bonus for players under level 50 was introduced.

  • Characters of level 1 and 2 will benefit from a bonus that doubles their experience gain, this bonus will slowly decrease as they advance in level until it reaches the normal experience gain at level 50.
  • Graphical fixes of Beastmaster Outfits and Champion Outfits.
  • An issue with NPC Chemar was fixed.




September 24, 2014

Various fixes were introduced, including many Dawnport issues.

Dawnport Issues[]

Animation and Graphic Issues[]

Miscellaneous Changes[]




September 30, 2014

Various fixes were introduced, including a compensation for players affected by a previous update.

  • Some issues concerning Dawnport were fixed.
  • All players who were affected by the deleted inboxes caused by Update 10.55 or were still missing money from house transfers received their belongings and/or money back.
  • The flickering flames of the Nethersteed, Tempest, and Flamesteed are now also animated when standing still.




October 6, 2014

Implement the preview phase of the Retro Open PvP Worlds on the preview servers Aurora and Aurera




October 8, 2014

Content fixes and changes.

  • Lava tiles now work as intended again.
  • The speed of characters is now displayed correctly again in the character profile of the Flash Client.
  • All runes on Dawnport can now also be used through the action bar in the Flash Client.
  • It's now impossible to throw items back to Dawnport once preparing to leave the island.
  • Inigo doesn't allow the transferring of vocation sets and similar items to Rookgaard anymore.
  • Some other Dawnport issues have been fixed as well, along with the usual bugs and typos.

Further announced for the same patch on October 10, 2014:

  • Undisclosed technical emergency fix.


10.59 (2)


October 14, 2014

This patch introduced two new outfits to the Tibia Store.

  • 2 new Outfits with addons became available on tibia.com.




October 28, 2014

Adjustments to the walking animations of characters and other small fixes were introduced.

  • The walking animation of characters was adjusted again.
  • The voting system in Rathleton and the related Oramond Dungeon should now work as intended again.
  • The problem with the Elevator taking you to Rafzan was fixed and a Ladder was also added.
  • The Sandstone Scorpion can be tamed again.
  • Some graphic as well as map bugs and typos were fixed.


10.60 (2)


October 29, 2014

This patch introduced two new outfits to the Tibia Store.

  • 6 new Mounts became available on tibia.com.




October 30, 2014

Minor patch with the sole purpose of resolving some technical issues.

  • No details were provided.




November 12, 2014

Minor patch with the main purpose of resolving some technical issues.



Magic Carpet (Mount)

November 19, 2014

This patch fixed issues with Thornfire, The Ape City quest and more.

  • Thornfire: CipSoft addressed an issue that caused the world change to be stuck in a state without any burning fires.
  • The Ape City Quest: You can now obtain a Witches' Cap Mushroom once every 24 hours. Please note, though, that each mushroom will only last for 24 hours.
  • Some minor issues with Dawnport were fixed, as well as a couple of map bugs, typos and several graphical glitches.
  • Ranger Outfits are now for sale on tibia.com
  • Introduction of new Mount sprites, available after December 18, 2014.

Further announced for the same patch on December 1, 2014:




December 4, 2014

Minor patch introducing some minor changes in animations.

  • If you're on the correct mission, you can now obtain a Witches' Cap Mushroom every 24 hours.
  • An issue with Perod's trade transcripts was fixed.
  • Some mount animations have been adjusted:
  • Some graphic as well as map bugs and typos were fixed.



Maxxen Santa

December 16, 2014

Minor patch addressing issues introduced with the previous update.

  • An issue with the world change The Mummy's Curse was fixed.
  • An issue with one of the half-buried faces on Roshamuul has been fixed.
  • Dawnport spells are now listed correctly in the dialogues of the spell trainer NPCs on mainland.
  • An issue with Pythius The Rotten has been fixed as well. The missing stone was added to Pythius' dungeon again and works as intended.
  • From now on, justified kills result in a PZ lock of 15 minutes for both last hitter and most damage dealer on Retro Open PvP game worlds.
  • Sticky threads for guild leaders and vice leaders now work as intended on Guild Boards.
  • The entrance doors of the Warriors' Guildhall have been moved back to their former position.
  • Some other graphic and map bugs as well as typos have been fixed.
  • A Locker (with Depot Chest) has been added to each Guildhall.
  • A new doll, Maxxen Santa, can be traded with Ruprecht.

Further announced for the same patch on December 19, 2014:

  • Addressed an issue with Depot Boxes in Guildhalls. Counters fields and adjacent walls now count as house fields to ensure that items placed there are moved to their owner's inbox if the house gets cleared.

Further announced for the same patch on January 8, 2015:

  • Addressed an issue with the retargeting behaviour of creatures.
  • House prices have been adjusted again.


10.71 (2)


December 18, 2014

A minor server patch that introduced small fixed to recently introduced quests.

  • Communications breakdown task: players will now only be able to gather one flask of blue glooth before they will have to return to NPC Doubleday.
  • Twenty miles beneath the sea: it is now possible to hand out the first two slabs at once to the NPC.
  • It is possible again to destroy the fire fields in deeper Fibula in order to get the hidden reward there.
  • From now on, Santa can also be visited in Rathleton.
  • The money rewards you can get from NPC Rafzan have been reduced.
  • Last but not least, some map bugs and NPC dialogues have been fixed as well.




January 13, 2015

This patch added support for authenticators to protect your account, as well as minor fixes in quests and graphics.

  • It is now possible to protect your account against unauthorised access by connecting it to an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator.
  • You cannot get stuck in the Phantom Army mission of the Children of the Revolution Quest anymore.
  • Seacrest Pearls are now tradable on the market.
  • A door was added to the balcony of the Old Heritage Estate in Rathleton.
  • You can now have a maximum of 20 reports pending.
  • Some graphic as well as map bugs were fixed, together with some typos and NPC dialogues.



Truelove Teddy

January 20, 2015

A small patch that introduced some small PvP related changes and other fixes.




January 27, 2015

The Loyalty System was introduced, as well as other fixes.

  • The Loyalty System was introduced, designed to benefit Cipsoft's most loyal customers.
  • It is now possible on the Stand-Alone Client to "stay logged in for session" when using an authenticator. This means one token is now enough to be able to access multiple characters.
  • The reward room accessed after the Soothing Bad Dreams mission of the Roshamuul Quest can now be exited again via some northbound stairs.
  • NPC Wesley now reacts to the keywords help and machine to help players who are stuck on the Tending Gloothworms mission of the Oramond Quest.
  • Pythius the Rotten (Creature) can now be accessed as intended again.
  • Some graphic as well as map bugs were fixed, together with some typos and NPC dialogues.

Further announced for the same patch on February 4, 2015:

  • A checkbox has been added to the account page to warn and inform about the importance of having a valid Recovery Key in case of using an authenticator.
  • Fixed an issue with already deleted characters showing up in the loyalty highscore list.
  • "Hidden" characters are not considered for the loyalty highscores anymore.
  • Loyalty points have been added to the loyalty highscores and will be shown in the course of the day, while the experience levels of characters have been removed from the list.
  • Fixed and adjusted some graphical issues and typos.



Assassin Doll

February 10, 2015

This patch introduced fixes to some map bugs, typos, graphical and textual issues.

Further announced for the same patch on February 23, 2015:



Outfit Puppeteer Male Addon 3

March 3, 2015

This patched introduced hotkeys to equip items as well as other small fixes.

  • The requirements to open the Dark Grounds in Roshamuul have been adjusted to make it easier to gain access to the area.
  • The spawn of Gaz'haragoth has been fixed. Gaz'haragoth did not spawn at all in the prison after his initial defeat on the central mountain.
    • Depending on the bug, this could mean Gaz'haragoth will spawn on all servers who have been waiting for his return for a long time. If not, it's possible that the world change simply wasn't in effect because e.g. Gaz'haragoth's last defeat was not recorded properly.
  • Wall decorations that became unreachable in 10.71, with the addition of guild depots, have been sent to the inbox of the guild leaders.
  • It is now possible to use Hotkeys in the Stand-Alone Client to equip your character. There is a fourth option of how to use the item in the hotkey dialogue.
    • If trying to equip something that is stackable and there isn't a full stack, it will search for more items in your inventory and equip them. That is, ammunition will be replenished if there is not a full stack of 100, or unequipped if there is a full stack of 100.
    • Some items behave differently than others. Attempting to equip a ring when one of the same type is still in effect will fail if the ring changes ID when being equipped. That is, if you equip a Ring of Healing, which changes IDs when worn to give that sparkle effect, attempting to equip another Ring of Healing while it is being worn will fail. It won't even unequip the current ring. However, to unequip the ring being worn, the worn ring can be assigned to an equip hotkey, which will unequip that ring. Note that Might Ring, for example, does not change item IDs when being equipped, so one cannot simply continuously press the hotkey to ensure one is always equipped; pressing the hotkey will unequip the might ring as it does usually.
    • Unlike other options, there is no feedback when trying to equip an item. If the equipping fails, it simply does nothing - no text will be displayed.
  • Some graphic as well as map bugs were fixed, together with some typos
  • Two new outfits, Puppeteer Outfits and Spirit Caller Outfits, were added to the client sprite files, which became available 18 days later on March 21, 2015 on Tibia.com.

Further announced for the same patch on March 10, 2015:

Further announced for the same patch on March 12, 2015:

  • It is not possible anymore to take any Potions with you when you are leaving Dawnport.
  • It is not possible anymore to reach a Magic Level above 20 on Dawnport. Character's who already have a magic level above 20 will keep their current magic level but will not be able to upgrade it any further until leaving the island.
  • From now on, leaving Dawnport is only possible after having confirmed the email address of the account in question.

Further announced for the same patch on March 13, 2015:

Further announced for the same patch on April 3, 2015:

  • The amount of gold you can take along with you when leaving Dawnport has been adjusted as follows:
    • With level 8 you will be able to take a maximum of 1500 gold along with you: 500 gold in your inventory and 1000 gold on your Bank Account.
    • The maximum amount of gold you can deposit on your bank account on Dawnport after level 8 will be limited to 1500 gold.
  • It is not possible anymore to sell Empty Potion Flasks on Dawnport.




April 14, 2015

This patched introduced improvements to many monster animations, as well as other small fixes.

Further announced for the same patch on April 21, 2015:

  • You can now log into a crowded Protection Zone, for example, a depot. If no free spot is available, you will stack up with another character. If you try to log in on a spot in the protection zone where stacking is not possible, for example, the glowing switch in front of the locker in a depot, and there is no free space around it, your character will be sent to the Temple.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally led to incorrect information in the notification letter regarding the remaining time of a Guild until its forthcoming dissolution.

Further announced for the same patch on April 28, 2015:

  • A small technical change has been released to improve the walking performance of your characters. This change only affects the walking performance when using the mouse

Further announced for the same patch on April 30, 2015:




May 12, 2015

Small patch with minor fixes.

Further announced for the same patch on June 8, 2015:

Further announced for the same patch on June 9, 2015:

  • Some map bugs, graphical issues, typos and NPC dialogues have been fixed and adjusted.



Little Adventurer Doll

June 16, 2015

Small patch introducing a few changes.

  • Both clients will attempt to connect to the game ten times in a row before the "Cannot connect" message is displayed to the player.
  • Problem with the upload of guild logos has been fixed.
  • Spellbook of the Novice is no longer marketable and transferable.
  • Some graphical (e.g. Marble Fountain and Memory Box) and map bugs as well as typos have been fixed.

Further announced for the same patch on July 15, 2015:

  • Fixed a serious issue that allowed some players to gain increased experience rates.



Outfit Recruiter Male Addon 3

August 11, 2015

This small patch introduced small fixes as well as a new outfit and mount.

Further announced for the same patch on September 1, 2015:

  • The achievement for the full recruiter outfit has been fixed. It is now displayed in the achievements list and yields achievements points

Further announced for the same patch on September 4, 2015:

  • The achievement The More the Merrier which you get for the full recruiter outfit via Tell-A-Friend will be removed from the game since achievements should be obtainable ingame.

Further announced for the same patch on September 8, 2015:

Further announced for the same patch on September 15, 2015:

  • The achievement "The more the merrier" does not yield achievement points anymore. Also, it cannot be obtained anymore. It can still be shown on character pages for now but it will be removed completely at a later date.

Further announced for the same patch on September 19, 2015:

  • A new outfit, Sea Dog, has been implemented.




September 30, 2015

Small update that introduced some store products as well as some small improvements to Dawnport.

Further announced for the same patch on October 31, 2015:

Further announced for the same patch on November 23, 2015 and November 28, 2015



Outfit Philosopher Male

February 23, 2016

Small patch to implement some content fixes and changes.

Further announced for the same patch on Feburary 26, 2016:

Further announced for the same patch on March 1, 2016:

  • Fixed the problem with the invite lists of houses and guildhalls

Further announced for the same patch on March 14, 2016:

Further announced for the same patch on April 11, 2016:

  • Removed the convention section from the website, since it is not really used
  • Extended Yasir's stock to also buy ogre creature products
  • Fixed an error with the effect when skinning a dead Lizard High Guard
  • If you lose the beggar staff in the Beggar Outfits Quest, you will be able to finish the quest nevertheless
  • Ferumbras' Ascension Quest: you should always be able to pull the levers in Mazoran's dungeon in the correct order
  • The achievement I Did My Part can be obtained again by participating in the world event Rise of Devovorga



Supreme Health Potion

April 12, 2016

This patch added 3 new potion types, the store inbox and other changes.




May 3, 2016

This patch implemented a few fixes and adjustments, related to the previous update.

  • Chartan now correctly offers the potions that were implemented with Updates/10.92 as well. Gnomegica doesn't anymore.
  • Ferumbras Mortal Shell will now drop his staff after having been defeated.
  • Players that got stuck while trying to help Santiago on Tutorial Island were moved to Dawnport to continue their journey.
  • Crystal Tables can now be rewrapped properly.
  • If you are not allowed to buy a certain product in the Store you can now find out why by placing the mouse pointer on the corresponding product and waiting for the tool tip to open or by selecting a product and clicking on Details.
  • Paladins can no longer buy knight-exclusive potions from the Store.




June 14, 2016

This update implemented some content fixes and changes.



Outfit Arena Champion Male

July 12, 2016

This patch introduced some unspecified technical adjustments.




August 30, 2016

This patch introduced new replica items, as well as other small fixes.

Further announced for the same patch on September 2, 2016:

  • Fix to solve recent problems with the transfer of gold or items to characters that were not logged in.

Further announced for the same patch on September 6, 2016:

Further announced for the same patch on September 13, 2016:

  • Increased the critical hit damage on charged weapons, due to players' feedback.


  • Rustic Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after August 30, 2016.
  • Rustic Furniture




September 13, 2016

This patch added a periodic warning to players using the old client.

  • From now on, players will receive the following message in red every 30 minutes: The Tibia client you are currently using will soon no longer be supported. You can already download the new Tibia client 11 from www.tibia.com. In addition, red messages are not displayed in the game window anymore.




September 15, 2016

This update brought fixes and improvements after player feedback.

  • In order to solve the problem with making an extra step when pressing a button to walk, which mainly concerned high level characters, a new option was added to the options menu. With Keyboard Delay you can now adjust the delay on your keystrokes in the options menu. The default delay is now set to 250 ms, while it was 0 before.
  • Opening the dialogue to switch characters via Ctrl+G is now possible again if the dialogue had been closed before using Esc.
  • The chat mode no longer automatically resets to Chat Off when logging out. Chat On* does still reset to Chat Off, though.
  • The hotkey default for Movement: Go South-West was changed from Y to Z.
  • The layout for long hotkey text entries was fixed.
  • The NPC channel title should now be displayed correctly when opened via hotkey.
  • "Player X has logged in." is now also shown in the server log, if you chose "Notify on login" on your VIP List.




September 16, 2016

This patch addressed more Tibia 11 issues.

  • A further issue with walking was addressed. Just shortly changing directions with your character should now work as expected.
  • Deactivating the option Highlight Mouse Target in the options menu now removes the blue highlighting of tiles, as well as the yellow glow from target creatures, for example. With this option deactivated, the highlighting of targets happens via a white frame in the game window.
  • The premium widget should no longer be shown to you if you are already premium.
  • The hotkey combination to open your skill window is now displayed correctly. It is Alt+S.
  • On European keyboards, the AltGr key should now work just like the left Alt key during attacks.

Further announced for the same patch on September 20:

  • Fixed an issue concerning killing creatures that do not give any XP but drained your stamina nevertheless.




September 21, 2016

A couple issues with Tibia 11 were fixed.

  • An issue concerning walking with limited FPS.
  • A movement issue that concerned using "use with" in combination with objects.




September 22, 2016

This patch introduced minor improvements to the client

  • The visibility of the health bar is improved. Numeric effects should no longer cover the bar.
  • Containers (e.g. backpacks) now close without delay.
  • To improve its visibility, the mouse cursor was brightened up.
  • Left Smart-Click now opens a container in the same window. Additionally, Alt+Left Smart-Click opens a container in a new window now.
  • Creatures and NPCs displayed in the battle window are now listed in the correct order.
  • Further improvements concerning turning with Ctrl while moving.




September 27, 2016

This update introduced healthpoints and mana arcs and other fixes.

  • Semi-transparent arcs were introduced as an alternative HUD (heads-up display).
  • You can choose which information is displayed in the game window, e.g. your own character's name, health, mana and marks, or the names, health and marks of others. You can choose your preferred settings in the new option's tab "status" at any time.
  • Various containers should no longer scroll unintentionally.
  • A movement issue while walking on specific floor tiles is now fixed.
  • Opening the backpack in the tutorial now works as intended.
  • If Smart-Click is enabled, "Hi" is now sent to local chat after clicking on an NPC.
  • Setting a second hotkey for spells or potions no longer results in two separated hotkey entries.




September 30, 2016

A small patch introducing some fixes to the Tibia 11 client.

  • Toggling fullscreen mode resizes the game window correctly now.
  • The default action while clicking on your character's field using the mouse preset Left Smart-Click is now "use with". It remains "look" if "use with" is not possible.




October 5, 2016

Patch introducing small fixes to the client.

  • Dynamic memory management: If available, the Tibia 11 client automatically uses additional RAM capacity, which should reduce FPS drops and lag in various situations.
  • Moving your character via mouse while standing on furniture is now working as intended and does no longer result in FPS drops.
  • A navigational issue causing FPS drops while trying to move to unreachable places is now fixed.




October 11, 2016

This patch added new sorting and filter options for the Battle Window, a hunger status icon and other improvements.

  • You can sort your Battle Window and choose what you want to get displayed in it. Five buttons were added on top of the battle list to activate different filters: "Players", "NPCs", "Monsters", "Non-Skulled Players" and "Party Members". You can hide any other players and NPCs for example, if you want to focus on the monsters you are approaching. If you do not need to make any adjustments to your battle list, you can hide the buttons anytime, which results in more space for other things.
  • You can sort the order of appearance by your own needs. Per default the battle list appearances are sorted "by Display Time" which was also the case in previous client versions. You can open the different sorting options with the corresponding icon at the top of your battle window as well as with a right click in your battle window itself.
  • A new hungry icon which helps you to keep track of your satiety was added. As soon as your food timer has run out, this little icon will show up in the field below your inventory which also displays other special conditions such as burning or poisoning.
  • You can now attack your previous or next target via hotkey. Check out the hotkey menu to set your favourite keys.




October 12, 2016

This patch introduced changes to options tabs and more customization for character movement hotkeys.

  • The option's tab has been restructured and enhanced. "Console" got renamed to "Messages" and contains the options to "Show Spells in Game Window" and "Show Spells of Others in Game Window" now. Disabling these options should lead to a better visibility of your health and mana bars in various situations.
  • The command to turn your character are more customisable. In the general options you can now choose if you want to use Ctrl,  Shift or Alt to turn your character. If you want to, you can also have two of the keys or even all three of them enabled at the same time.
  • A minimap issue causing FPS drops while trying to move to unreachable places is now fixed.




October 25, 2016

This patch added some mounts and a outfit to the game, but they weren't available yet.



Outfit Grove Keeper Male Addon 3

October 25, 2016

Patch introducing more fixes and improvements to the Tibia 11 client, as well as an outfit and some mounts that were not made available until later.

  • Opening a smaller Container inside of a bigger one does no longer reduce the size of the container window.
  • Based on your entry in the first key column, your personal hotkeys are now sorted in an ascending order.
  • You can now display your personal hotkey entries on top of your hotkey list. Activate "Switch Order" to do so.
  • Latency is now displayed in milliseconds next to the number of FPS in the FPS/Lag Indicator.
  • From now on, hotkeys for Attack Previous Target and Attack Next Target also work while the battle window is closed.
  • FPS drops, caused by opening the skills window, are now reduced.
  • Modifier keys (e.g. Ctrl, Alt,  Shift) can no longer be set as independent hotkeys.
  • An issue causing already killed creatures to be displayed in the battle window should now be fixed.
  • The Grove Keeper Outfits were added to the game, but not added to the store until November 18, 2016.
  • 3 new mounts were added to the game, but they were not added to the store until December 23, 2016.




November 14, 2016

This patch introduced more fixes to the Tibia 11 client.

  • The piece price in the market can only be set in integers. Comma separated numbers are no longer possible.
  • Some issues causing the client to crash are now fixed.
  • The colouring of the cooldown bar was adjusted to look more similar to the old client.
  • HUDs do no longer disappear while standing on a stack of creatures.
  • The Game Window centers correctly now while standing on a stack of creatures.
  • Toggling from the fullscreen mode does no longer close open windows unnecessarily.




November 22, 2016

This patch introduced many fixes to the Tibia 11 client.

  • After switching characters with Ctrl+G, the message "Connecting to the Game World. Please Wait." is now displayed until the connection is established or you were sent back to the character selection.
  • From now on, the Server Log Channel gets updated every time a hotkey preset is switched.
  • Trading with specific NPCs does no longer close backpack windows automatically.
  • As originally intended, ingame bug reports can only be sent by Tutors.
  • An issue causing the market fee to not being displayed correctly in the total price field, is now fixed.
  • The icon "Hide Party Members" now filters only members of your own party in your battle list.
  • Already logged off characters should no longer be visible in the Battle Window.
  • Monsters that are no longer in your Game Window, should not be displayed in your battle list anymore.
  • Changing to a higher container level while the container is minimised, does no longer result in an empty container window.
  • Players can now enable "Use Native Mouse Cursor" in their general options to use a default mouse cursor.
  • A mouse click to perform an action (e.g. backpack opening) while having additional mouse buttons pressed, is now working.
  • Clicking on a channel name multiple times does no longer result in lower FPS. The FPS drop after switching channels should also be reduced noticeably.
  • An issue causing the cooldown bar to stay coloured even after the cooldown ended, is now fixed.
  • We made some small adjustments to the sell offer process in the market interface. It now works the same as creating a buy offer.
  • We adjusted the size of the market interface and interchanged the position of the columns "Piece Price" and "Total Price". A variation of the given order is no longer possible.




November 29, 2016

This patch fixed a crash in the Tibia 11 client.

  • An issue causing the Tibia 11 client to crash under certain circumstances was fixed with the recent client update.




December 7, 2016

This patch fixed some crash problems on Tibia 11.

  • An issue causing the Tibia 11 client to crash under certain circumstances was fixed.

Further announced on December 13, 2016, but likely released in a separate patch that we could not find:

  • Forgotten Knowledge Quest: A Heavy Old Tome is now obtainable one time only from each chest by the same character.
  • The Gloud Ship: From now on, you have to wait at least 30 minutes until the NPC Zeronex hands out another Gas Bag to your character.
  • The imbuing slots of Hive Scythe and Dreaded Cleaver got reduced to 2 slots, as it was originally intended.
  • The Rainbow Shield is no longer imbuable.
  • The correct amount of players online is now displayed while browsing through the highscores section.
  • Character names should no longer appear twice in the character selection list.




December 14, 2016

Additional fixes to the client were introduced.

  • The Tibia 11 client should now provide a better scaling on high resolution displays.
  • Creatures which have returned to the Game Window are now set to the correct position in the Battle List.
  • FPS drops in e.g. highly populated areas should now be reduced.
  • An issue allowing the crosshair cursor to co-occur with a dialog window, is now fixed.
  • The Market now shows the correct item icons while navigating through the Object Types (in Depot) with arrow keys.
  • Switching columns in the Select Outfit window does no longer result in FPS drops.
  • An issue causing the client to crash under certain circumstances was fixed.




December 15, 2016

Achievements related to the First Dragon Quest were added.

Further announced on December 20, 2016, but likely released in a separate patch that we could not find:




January 5, 2017

This was the first patch of the Tibia's 20th Anniversary celebration.

Further announced on January 5, 2017, but probably released in a new patch we could not specify:




January 7, 2017

This update introduced more changes related to the Tibia's 20th Anniversary.

Further announced on January 8, 2017, and probably released in a new patch we could not specify:

  • The hit points of piñata dragons will be adjusted once more and will be reduced to 10,000 so that lower levels can also crack these cuddly beasts
  • NPC Tamoril will continue to buy wares again.
  • Fixed some typos and missing Protection Zone fields.

Further announced on January 10, 2017, and probably released in a new patch we could not specify:

  • Fixed an issue with Lloyd that allowed players to fight against him multiple times without a cooldown




January 16, 2017

A patch containing additional fixes to the Tibia 11 client.

  • An issue causing wrong hotkeys to be displayed after switching within different hotkey presets is now fixed.
  • Players can now keep the corresponding hotkeys pressed to scroll continuously within the automap.
  • We fixed an issue which, under certain circumstances, caused a problem while playing the tutorial.
  • From now on, the HUD (heads-up display) will be displayed in the correct colours after switching characters back and forth at low health.
  • An issue leading to broken font metrics after scrolling too fast is now fixed.
  • Resizing a container window by its bottom edge is now working as intended.
  • Ctrl + Left Smart-Click on the own character does no longer result in an FPS drop.
  • Texts of books and letters are now displayed in a slightly wider window.
  • We fixed some issues causing the client to crash.
  • An issue which sometimes caused the chosen attack mode to reset after switching characters is now fixed.
  • An issue causing the display of incorrect XP gain rate percentages during Tibia's 20th Anniversary celebrations

Further announced for the same patch on the same day:

  • An issue disabling some of the content fixes from December 13 and 20 is now fixed and the content changes are working again.
  • The First Dragon Quest:
    • Zorvorax no longer disappear for a short moment while moving south or east.
    • The Dragon Chests in Drefia and Zzaion were moved to a different location to provide a better accessibility.
  • Forgotten Knowledge Quest:
    • A broken tile in Lloyd's room is now fixed.
    • An issue preventing Lloyd to teleport back to the battle field after a prism got destroyed is now fixed.
  • 20 Years Celebration:
    • The position of the character while wearing the male or female Festive Outfits is now fixed.
    • Market booths on Vigintia island no longer disappear under certain circumstances.

Further announced on the same day, possibly released in a different patch we couldn't specify:

  • Fix an issue causing the display of incorrect XP gain rate percentages during party time




January 17, 2017

This patch fixed a mouse issue on Tibia 11.

  • An issue causing the right mouse key to malfunction after items were moved inside of a container was fixed.




January 20, 2017

  • An interim DDoS Protection System was implemented for Tibia 11.




January 23, 2017

This patch introduced fixes to walking while using potions and spells and other movement related improvements.

  • The movement delay which occurred after changing floors via ladders or stairs, for example, has been reduced.
  • Using potions or casting spells while walking is now working as in the old client.
  • Some issues which under certain circumstances caused stuttered movement and snap-backs while walking have been fixed.
  • Additional steps at the end of a walking command should no longer occur.
  • If a movement key is still pressed while you release a modifier key, the character now starts walking in the desired direction.
  • Key commands are now more responsive when pressed in close succession.




January 23, 2017

A follow up patch to address movement issues.

  • An issue causing the character to automatically start walking in one direction after changing floors or using a teleport was fixed.

Further announced on January 24, 2017, possibly released in a different patch we could not specify:

  • Prey System: additional slots were added to the loot containers of all rollable monsters.
  • 20 Years Celebration:
  • The First Dragon Quest:
    • The quest log entry "The First Dragon" is now set to "completed" after defeating The First Dragon.
    • To gain access to the First Dragon's lair, players must have defeated the four previous dragon bosses at least once.




January 25, 2017

A patch following up on movement issues.

  • A fix concerning character's movement being interrupted while casting a spell even when the direction key is hold pressed was implemented.
  • Decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after January 27, 2017.




January 31, 2017

This patch introduced more fixes and improvements to character movement.

  • A fix concerning character's movement being interrupted while using hotkeys was implemented.
  • An issue causing the character to stop for a moment, after a monster was killed by a spell or when you lost the target, was fixed as well.



Outfit Pharaoh Female Addon 3

February 7, 2017

This patch introduced some new Store products and other minor item changes.

Further announced for the same patch on Feburary 7, 2017:




February 8, 2017

This patch introduced changes in the client related to the DDoS protection.

Further announced on Feburary 10, 2017, probably released in a different patch we could not specify:

  • Implemented a bug fix for the technical issue that led to several Game Worlds crashes




February 13, 2017

This patch introduced more fixes and improvements to character movement, and other fixes.

  • An issue causing the client to crash.
  • An issue, which — under certain circumstances — caused the character to stop while moving via map click and using hotkeys at the same time.
  • Turning your character should no longer result in additional steps in the opposite direction.
  • An issue, which caused the character to lose its target sometimes.
  • Additionally, the keyboard delay has been reset to 250 ms for every player. If you want to use your previous keyboard delay, you have to untick the "Use default delay (250 ms)" box in your general options.




February 21, 2017

This patch introduced fixes and improvements to the Tibia 11 client.

  • The character now moves to an item laying on the ground while walking via minimap click if you try to open or use it.
  • An issue, which under certain circumstances caused the NPC Trade window to display buy offers in the sell category, is now fixed.
  • We added a checkbox "Show Combat Frames" to the status options.
  • An issue allowing the character to attack creatures by using the "Attack next/previous target" hotkey even if a battle list filter hid them is now fixed.
  • We reduced the delay a character experienced after changing directions.
  • We fixed a visual bug causing the character to look in one direction while casting spells in another direction.
  • An issue blocking the character's movement after it logged out and in again on a certain level in Kazordoon is now fixed.
  • The character does no longer stop its movement after changing directions while using a hotkey at the same time.
  • An issue causing the client to crash is now fixed.




February 28, 2017

This patch introduced fixes to minor technical issues.




March 08, 2017

A client update was released due to technical maintenance work performed during server save.

No specific changes were announced.




March 21, 2017

This patch implemented BattlEye into the clients.

  • BattlEye was implemented into both Tibia 10 and Tibia 11. In this stage, BattlEye was only used to gather data, without doing any actions.
  • NPC Edgar-Ellen was added to the game, although he appeared on most of the game worlds only on the next day.




March 28, 2017

This patch fixed some unresponsiveness and crash issues.

  • An issue that caused the clients to become unresponsive under certain circumstances.
  • Characters not logging out automatically if they had been idle for too long.
  • Some issues that caused Tibia 11 client to crash.

Further announced on April 3, 2017, probably released in a different patch we could not specify:

  • Implemented an emergency bug fix for an urgent technical issue




April 4, 2017

This patch introduced more fixes to Tibia 11.

  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to beat Lloyd under certain circumstances
  • If you log out your character by using a bed, you will now be sent back to the character selection again.
  • Potential FPS drops while opening containers containing items with animated sprites got reduced as well.




April 11, 2017

Maintenance patch and changes to Tibia 10 in preparation for removal.

  • Technical maintenance work was performed.
  • On Tibia 10, the message players receive every 30 minutes was update, and is now sent every 5 minutes: "You are using an outdated client which is no longer supported. For the best gaming experience, please download the official and supported Tibia client 11 from www.tibia.com."
  • The client background in Tibia 10 was changed.



Heart of the Mountain (Item)

April 25, 2017

Introduction of new blessings and Retro outfits.




April 26, 2017

A technical update.

No details were given.




May 2, 2017

This patch introduced more fixes to crashes and movement issues.

  • If available, the client now tries to use the discrete graphics card instead of the internal CPU graphics.
  • Some minor visual issues concerning the Action Bars.
  • Some issues causing the client to crash are now fixed.
  • An issue which sometimes caused the character to snap back while moving diagonally.
  • "Snapbacks" while using potions, runes or spells and moving your character simultaneously were removed.

Further announced on May 4, 2017, probably released in a different patch we could not specify:

  • Implemented changes so that using runes via crosshair and moving your character simultaneously no longer results in snapbacks in the Tibia 11 client.
  • Fixed an issue causing an increased cooldown after using items, e.g. potions.




May 10, 2017

An unannounced patch.




May 18, 2017

A client update was released due to some technical adjustments

No changes were specified.




June 8, 2017

General bugfixes and content changes.

  • The offset for all seven Retro Outfits was changed from 0 to 8, to position them more like other outfits in the middle of a field instead of in the bottom-right corner.
  • The Basic Frost imbuement now requires 25 Frosty Hearts instead of 25 Polar Bear Paws, presumably because frosty hearts are easier to obtain than polar bear paws, due the to the amount of spawns of creatures dropping them.
  • Knights are now able to purchase Strong Health Potions in the Store again.

Further announced on June 8, 2017:

  • An issue with the client's minimap was fixed.

Further announced on June 8, 2017:

  • Fixed an issue which recently caused problems during the login process.




June 20, 2017

  • Compendium: This new feature offers short ingame summaries of various Tibia topics, game features and content.
  • Random Hints: The Message of the Day was replaced by a random hints system. These random messages are displayed below the login box and they may contain useful information, security hints, excerpts from the official manual or monster lore.
  • New Store Products: Potion Casks and Potion Kegs were added to the Store.
  • The description of Empty Potion Flask (Small), Empty Potion Flask (Medium) and Empty Potion Flask (Large) have been changed in order to mention their utility with Potion Casks and Potion Kegs.

Further announced on June 21, 2017, probably released in a different patch we could not specify:

  • Restricted the possibility to use casks: only the player who bought a cask will be able to use it.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a character log-out for some players after they had selected a specific section in the Store.




June 22, 2017




June 27, 2017

  • Visual fixes for the Compendium.
  • Random Hints system was implemented.
  • Potion casks can be used by anyone who can access them from now on.




July 4, 2017

  • Players can only refill empty flasks at casks which produce potions that are or will be useable for the character's vocation.




July 10, 2017

Client update was released due to an emergency technical maintenance work.




July 18, 2017

This patch fixed an issue with the chat window.

  • An issue which caused a displaced chat window in the tutorial was fixed.




July 19, 2017

A client update was released due to some technical adjustments.




August 1, 2017

This patch introduced some small fixes.

  • Hotkeys can now be set to open the Compendium and the Reward Wall.
  • FPS drops while using the Action Bars have been reduced.
  • Minor visual changes have been made in the Loot Analyser to display high numbers of looted items properly.
  • An issue causing your character's stamina to completely refill under certain circumstances, is now fixed.
  • The 999 door is now back in the game.
  • We fixed an issue preventing free account characters to wear the Entrepreneur Outfit and to use the Steelbeak or the Crimson Ray mount.
  • The charms of the two new enhanced blessings can now be traded in the market.
  • Some NPC issues and typos were fixed.
  • Monsters no longer drop the Energy Spike Sword.

Further announced on August 2, 2017, probably released in a separate version we could not specify:




August 8, 2017

  • Reset Experience Counter in the Skills Window is now working again. It does also reset the experience counter in the XP Analyser.
  • The XP Analyser now takes lost experience as well as regained experience via the Death Redemption into account.
  • An error in the "per hour" calculation of the Loot and Supply Analyser has been fixed.
  • If you have looted an item more than 1,000 times within the last hour, you can now hover your mouse over the summarised number below the item sprite in the Loot Analyser and a tooltip will display the exact item amount.
  • We have further reduced FPS drops while using the Action Bars.
  • Troubled Animals: You can now talk to the NPC Ghostly Wolf during the "The Swan Maiden" mission without losing already obtained Swan Feathers.
  • Enchanted Weapons are no longer tradeable via the market.
  • The Conjure Wand of Darkness spell can no longer be casted if you have not enough mana.
  • The new summon spells - Summon Emberwing, Summon Grovebeast, Summon Skullfrost and Summon Thundergiant - are now listed in the "Summon Spell" category of the corresponding NPC.
  • An inconsistency in the naming of the new summon spells has been fixed.
  • Some minor map issues have been fixed.
  • All players who already own the basic Entrepreneur Outfit can now buy the corresponding addons in the Store.
  • New verdant furniture and other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after August 11, 2017.
  • Verdant Furniture




August 16, 2017

A patch introducing fixes and content changes.

  • The Flash Client was declared outdated and unsupported. Therefore, various warnings and messages have been added to the Flash client to raise the awareness of its remaining users.
  • Addition of a new import feature, which enables users of the now outdated Flash client to import their minimap data to the Tibia 11 client.
  • New buttons to import hotkeys and minimap files from the Tibia 10 client.
  • Pharaoh Outfits are now properly positioned.
  • The Vampire's Signet Ring can now be equipped.
  • The imbuement slots on the items The Rain Coat and The Shield Nevermourn have been removed.
  • Fixed a display issue in the kill statistics of Zamulosh.
  • An issue, which listed monsters as summons of other players in the character death list was fixed.
  • Small fixes concerning the Forgotten Knowledge Quest and the First Dragon Quest.
  • Item "jalapeño pepper" was renamed to "jalapeno pepper".




August 22, 2017

A patch introducing fixes and content changes.

  • Guild leaders can now use "Create Board" again to create a new entry in the Guild Boards section.
  • It is no longer possible to spawn more than one of the new summons at the same time.
  • The Verdant Table is now displayed in the Store section as well.
  • Several levers in different quests have been revised and should now work properly again.
  • An issue preventing some players to enter the Fire Portal of the Forgotten Knowledge Quest has been fixed as well.
  • We have reduced the output damage in PvP situations of all new summons that were introduced with this year's summer update by 50%. This does not apply to black skulled players, though. Black skulled players will still receive 100% damage from all summons.
  • Retro Hardcore PvP: We have reduced the protection percentage of each blessing to reach the desired effect that if you die fully blessed with all 7 blessings there, you will lose just about as much as you would lose with 5 blessings on a regular game world. Please keep in mind that the percentage information displayed in the blessing window shows only rounded numbers.




August 29, 2017

  • Activating your numpad while walking interrupts your character's movement.
  • Added the option to set a hotkey for "Combat: Toggle Chase Mode".
  • An issue causing the slider to reset while selling items to an NPC was fixed.
  • The official website pages of Game Worlds overview and Character creation now displays an icon and text indicating if the world is actively shielded by BattlEye and when it was implemented (Be icon yellow) or if the world was already launched with the protection (Be icon green).
  • An option to filter by BattlEye protection was also included in the Character creation process.




August 30, 2017




September 9, 2017

An unannounced patch that changed the client's version.




September 12, 2017

A small patch introducing fixes and content changes.

  • If you remove the assigned key or key combination from a hotkey entry, you will no longer lose the whole entry at this instant. Unassigned entries will only be deleted when you click the "Ok" or the "Apply" button in the hotkey dialog.
  • An issue that caused the replacement of hotkey presets under certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • The Prey window is now restored to its previous size when you restart your client.
  • Spells that are assigned to an action button are no longer sent to private chat channels.
  • The Cyclopedia now lists the correct "Sell to" and "Buy From" NPCs.
  • The Basic, Intricate and Powerful Epiphany imbuements (magic level) can no longer be added to Royal Helmets since it is intended for druid and sorcerer exclusive headgear.
  • Summons can no longer participate in the fights against Tarbaz and Dragonking Zyrtarch.
  • Some minor map and NPC issues as well as typos have been fixed. Also, we addressed an issue with a few corners in several houses in Ab'Dendriel that prevented house owners from rolling out carpets there.
  • New monsters from this year's Summer Update have been added to the creature library.
  • Item "filled jalapeño peppers" was renamed to "filled jalapeno peppers".




September 13, 2017

A small patc that addressed an issue caused by the previous patch.

  • Fixed a issue that blocked media buttons and mouse hotkeys from working properly.




September 19, 2017

  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash under certain circumstances.




September 26, 2017

An unannounced update.




October 04, 2017

This patch added the split chat feature to the client.

  • The split chat feature was added, allowing players to keep a read-only chat opened alongside a regular chat window.




October 10, 2017

This patch introduced improvements to the client.

  • If you change the chat mode while walking, the character does no longer keep on walking indefinitely in the same direction.
  • Your character does no longer jump back in the water if you want to leave a swimming area via map click.
  • An issue which disabled the animation of the mouse cursor in open container windows has been resolved.
  • If you have used a supply item more than 1,000 times within the last hour, you can now hover your mouse over the summarised number below the item sprite in the Supply Analyser and a tooltip will display the exact item amount.
  • We have fixed an issue in the description of the Journal Shield.
  • An issue which occasionally prevented guild leaders from editing the guild ranks has been fixed.
  • Ornate Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after October 13, 2017.
  • Ornate Furniture




October 17, 2017

All clients received an update.

  • An issue with dragging items from containers was fixed.




October 26, 2017

Discontinuation of Tibia 10 and Tibia Flash clients

  • It is no longer be possible to log in and play via the Tibia 10 or Tibia Flash clients




November 2, 2017

This update added a system to optimise connection quality.

  • A new automatic system to optimise connection quality was implemented in a testing phase to gather and anaylze data.




November 14, 2017

Small patch addressing some crash issues.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash under certain circumstances.




November 21, 2017

This patch introduced changes to the Find Person spell.



Outfit Siege Master Male

November 28, 2017

Small patch with technical adjustments and introduction of store items to the game.




December 12, 2017

Bugfixes and content changes.

  • Right click in the chat console to open the context menu is now working as intended again.
  • Gold, Platinum and Crystal Coin entries are no longer visible in the Market.
  • We fixed a visual issue in the Bestiary that occurred sometimes after switching characters.
  • Show Groups no longer resets after closing the VIP List window.
  • Yellow Magic Walls should no longer appear on Retro Hardcore PvP, Hardcore PvP and Retro Open PvP game worlds.
  • An issue causing creatures to ignore a player under certain circumstances is now fixed.
  • The Quest Tracker should no longer show empty entries anymore.
  • Character World Transfers between Zuna and Zunera are now properly working.
  • NPC Ruprecht now lists Santa Fox as an obtainable item.
  • Various new Creature Products that have been introduced with the Winter Update 2017 are now listed in the correct Market/Cyclopedia category.
  • We reduced the damage received by lava fields.
  • Players can no longer accidentally walk into damage-dealing lava fields when map-clicking.
  • "Explosive Dwarf Barrel": If the maximum amount of barrels is reached, a message will be displayed when using the lever.
  • Dangerous Depths Quest - Warzone access: The correct amount of points is now deducted if players are members of the "Bigfoot Brigade".




December 19, 2017

Bugfixes and content changes.




January 09, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.




January 16, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.




January 17, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.

  • The carpets bugfix that was implemented on the previous day was reverted due to its unwanted side effects.




January 23, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.

  • The Blessed Acorns that were lost when they became non-stackable were sent to the inboxes of the affected players.
  • Blessed Acorns are stackable again.
  • The No Vocation filter from website highscores was removed to prevent further misunderstandings regarding the highscore system within the community.




January 30, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.




February 6, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.




February 13, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.

  • The AI of the Special Summons was reworked to make the distance calculation between summon and master more dynamic.
  • The imbuing slots of Chain Helmet were removed because it used to be possible to imbue it with Basic, Intricate and Powerful Epiphany imbuements which are intended for druid and sorcerer exclusive headgear.
  • You can now get the Castlemania achievement even if you have lost pages of Marziel's diary. Finding each page, however, is still mandatory.
  • Several mounts missed the achievement Natural Born Cowboy.
  • XP gains of nearby players are now displayed above their head again.
  • Market History: "Ended Date" entries now show the correct date.
  • Several NPC and map issues were fixed.




February 13, 2018

A small patch addressing a client crash.

  • An issue that made the client crash while trading with NPCs was fixed.




February 20, 2018

New client version released due to minor technical changes.




February 27, 2018

This patch introduced some changes in the client options and other content changes.

  • The Tibia 11 client option's menu was re-designed into main and corresponding sub categories.
  • All missing items were added to the Cyclopedia, including many which are believed to be Unobtainable Items.
  • The Transaction Authenticator Number (TAN) was also implemented with this update in order to improve Recovery Key system.




February 28, 2018

This patch introduced a hotkey to the Custom Hotkeys option.

  • The Custom Hotkeys section can be accessed directly in the new Options menu via CTRL+K.




March 06, 2018

Bugfix and content changes.

  • Scrolling through long Market histories, should no longer cause FPS drops.
  • Using the Action Bars should no longer cause FPS drops.
  • Several Unobtainable Items were removed from the Cyclopedia.
  • Players with an US phone number should be able to receive a SMS with the verification TAN for the new recovery TAN system.




March 13, 2018

Bugfix and content changes.

  • Similar to the Options menu, the Store now offers a better structure and layout. In addition to a search function and new sorting options, you now also have the possibility to let your character try out all available outfits and mounts in a preview function.
  • The Select Outfit dialog was also re-designed. Now, the mounted version of the outfit will be displayed if a mount is selected. It is possible to choose the direction the character will face, and whether it will stand still or walk in that direction.
  • The mounts Marsh Toad, Sanguine Frog and Toxic Toad have been added to the Store.
  • From now on, the Scavenge charm also increases the chances of successfully dusting vampires or demons.
  • A new function was added to the Prey System. Players can now activate "Automatic Bonus Reroll". This means that the respective bonus is always rerolled up just before the time runs out and the chosen monster remains. Keep in mind, this only works as long as you have enough Prey Bonus Rerolls in stock.




March 13, 2018

A patch to resolve a technical issue.




March 14, 2018

A patch to release minor technical issues.




March 15, 2018

A patch to fix some client crashes.

  • Fixed an address an issue causing the client to crash under certain circumstances.




March 16, 2018

A patch to fix crash issues on the client.

  • Fixed an issue causing the client to crash upon player login under certain circumstances.




March 20, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes.

  • An issue concerning undelivered confirmation TANs for players with an US phone number was fixed.
  • Further optimisations concerning potential FPS drops while using Action Bars.
  • Ctrl+N properly toggles through different HUD settings again.
  • "Edit Spell" jumps to the correct position of the spell in the "Assign Spell" list now.
  • The selected graphics engine no longer switches back to "auto select" unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue causing the client to open on the wrong screen in multi-screen setups.
  • Cyclopedia: Added missing weight value to several items and removed a few more Unobtainable Items.
  • Some map fixes in the Gnome Deep Hub area.




March 20, 2018

A small patch to address a hotkeys issue.

  • Fixed an an issue that prevented mouse hotkeys from working properly.




March 27, 2018

A small patch to introducing some minor changes to elemental resistances and imbuements.

  • Fixed an issue causing imbuements to interfere with native elemental resistances of items.
  • From now on, it's not possible to imbue items with elemental resistances they already have.
  • The Mercenary Outfits were implemented with this update, however they were only added to the Store on Abril 13, 2018.




April 11, 2018

A small patch to address some crash issues.

Fix an issue causing an issue causing the client to crash under certain circumstances.




April 18, 2018

Monster rebalancing

  • Adjusted the base stats of several monsters living in the Gnome Deep Hub areas which were implemented with the Winter Update 2017.
    • Diremaw, Deepworm, Cave Devourer, Chasm Spawn, Lava Lurker and Tunnel Tyrant have received higher armor and health values as well as stronger attack spells. Due to these changes, their difficulty level, which is displayed in the Bestiary, changed to "hard".
    • Players who had already fully unlocked such entries will automatically receive the additional 25 charm points right away even if they do not yet have 2,500 kills of the respective monster. Those entries will remain fully unlocked.




May 02, 2018

This patch implemented some fixes related to Exercise Weapons and other minor changes.

  • Exercise Weapons can no longer be purchased by characters on Dawnport or Rookgaard.
  • Expert Exercise Dummies can no longer be purchased by free account players.
  • Exercise Rods and Wands shoot the correct elemental effect at the exercise dummy now.
  • Missing protection zone fields were added to the Exercise Dummy training area in Edron and Ankrahmun.
  • Additional Magic Shopkeeper NPCs are now selling Exercise Rods and Wands for 210,000 gold.
  • An issue causing the item String of Mending to appear in Dawnport has been resolved



Baby Rotworm (Store)

May 08, 2018

Small patch that introduced store items to the game.

  • New Skeletal Furniture and other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the store on May 11, 2018.
  • Skeletal Furniture




May 15, 2018

Small patch that introduced store items to the game.

  • Dice are now correctly identified by the Quick Looting blacklist.
  • The "Killed Monsters" statistic in the Hunting Session Analyser now also tracks creatures that potentially give loot but no XP (e.g. Chicken, Deer).
  • The XP/h display in the Hunting Session Analyser should no longer reset randomly.
  • Loot messages of several chests are now displayed correctly again.
  • A visual inconsistency in the calculation of the transfer date of a House transfer on our website has been fixed.




May 17, 2018

Small patch to address some login problems for a couple of players.

  • Addressed an issue that caused login problems for a couple of players.




May 29, 2018

Small patch to add a notice in compliance with European data protection regulations.




May 29, 2018

An unannounced patch.




June 05, 2018

A patch to address a client crash.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to crash occasionally under certain circumstances.




June 07, 2018

A patch that fixed some login issues and added 3 new mounts to the client.




July 4, 2018

This patch fixed some crashed caused by the new auto screenshot feature.

  • Address different crash scenarios due to the new auto screenshot feature not being compatible with the graphics engine "Software".




July 10, 2018

A patch introducing many fixes and content changes.

  • A mistake in the calculation of Charm Points for several Very Rare Creatures was fixed.
  • Occasional graphic flickering in the Game Window has been resolved.
  • Fishing for the Message in a Bottle in Quirefang should now work as intended.
  • The shortcut between Zao and the Falcon Bastion checks for Protection Zone Block (PZ Block) now.
  • Added missing public Exercise Dummy in Carlin.
  • The Lament: Removed PZ Block check from several portals.
  • MoTA Bursting at the Seams: Adjusted drop chance of the energy balls.
  • MoTA Bursting at the Seams: Players with PZ Block can now walk over all six teleporters after they solved the energy ball puzzle.
  • The Path of Defiances: An issue kicking players from the Furious Scorpion boss room before the time ran out was fixed.
  • Crystalline Arrow Earth, Ice, Fire and Energy were removed from the game.
  • Thawing Dragon Lord has its own graphic sprite now.
  • Added a cooldown to the eating animation of the Store item Fennec.
  • Added missing Resting Area to the depot of Kazordoon.
  • Fixed access to the Barkless quest.
  • An issue which occasionally caused the client to crash right after login was fixed.
  • A buggy Fire Field in the Deeper Fibula Quest can now be destroyed by a Destroy Field Rune again.
  • Several map and typo issues were fixed.
  • The confirmation dialog after purchasing a product from the Store will no longer pop up if you are currently having a Logout Block. You will receive a message in your game window instead.
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 is now listed in the system requirements for the Windows Tibia client.
  • The sprites of Tibia Coins have changed and Casks can only be bought with transferable Tibia Coins.
  • The Sinister Archer Outfits were implemented with this update, however they were only added to the Store on July 13, 2018.




July 11, 2018

Patch fixing a crash issue with spell hotkeys.

  • Fixed an issue causing the client to crash after assigning new spells or text to a custom hotkey.




July 16, 2018

An unannounced patch was released.




July 17, 2018

This patch included some small content changes as well as some experience and loot changes to creatures.

  • Messaging an offline character no longer interrupts your online skill training.
  • An issue causing the Cyclopedia Map to show a black screen when opened the first time of a session has been resolved.
  • Toggling between fullscreen mode and window mode no longer shrinks the game window size.
  • The creature Spirit of Light was removed from the Bestiary.
  • Fixed the positioning of the Battle Mage and the Discoverer outfits.
  • An issue causing the reduction of capacity within several monster corpses has been resolved.
  • The item Bone Fiddle can now be traded via the Market.
  • Some subareas of the Cyclopedia Map were renamed.
  • Some minor map and NPC fixes.
  • Some minor fixes for the Market interface.
  • Falcon Order: Grand Master Oberon now accepts the correct answer to ULTAH SALID'AR, ESDO LO!
  • Falcon Order: The reward container in the corpses of the falcon bosses can now be opened even if they did not drop a special item.
  • Falcon Order: Adjusted some spells of the Falcon Knights and Falcon Paladins, increased their loot value.
  • Liquid Death: Adjusted XP and loot of Deathling Scouts and Deathling Spellsingers.
  • The Lament: Increased XP and loot of all True Asuri.




July 24, 2018

This patch included small content changes and fixes.

  • From now on, it is no longer necessary to log out and back in to correctly apply the Loyalty Bonus effect on your skill progress. The bonus is now directly applied to your skill progress while you train.
  • The red flash icon for riskiness - that was displayed next to a character's name when five or more guild or party members of the character were online - was removed.
  • The Linux client received its own launcher.



Chest of Abundance

July 31, 2018

General bugfixes and content changes




August 07, 2018

Bugfixes and content changes related to the Summer Update 2018




August 14, 2018

General bugfixes and content changes




August 28, 2018

General bugfixes and content changes




September 04, 2018

Technical maintenance work




September 11, 2018

Increse in all regular creatures' respawn rate and other changes




September 18, 2018

Fix for a Cyclopedia map bug

  • Fix for a visual issue causing some areas in the Cyclopedia Map to remain hidden under black fog.

Further announced on September 26, 2018, very likely on a separate patch that could not be specified:

  • Added a minimum level requirement of at least 250 to access the mirror in the Asura Palace.
  • Scattered a few true asuri throughout the asuri area behind the mirror.
  • There are now some wider corridors in the energy section of the Secret Library.
  • Increased health points of Ink Blobs to 9,500.
  • Some adjustments concerning the attack behaviour of Burning Books and Rage Squids, which can now deal higher combo attack damage.
  • The item Shard was removed from the loot of the library monsters in the ice area.
  • Removed strong potions from the loot of several library monsters.
  • Monsters of the ice, energy and earth area of the secret library now drop additional items.
  • An issue causing a visual duplication of items in the Depot Box has been resolved.
  • The Mechanical Fishing Rod can no longer be used to train the Fishing skill in non-designated areas.
  • "Unlink Authenticator" via the lost account interface should now work as intended again.




October 02, 2018

General bugfixes

  • Reworked algorithm to pick an area for the improved respawn bonus more randomly.
  • MacOS clients should no longer get stuck while loading game files.
  • The premium only status of the following game worlds was removed: Carnera, Faluna, Jonera, Ombra. Furthermore, the transfer block of the game world Serdebra was lifted.



Outfit Pumpkin Mummy Male Addon 3

October 09, 2018

Removal of some creatures from the bestiary and new Store outfit

Further announced on October 16, 2018, probably on a new patch that could not be specified




October 23, 2018

General bugfixes

  • Creators of Market offers will no longer receive the gold if their character is on Rookgaard or Dawnport at the time the offer is completed or expires.
  • The NPC A Swan is now reacting properly when players greet with "Hello".
  • Logging in on a field that is already occupied by a friendly summon/player or a monster no longer causes a temple teleport.
  • The Store item Bath Tub can now be moved when it is filled with water and not occupied by a player.
  • An edge case scenario in which the random Respawn area bonus was applied to the same area twice in a row was resolved.




October 30, 2018

Experience and loot adjustments of Secret Library creatures.

  • Creatures in the Secret Library had their experience decreased and their loot adjusted.

Further announced on November 6, 2018, probably on a new patch that could not be specified

  • Fixed an issue which reduced the incoming damage under certain circumstances when a player was standing on a magic wall.




November 27, 2018




December 04, 2018

Bugfixes for the character selection window, balance of Warzones 4-6 creatures and other changes.

  • An issue which logged in the wrong character in the characters selection screen when hidden characters are not displayed was resolved.
  • An issue causing the character selection screen to malfunction under certain circumstances was fixed.
  • Takeable Crystal Lamps were removed from the first floor of the carnivora dungeon.
  • Health points, attack and defense values of monsters inhabiting Warzones 4, 5 and 6 were reduced.
  • Heavy Crystal Fragments can be obtained at a faster pace and as loot from the Warzone bosses.
  • Raised the drop chances of the item Suspicious Device.




December 18, 2018

Several bugfixes.




January 09, 2019

Several bugfixes.

Note: The lever to the boss room had been removed on January 5 during an emergency server patch to prevent a possible bug abuse related to Reward Container bosses and the fight participation system.
  • The Frame Rate Limit slider for the Mac client was temporarily disabled.
  • The loot table of the Crazed Winter Vanguard was slightly adjusted.
  • Tibians can no longer be turned into snowmen while standing in a Protection Zone.
  • Removed the protection zone block check from several portals and teleports that got implemented with the Winter Update 2018.



Hirelings Patch

Hireling Trader

January 15, 2019

Hirelings were added to the Store.




January 22, 2019

Adjustments to Hirelings and other changes.

  • Minor adjustments were made to the Hirelings' dialog options.
  • Hirelings react to the keyword trade from now on.
  • Free Accounts can no longer use the services of a hireling.
  • Reduced weight of the Hireling Lamp to 0 oz.
  • The positioning of the Dream Warrior Outfits has been adjusted.
  • Fireworks rockets are no longer tradeable via the Market.
  • An issue causing the client to crash under certain circumstances has been resolved.
  • Players with an active protection zone block are no longer able to enter the "cleansing chamber" during the Barkless quest.
  • Wilting Leaf Golem, Stonerefiner and Yielothax can now be rolled as prey monster.
  • Goblin Leader is now classified as very rare in the Bestiary.
  • An issue, which sometimes disrupted the character's movement after using the Attack Next/Previous Target hotkey has been resolved.
  • An issue which, under rare circumstances, prevented The Last Lore Keeper to spawn correctly, has been resolved.
  • Climbing up ladders while having a creature corpse on the same field is now working again when you are using classic controls & right click for quick looting.
  • Sinister Book, Ominous Book and Knowledgeable Book are now inscribable and were added to the Cyclopedia.
  • Several minor map and NPC fixes.




January 23, 2019

Address some stability issues that occurred with the previous client update.

  • Address some stability issues that occurred with the previous client update.




January 29, 2019

Several bugfixes.




February 05, 2019

Several UI improvements and other changes.

  • There is now a "Back Button" in the Cyclopedia, which, as the name suggests, allows you to go back and restore previously visited tabs of your Cyclopedia.
  • There is an overhauled Tibia Coin History in both the account management page and the client, which now includes more details for each transaction:
    • If you have purchased Tibia Coins via The Market, you can now look up more transaction details such as the paid gold price per Tibia Coin and the total amount of spent gold.
    • If you are selling Tibia Coins via the Market, you can lookup similar details concerning your offer, even while it is still active.
  • Slightly redesigned NPC trade window.
  • Some changes to the current Rapid Respawn Area Bonus system:
    • The so far daily random respawn area bonus will only trigger by a chance of 33% from now on.
    • In order to unlock an increased respawn bonus for a specific area, 10,000,000 gold are now required (it used to be 1,000,000 gold).
    • Dawnport will no longer be part of the respawn bonus system but received a permanent increased respawn instead. Donating gold for Dawnport is therefore no longer possible.
  • As previously announced, all Weapons of Destruction have a level requirement of 200 from now on.
  • Only players who have reached at least level 250 are now able to enter the hunting grounds of Carnivora's Rocks.
  • The loot and XP output of monsters inhabiting the Secret Library was slightly increased.
  • The Owl Keeper Outfits were added to the Store

Furthermore, the Fansites page of the Official website was redesigned and now has a structured interface, which allows players to grasp all information about each fansite and its content at a glance.




February 12, 2019

General bugfixes

  • The price of the Store service Temple Teleport was reduced from 55 Tibia Coins to 15 Tibia Coins.
  • The Frame Rate Limit slider has been reactivated for windows clients.
  • Navigation arrows to scroll through chat tabs are now displayed again.
  • When copying a hotkey preset, the corresponding action bars are now copied as well.
  • The initial sorting of Bestiary entries has been restored.
  • An issue, which occasionally reset the colours of Hirelings outfits, has been resolved.
  • Resting bonus zones were added to the temple of Rathleton again.




February 19, 2019

Overall FPS improvements

  • Improvements were done to improve FPS.
  • New Dwarven Stone Furniture and other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the store on February 26th, 2019.
  • Dwarven Stone Furniture




February 22, 2019

Some client performance improvements

  • Implemented client performance improvements.




February 26, 2019

New Store Products




March 05, 2019

Further FPS improvements

  • Changes to bring further FPS optimisations and stability

Further announced on March 12, 2019, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:




March 19, 2019

General changes

  • The Store item Chest of Abundance is treated as a container and offers 18 free slots.
  • The increased loot of boosted creatures is now explicitly mentioned in the Loot Channel.




March 26, 2019

Bugfix and Bewitched event changes

Further announced on March 27, 2019, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:




April 02, 2019

General bugfixes

  • The client's screenshot feature is now working as intended again.
  • The character name is being displayed in the client's title bar again.
  • Plant Attendant and Plant Abomination are now able to sense invisible creatures.
  • Some broken keywords in the Hireling's dialogue have been fixed.



Outfit Guidon Bearer Male Addon 3

April 09, 2019

Changes to corpses, new outfit and new mounts

  • It's no longer possible to place items in creature corpses.
  • The Guidon Bearer Outfits was implemented, but not available in the store until later.
  • Three new mounts were implemented but were not available in the store until May 10, 2019.




April 24, 2019

Performance improvements, changes to corpses

  • It's no longer possible to move corpses that contain items into the inventory.
  • Some performance improvements were implemented



Outfit Lion of War Male Addon 3

May 21, 2019

This update introduced the first Tournament, and added items to the Store that can be bought with Tournament Coins Tournament Coins.

  • Tournaments were introduced.
  • A new currency for the Store was added: Tournament Coins Tournament Coins. These are awarded in tournaments.
  • New outfits and mounts that can be purchased with Tournament Coins were added to the game and the Store.
  • The Cyclopedia character section was expanded to include the following information:
    • Summary of all items you have in your character's Inventory, Depot Boxes, Stash, Inbox and Store Inbox.
    • Summary of your character's mounts and outfits.
    • Summary all Store products your character currently has.




May 28, 2019

Implementation of Two-Factor Email Code Authentication.

  • An alternative to the Two-Factor Authenticator App is implemented: the Two-Factor Email Code Authentication.




June 4, 2019

Login issues fix.

  • Fix to the login issues related to IPv6.



Outfit Golden Male Addon 3

June 12, 2019

Implemented Golden Outfits, changes to rusty items and other improvements.




June 18, 2019

Unannounced changes.




June 26, 2019

General bugfixes.



Outfit Breezy Garb Male

July 2, 2019

Login system changes.

  • The login system was changed. Now the registered email address is used instead of the account name.
  • With this update, the first main characters were automatically set in a preparation to the Friend Lists which was implemented on the upcoming Summer Update.
  • The product Main Character Change was added to the Store with this update, too.
  • Moreover, Breezy Garb Outfits were also implemented.




July 4, 2019

Client changes.

  • The option remember email was added to the client to make the game login more convenient.




July 5, 2019

Unannounced changes.




July 16, 2019

Unannounced changes.




July 31, 2019

Minor bug fixes from the Summer Update, an issue with The Lightbearer reward.

  • Address a few minor bug fixes from the summer update test which didn't make it into the release version of the client.
  • An issue which applied The Lightbearer reward of 10% increased shared experience in party mode to several game worlds was fixed.



Battle Badger

August 06, 2019

Several bug fixes related to the Summer Update, Boosted Creatures and other problems. New Store mounts.

  • The total gold sum in The Market now shows the correct amount.
  • Searching the Cyclopedia and Market now works when accessing them through the depot search.
  • The depot could not be opened when the stash was still open at the Hireling Steward. This has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to receive a fake white skull in the PvP arena.
  • On Retro Hardcore PvP, attacks on party members via right-click now work with classic controls.
  • All guild members can now make use of the show/hide messages function in the guild chat.
  • The Bear Skin item now has earth protection +11 instead of ice protection +11.
  • The curse of the Cobra Bastion no longer attracts aggressive rats but harmless ones.
  • In order to complete the quest Fafnar's Wrath, players now only need 10 Sphinx Feathers instead of 20.
  • The teleport after killing Gaffir in the Cobra Bastion now works when killing him subsequent times.
  • Cobra Viziers are now less talkative while their combo attack now deals more damage.
  • Access to Urmahlullu the Immaculate can no longer be blocked.
  • Missing PZ fields were fixed, e.g. in Issavi temple.
  • Some minor NPC fixes were implemented.

Moreover, the following bugs prior to the update were also fixed:




August 13, 2019

General bugfixes.

  • In the friend system, looking at a friend's stats no longer visually overwrites your own character skills.
  • Bear Skin can no longer be imbued with earth protection, but can now be imbued with ice protection.
  • Black Cobras can no longer be summoned.
  • Missing PZ fields have been fixed.
  • The description of the Sweet Mangonaise Elixir has been changed to reflect its usage, since it only works with volatile magic rings.
  • Killing Scarlett Etzel will no longer yield an empty reward bag.
  • In the friend list you can now click on a character's image, their name or a new button in order to get to the character's profile.
  • Some map bugs have been fixed.




August 14, 2019

Unannounced changes.




August 21, 2019

Several bug fixes related to the Summer Update.

  • The Golden Outfits is now being displayed in the outfit dialogue, even if you have not purchased it yet. In order to equip it, you have to buy it, however.
  • The Golden Outfits received a noticeable shine, illuminating the area around it.
  • The Party List is now being refreshed more consistently.
  • Reed Balls can now be baked at your own Oven.
  • The server log now displays the correct loot when killing Xogixath.
  • Killing Urmahlullu the Weakened will no longer yield an empty reward bag.
  • Looted Blister Rings no longer show the ring to be active.
  • The helmet Galea Mortis can now be imbued with Powerful Epiphany.
  • Unlocking the full Hand of the Inquisition Outfits now gives you an achievement.
  • Badges displayed by other players are now shown as a grid on the website with adjusted tooltips.
  • Missing PZ fields were fixed.
  • Some NPC fixes have been implemented.
  • A couple of map fixes were released.




August 27, 2019

General bug fixes.

  • No more rearranged backpacks after losing connection.
  • The correct amount of secret Achievements completed and its total are now being displayed in the Cyclopedia.
  • Gaffir can no longer be killed through the wall.
  • Bragrumol's spawn location has become less predictable.
  • The description of the Sweet Mangonaise Elixir has been slightly altered.
  • The Party List is now being refreshed even more consistently.
  • Some fixes concerning The Market were implemented.


12.20.8910 (2)


September 03, 2019

General bug fixes.

  • The amount of characters that can now enter the boss fight with Scarlett Etzel is limited to five.
  • Ugly Monsters stick around for a longer period of time before despawning.
  • New Pirate decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the store on September 13th, 2019.




September 17, 2019

Fixed some bugs and implemented changes to the Map Refresh feature.

  • Fixed some bugs and implemented changes to the Map Refresh feature.
  • The Amulet of Theurgy appears no longer activated when looted.
  • Only actually entering the Scarlett Etzel boss fight will result in a subsequent cooldown.
  • Defeating Scarlett Etzel now reliably triggers a screenshot.
  • The kill statistics on the website about Scarlett Etzel now work correctly.
  • After a house transfer, the monthly rent no longer has to be paid twice.
  • Multiple minor bugfixes.
  • Lastly, the fankit was updated with new illustrations and wallpapers. Which can be found here.

Further announced on September 24, 2019, on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Implemented some minor fixes
  • The party list has been improved and refreshes more consistently.




October 01, 2019

Changes to the Map Refresh feature and Issavi northwest bridge.




October 14, 2019

Fixed some bugs on the Orcsoberfest event and changed the maximum Market fee.

  • A certain waterfall on Orcsoberfest Island no longer devours creatures and items.
  • The cooldown of all Orcsoberfest minigames except fishing has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • King Chuck now can only be fought every 20 hours.
  • It is no longer possible to feed King Chuck the same ingredient five times in a row.
  • The maximum Market fee was changed from 1,000 to 100,000 gold.

Further announced on October 14, 2019, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Few small bug fixes and changes for the Orcsoberfest




October 22, 2019

More changes related to the Orcsoberfest event and Issavi's port bridge.

  • The item Beer Tap is no longer tradeable in The Market. However, it can now be sold to Yasir, as well as items dropped by Cows.
  • The item Meat Hammer can no longer be equipped.
  • The Issavi port bridge has been adjusted again.




October 23, 2019

Unannounced update.




October 29, 2019

More changes related to the Orcsoberfest event

  • The racks you can get during the Orcsoberfest event can now be used as containers.
  • In the depot search, the context menu entry "Show in Market" is now available for the Blister Ring.




November 05, 2019

Some general bug fixes and changes to the Low Blow charm.

  • The Protection Zone fields on the steamboat in Kazordoon have been removed. Instead, NPC Junkar now checks if characters have a Protection Zone Block and will not teleport them with a block.
  • Blister Rings no longer count as supplies in the Hunt Analyser when they expire.
  • From now on, the Low Blow charm's damage will be calculated in the following manner: 8% are added to your critical hit weapon chance against the creature you've used your charm on. If a Critical Hit is dealt due to these additional 8%, every charm creature affected by the attack will receive critical damage. The charm's description has been changed accordingly.




November 26, 2019

Bug fixes related to Beds and changes to Urmahlullu.

  • House owners can now also use a bed's footboard to kick a sleeping character out. Moreover, beds can no longer be unwrapped in front of a depot locker.
  • Beds that are stacked on top of each other can no longer be used to sleep and offline train. The same applies to beds placed on door fields. Occupied bed pieces on door fields have been cleared of their human remains.
  • Beds can no longer be unwrapped on top of other impassable objects. Beds placed on such fields have been cleared and wrapped.
  • An issue that prevented a guildhall transfer from working properly in a specific, rare scenario, was fixed.
  • The rent of the house Stonehome Village 3, which was raised to 80k by mistake, has been lowered to 50k again.
  • Urmahlullu has been adjusted to make the fight a bit more challenging. It cannot be cornered that easily anymore so be on your guard. Also, the participation during the whole fight is now taken into account for the distribution of XP and loot.




December 10, 2019

Bugfixes and adjustments related to the Winter Update 2019 and other changes.

  • An empty guest list no longer leads to the sub-owner list being cleared.
  • It is now possible to select the current date for a house transfer in the client (which was already possible on the website).
  • There is no longer a chance of being teleported to Svargrond when fighting Vok the Freakish.
  • A bug which has prevented some players from progressing in the first mission of the The New Frontier Quest has been fixed.
  • The helmet Galea Mortis can once again be imbued with Powerful Epiphany.
  • The Testserver Assistant no longer appears as a vendor in the items section of the Cyclopedia.
  • Some improvements have been made to the new houses.
  • Some graphical glitches have been fixed.


12.30.9305 (2)


December 11, 2019

One specific graphical glitch fix.

  • Fix a graphical glitch with Green and Red Beds that resulted from the previous patch



Cold Percht Sleigh Variant

December 12, 2019

The stuck-carpets bug was fixed, only healing is not enough to gain participation in a boss fight, new mounts released in preparation for the Winterlight Solstice.

  • Carpets can now be removed from anywhere by right-clicking on one and selecting "Browse Field". Rift Carpets and Void Carpets which exist "in the wild" due to previously being stuck can now be taken as well. Moreover, rift and void carpets can no longer be placed outside of a home.
  • Carpets can now be put under everything on which you can put an item on top by placing your carpet on top of the object and using it, which will make it appear underneath the item. This means you can now also place them under ladders and in front of/under doors, without affecting opening or closing the door – however, the door has to be opened to place the carpet. You can also put carpets under garden flowers now, giving you artistic licence.
  • The insatiable void that is the dustbin is no longer a danger to any carpets. You can safely place them atop the dustbin, use them, and they will appear underneath.
  • Please note that there are a couple of items like barrels in certain residences on which you cannot put any items and thus, cannot place any carpets beneath.
  • You can lay up to three carpets on top of each other.

Furthermore, a small change in regards to participation has also been introduced:

  • From now on you have to do damage in a bossfight in order to receive participation, so e.g. healing your teammates is no longer enough. Please note that you have to actually do damage to the boss, with one point being already enough, however. If the boss's resistances fully negate the damage, your attack will not count towards participation. As long as damage to the boss is dealt by the player, healing done will still be considered for the total fight participation of the player.



Winter Update 2019 Adjustments

Ice Chandelier

December 17, 2019

Second batch of adjustments following the 2019 Winter Update and other unrelated bugs.

  • The session time in the party hunt analyser now updates more consistently.
  • The Bestiary tracker has been adjusted which may result in improved performance.
  • A bug which has prevented some players from progressing in the third mission of the The New Frontier Quest has been fixed.
  • The graphics of non-player red and green beds have been fixed.
  • The Drain the Brain mission can no longer be reset when talking to Para Norbert.
  • Rift and void carpets placed inside a home in front of the door can no longer be taken by strangers.
  • Players staying in one of the boss rooms of the Warzones 4-6 after a fight will now be transported to Gnomus instead of back into the warzone.
  • The price for prey creatures rerolls has been reduced to 150 gp per level.
  • New Ice Furniture and other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after December 20, 2019.
  • Ice Furniture



Dawn Strayer

January 14, 2020

General bugfixes and introduction of a new Store mount.



Filth Toad

January 21, 2020

General bugfixes and content changes.

  • The monster Filth Toad has been shifted from the "Aquatic" to the "Amphibic" category.
  • If a player buys Premium Time in a Resting Area, Soul Point regeneration will now begin instantly.
  • No spells offered by Garamond and Ser Tybald in Dawnport can be taken to the main continent any longer.
  • When cancelling the connection process after selecting a character and trying to enter the game, you will no longer be returned to the login screen but to the character selection screen.
  • Items will now be sorted case insensitive.
  • The party list refreshes more consistently once a team member dies.
  • The description of the dove mode has been updated to better reflect its (unchanged) mechanics.
  • The chance of a Wiggler dropping Green Piece of Cloth was highly increased. Previously, it hadn't been looted in dozens of thousands of kills by different fansites. After this update, it became a rare loot.
  • Moreover, several map issues, typos and graphical glitches have been fixed.




January 29, 2020

Unannounced patch.




February 04, 2020

General bugfixes and changes.

  • Smooth Retro now works again with enabled light effects.
  • Some light sources which no longer emitted any light now brighten their surroundings again.
  • After a world transfer, players who had their home town set to Roshamuul will have it changed to Thais, if Roshamuul is not yet accessible.
  • Hirelings now sell lamps.
  • The original drop rate of the spectre items Golden Idol of Tukh, Blue Ectoplasm, Green Ectoplasm and Red Ectoplasm has been restored.




February 07, 2020

Fix for graphical issue in the macOS client.

  • Fixed an issue with the macOS client which now allows players to experience the game in fullscreen mode again.




February 11, 2020

Fix for client issue with Daily Rewards.

  • Fixed an issue of the game freezing when collecting a daily reward.
  • New Heart furniture aswell as other decorative items were added to the game, but only became available in the store on February 14, 2020.
  • Heart Lamp


12.31.9502 (2)


February 17, 2020

Unannounced changes.




February 18, 2020

Fixed graphical problems with the map.

  • Fixed a graphical glitch where parts of the map might have appeared twice.
  • The slime slide in Oramond Marshes leading to Guide Kunibert now checks for a protection zone block and prohibits access, if such a block exists.
  • The protection zone on the plateau next to the slime slide has been removed.




February 25, 2020

Fixed a graphical problem with the Linux client.

  • Fixed a problem with the Linux client with the game window potentially having been blacked out when light effects were enabled.
  • TibiaRia's fansite item, Bard Doll was implemented.




March 03, 2020

Unannounced changes.




March 06, 2020

A new batch of Balancing Changes.




March 10, 2020

General bugfixes and changes.

  • When buying from an NPC, the bought item will no longer become deselected after a purchase.
  • A bug concerning using "Join Aggression" in the PvP arena has been fixed.
  • The price of items bought with other currency (e.g. Gold Tokens) is now given in that currency instead of gold coins in the Cyclopedia.
  • Black Bert now sells Uncle's letter needed for the Secret Service Quest and a cask of brown ale needed for The Hidden City of Beregar Quest.
  • The items Final Judgement and Shadow Cowl are now categorized as "other" instead of "armors".
  • A number of smaller problems like map and NPC bugs, typos and minor graphical issues have been fixed.




March 24, 2020

Fixes to restrict Grave Danger bosses to Premium players.



Stamina Changes


March 31, 2020

Changes to Stamina.

  • The duration of the Stamina bonus hours was increased from 2 to 3 hours.
  • The regeneration rate of green stamina (between 39 hours and 42 hours) was lowered to 6 seconds per 1 second of stamina instead of previously 10 seconds per 1 second of stamina.
  • These changes were going to last until server save on April 30 when stamina regeneration and XP boost hours would revert to their previous values, however, they were made permanent on June 25.




April 07, 2020

Bugfix for Stamina Changes

  • The increased green stamina regeneration implemented the week before now works as intended in Resting Areas as well.




April 15, 2020

Unannounced implementation of a quest continuation.

Unspecified changes.

Further announced for the same patch on April 22, 2020:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented some players from entering the Tournament after buying a Late Registration Ticket.


12.31.9667 (2)


April 17, 2020

Fix on The Supreme Cube.

  • Bugfix that prevents players from using The Supreme Cube to escape out of battle.




May 12, 2020

General bugfixes and changes.




May 19, 2020

Graphical issues bugfix.

  • Implements a bug fix solving a number of recent graphical issues




May 26, 2020

Unannounced Patch




June 03, 2020

Jouster Outfits added to the client.




June 17, 2020

Unannounced changes.




June 23, 2020

Unannounced Patch




July 07, 2020

Store mounts added to the client.

  • The Hyaena Store mounts were added to the client. They were released a few days later on July 10.


12.40.9997 (2)


July 17, 2020

Unannounced urgent technical hotfix.


12.40.9997 (3)


July 19, 2020

Emergency bugfix.

  • An urgent quick fix to address the exploitative farming of the boss Fugue was implemented. This fix adjusted the loot appropriately.




July 21, 2020

General bugfixes and content changes.

  • In the options menu, a new setting has been added in the interface submenu: If you tick the checkbox "Show Big Mouse Cursor", the size of your cursor will be doubled, which might be especially useful for high resolution screens.
  • The highscores now update more consistently.
  • White Lions have been added to the creature library.
  • Upper Roshamuul is no longer accessible on game worlds which have not fulfilled the conditions yet.
  • The item Enchanted Theurgic Amulet can now be traded in The Market.
  • The items Phantasmal Hair, Pair of Old Bracers and Luminescent Crystal Pickaxe are now tradable in the Market and can be sold to Yasir.
  • The cooldown of the spell Conjure Diamond Arrow now also triggers after casting it when the arrows were destroyed upon creation.
  • The item Dead Frog can now be added to loot lists.
  • Killing neutral Deepling Warriors no longer counts toward the Depth Dwellers achievement.
  • An issue which prevented some players from completing the The Misguided part of the Cults of Tibia Quest has been resolved.
  • It is no longer possible to block the boss room in mission 11 of the Wrath of the Emperor Quest.
  • A bug which, in combination with the PvP arena, led to an unwarranted Red Skull has been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to use Training Dummies across houses.
  • Several map issues, typos and graphical glitches have been fixed.




July 28, 2020

General Bugfixes and Content Changes




August 03, 2020

General Bugfixes and Content Changes

  • A bug has been fixed which led to problems when resizing containers in the sidebars.
  • An issue has been resolved which caused problems for some players when opening the options menu.
  • Custodian can no longer be killed through the fire barrier.




August 11, 2020

General Bugfixes and Content Changes

  • Fixed a bug which caused problems with the size of widgets after logout.
  • The Rotten Wasteland was remodelled slightly by replacing the door to the boss with archways.
  • Some more werehyaenas have been removed from the Kha'zeel Mountains.
  • Kitchen Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after August 14, 2020.
  • Kitchen Furniture




August 13, 2020

Unannounced changes.




August 18, 2020

Unannounced changes.



Character Auction Settings 2

August 25, 2020

Release of Character Auctions.




September 01, 2020

Bugfixes, Content Changes and Balancing Changes

  • The Pint of Glooth can no longer be used on other players.
  • It is no longer possible to leave a PvE arena fight by using the Boots of Homecoming.
  • The loot in the Rotten Wasteland has been lowered by 10%.
  • The XP of the Rotten Wasteland creatures has been lowered by 20-25%.
  • The XP of the Secret Library energy section creatures has been lowered by 10%.
  • Three fansite items were implemented with this update.




September 08, 2020

Character Auction adjustments and bugfixes

  • The auction history now shows the most recently finished auctions first.
  • The description of items can now be seen in the Char Bazaar and the character auction settings ingame when hovering over an item.
  • The daily reward streak no longer resets once an auction is cancelled or finishes with no bids.
  • The minimum starting bid has been lowered from 58 TC to 57 TC.
  • Current auctions can now be sorted by skill.
  • Outfits in the Char Bazaar now have a faster walking speed and mounts are animated.
  • Some graphical issues have been fixed.
  • The Moth Cape Outfits were added to the client (but only released on September 11).




September 14, 2020

Adjustment of the Tibia Extended Service Agreement

  • The Tibia Extended Service Agreement was updated with the changes announced along with Character Auctions.




September 15, 2020

Hunting Task Changes

Several changes were made to Prey Hunting Tasks:

  • Characters now have a free list reroll per slot at your disposal which is renewed every 20 hours after using the last one.
  • Using a Prey Wildcard to get higher rewards now has a 50% chance to increase the reward by two stars. Previously the reward always increased by one star.
  • The prices for all rewards you can buy from Walter Jaeger have been decreased (old price in brackets):
  • Players who had already spent Hunting Task Points can get 35% of these points back when they talk to Walter Jaeger about rewards. The amount of spent points will be reduced accordingly.
  • The corresponding titles have been adjusted as well so that fewer task points need to be spent to attain them (old requirement in brackets):
    • Aspiring Huntsman/Huntswoman: 160,000 (250,000)
    • Competent Beastslayer: 320,000 (500,000)
    • Feared Bountyhunter: 430,000 (655,000)
  • Last but not least, from now on the daily reward on day 3 will be 3 Prey Wildcards instead of 2. The limit of cards a character can hold has also been increased from 52 to 53.




September 22, 2020

Unannounced changes.




September 29, 2020

General bugfixes

  • Once a party leader leaves a group, leadership is passed onto the first invited member.
  • The sprite of the Steel Spider Silk was changed.


12.51.10215 (2)


October 06, 2020

Unannounced changes.

  • Smithy Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after October 09, 2020.
  • Smithy Furniture Bundle




October 13, 2020

General bugfixes and forum changes

  • Fixed a bug which caused some NPC trade menus to open with an empty sell section.
  • Additionally, when a player has posted in the Auditorium, they now can only post with that same character in the next 24 hours. If they want to post with another character, they have to wait 24 hours from their last post on before they can do so.




October 20, 2020

General bugfixes

  • Alexander's trade menu can be opened again directly with the keyword "trade".
  • Also, when buying from an NPC, the bought item will no longer become deselected after a purchase.




October 27, 2020

General bugfixes

  • Text copied from the Console will now begin with the oldest message again and end with the newest one.
  • The Ancient Lion Knight was moved out of his tower to the beach.
  • A tooltip on the "Regular World Transfer" entry in the Char Bazaar listings now informs you about the restrictions of world transfers.




November 03, 2020

General bugfixes.

  • Fixex a bug which prevented part of the text in the console from being selected when using "Select all" or Ctrl+A.




November 18, 2020

Changes on backend infrastructure.

  • Changes on backend infrastructure.




November 24, 2020

General changes regarding the recent Vocation Adjustments Update.




December 01, 2020

General bugfixes and changes regarding the recent Vocation Adjustments Update and nerf on exp and loot of some creatures from the Summer Update 2020.

  • Two issues with Chivalrous Challenge were fixed: First, it no longer challenges melee fighters; instead, it now only challenges distance fighters and turns them temporarily into melee fighters, as originally intended. Second, casting Chivalrous Challenge without target no longer targets invisible creatures.
  • To help lower level sorcerers and druids, their Magic Shield capacity has been increased. This increase in capacity is less noticeable the higher the character level is. Furthermore, the Magic Shield's capacity can no longer exceed a character's mana pool. The duration of the shield has been extended to 180 seconds.
  • Expose Weakness and Sap Strength are now listed in the support spell category of Sorcerer Guild Leader NPCs.
  • A bug which prevented some players from logging in after buying a character on the Char Bazaar has been fixed.
  • Tibia now runs on macOS Big Sur, while the new minimum requirement is macOS Catalina (10.15). If you tried to play Tibia on Big Sur before, please download the client from the website again and reinstall the game.
  • Moreover, the loot and XP of the Furious Crater and Claustrophobic Inferno creatures have been nerfed. Brachiodemon, Infernal Demon, Infernal Phantom, Cloak of Terror, Courage Leech and Vibrant Phantom now give 15% less loot. They also yeld 20% less XP.

Further announced on December 1, 2020, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • A fix for looting no longer blocking other actions (like drinking potions) from being executed.
  • Addressed an issue which may cause a client crash when trying to customise a Hireling.

Further announced on December 1, 2020:

  • Reverted the technical change related to the loot delay. It resulted in overlapping cooldowns between looting and other actions.




December 7, 2020

Bugfixes and changes related to the Vocation Adjustments.

  • The cooldown of Chivalrous Challenge was lowered from 6 seconds to 2 seconds. The level requirement was lowered from 250 to 150.
  • The healing impact of Restoration was increased, while its mana cost was raised from 230 to 260.
  • The cooldown of Chivalrous Challenge and Divine Dazzle is no longer triggered when the target has not been hit due to an obstacle and no mana will be spent in such a case. Sap Strength and Expose Weakness are now always cast. If no target has been selected or the target is behind an obstacle, they will be cast where the caster stands.
  • The macOS minimum system requirement is now 10.12 again, while the client can still be run on Big Sur.
  • Players training with Exercise Weapons no longer appear among offline players in the VIP list but among online players.
  • The "Conjure" spell filter category and the corresponding cooldown icon have been removed.
  • The Jungle Quiver can no longer be filled with all kinds of items. Other items than bolts and arrows that may have been in somebody's quiver will be sent to their inbox.
  • New decoration items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after December 11, 2020.

Further announced on December 7, 2020, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:




December 15, 2020

Bugfixes and changes

  • The handling of Quivers has been improved: You can now put a new stack of ammunition into your quiver via hotkey or action button equip if there is enough space. Moreover, a number on top of your equipped quiver now tells you how much ammunition is still inside.
  • The minimum damage of single target, non-critical physical range and melee attacks has been increased to avoid very low hits. While their maximum damage has not been changed so that occasional high damage spikes are still possible, its probabilities was lowered to ensure that the average damage output remains the same.
  • The colour of Divine Dazzle's effect has been changed to distinguish it from Chivalrous Challenge. Additionally, Expose Weakness has received a different visual effect to set it apart from Sap Strength.
  • When using the Arc HUD for a druid or sorcerer, the Magic Shield arc will now only be displayed if your magic shield is active.
  • A fix to address the reported problem of occasionally getting stuck for a short time while quick looting was implemented.
  • Familiars that have been temporarily transformed into a creature now change back to the skin you selected for your familiar.
  • Few minor NPC and map issues were fixed.

Further announced on December 17, 2020, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed to cast Chivalrous Challenge and Divine Dazzle despite not having enough mana.

Further announced on December 18, 2020, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed to spam Chivalrous Challenge and Divine Dazzle without having a target.




January 12, 2021

Bugfixes and changes

  • Tentugly's Tentacles no longer throw players out of the boss fight upon spawning. For some reason, this fix didn't work or had to be reverted.
  • Eremo is now the only one who sells the promotion spell Divine Dazzle.
  • The message "You are not the owner" now also appears while using the new Quick Looting extension from the Winter Update when trying to loot a corpse that does not belong to you.
  • A few map issues have been fixed as well.
  • Grandiose Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after January 15, 2021.
  • Grandiose Furniture




January 18, 2021

Unannounced changes




January 26, 2021

Unannounced changes




February 2, 2021

Unannounced changes




February 9, 2021

Several bugfixes and content changes.

  • Fixed an issue in Ebb and Flow where feared players got stuck in place longer than the fear effect lasted has been fixed.
  • Creatures which give no XP can no longer be selected as prey.
  • Ceiron's "wolf tooth chain" has been added to Black Bert's inventory.
  • If you only have 14 hours or less of Stamina left, you can no longer gain coop loot.
  • Buying "blessing of the inquisition" is now recorded in the blessings history.
  • The item "Sphinx Tiara" can no longer be equipped.
  • Special characters can now be used in action bar texts without causing graphical glitches.
  • Captain Charles' shortcut no longer works if a player has a protection zone block.
  • Wormlings can now move items.
  • The creature "Terrified Elephant" has been added to the bestiary and can now be selected as prey.
  • The home "Fortune Wing 4" in Yalahar has been expanded by the northward balcony.
  • The imbuement "Basic Demon Presence" no longer needs Premium status to be used.
  • The party hunt analyser no longer closes other opened widgets when logging in with another character.
  • If the battle takes too long, all players who participate in the fight will be transported out of Mutated Zalamon's boss room, and no longer only the player who pulled the boss room lever.
  • Scarlett Etzel's messages are now only visible to the player who receives them, to avoid a cluttered screen.
  • The item Concentrated Demonic Blood has been renamed to Flask of Demonic Blood.
  • Moreover, several map issues, typos, graphical glitches, and other minor bugfixes have been implemented.




February 16, 2021

Unannounced changes

  • A fix has been implemented so that creatures once again may teleport to a player if said player has the respective Goshnar's Taint.




February 23, 2021

Unannounced changes




March 2, 2021

General bug fixes

  • The faulty collision detection related to the first of Goshnar's Taints has been corrected.
  • The world changes in the War Against the Hive Quest now work correctly again.
  • It is now once more possible to fight Zalamon repeatedly.
  • Invisible players are now being displayed correctly again in the battle list and party list. For some reason, this fix didn't work or had to be reverted.




March 2, 2021

Emergency patch to fix issue causing client crashes.

  • The issue causing client crashes has been fixed.




March 9, 2021

Balancing changes, general bug fixes and technical maintenance work.

  • The issue causing client crashes has been fixed.
  • An issue with the Podium of Renown was fixed, so that female characters can now also freely choose between male and female outfits to display.
  • Protection Zone was removed from The Cave and the previously removed creature spawns were restored.

Balancing Changes:




March 16, 2021

Unannounced changes.

  • Invisible players are now being displayed correctly again in the battle list and party list.




March 23, 2021

It is now possible to report rule violating ingame texts on Writable Items.




March 30, 2021

A few improvements have been made to the Char Bazaar.

  • The filter options which were previously only available in the Current Auctions section can now also be used in the Auction History and My Watched Auctions.
  • Moreover, the number of Prey Wildcards a character owns are now being displayed in a Character Auction.
  • Last but not least, if a bid is made which is immediately trumped by another bid, it will still appear under My Bids from now on.


12.65.10733 (2)


April 07, 2021

Fixed an issue concerning magic shield and bonus damage from bosses

  • Due to a bug, bonus damage of bosses and minions was not always dealt to players with an active Magic Shield. After the fix, the bonus damage now also affects magic shield users in any case.
  • Volcanic Furniture was added to the game, but only available in the Store after April 09, 2021.
  • Volcanic Furniture




April 20, 2021

Bugfixes and changes.

  • If nothing is looted from a stack of corpses by using the option to 'Quick Loot All Corpses', the loot message now reads 'You looted nothing from X corpses' instead of previously 'You looted X corpses'.
  • Several fixes for NPC issues, typos, graphical glitches, and other minor issues have been implemented.
  • A couple of old graphics have been polished, including:
  • Some old creature outfits have received more animation frames.


12.66.10771 (2)


April 27, 2021

Bugfixes and changes.

  • A fix has been implemented for the first of Goshnar's Taints, which solves an issue with the creature teleport.
  • A few graphical issues have been fixed.




May 04, 2021

Bugfixes and changes.

A few graphical issues have been fixed.


12.66.10792 (2)


May 11, 2021

An issue with the ingame font affecting the macOS version of the client has been fixed.




May 18, 2021

Unannounced changes.




May 26, 2021

Unannounced changes.




June 1, 2021

Change on Soul War creatures and the implementation of Goshnar's Tribute.

Changes have been implemented in the Soul War hunting grounds in order to address XP and loot being too high as well as taints not being too impactful. The changes work as follows:

XP and loot of all normal monsters in the Soul War hunting grounds will be lowered by ~12%.

Those who are willing to take on a challenge will be able to increase their gains from normal monsters there through Goshnar's tribute:

Each taint grants an experience boost of 4.5%. Additional taints raise the experience points these 4.5% will yield due to compound interest. Moreover, each taint will also give you a 4.5% chance for a second loot roll. For a party, the member with the lowest number of taints within shared experience range will be the reference for Goshnar's tribute and determines the boost for the whole party:

  • Example 1) A has 1, B has 2, C has 1, D has 1 = Goshnar's tribute for the party is 1 which yields 4.5% XP bonus and a 4.5% chance for an additional loot roll
  • Example 2) A has 1, B has 2, C has 1, D has 1, E has 0 = Goshnar's tribute for the party is 0 which means no XP and loot bonus through taints

The higher the number of taints, the higher the risk, and the higher the bonus you can get.




June 9, 2021

New Store mounts.

The three new mounts implementend on this patch were added to the Store on June 11, 2021.




June 22, 2021

Fix to Transmutator achievement, addition of Tournament Honour prizes.

This update adjusted the Transmutator achievement to no longer require a Cockroach Leg as well as an another unknown item, making the achievement finally obtainable. Characters that have used the other items prior to this update have earned the achievement as they logged in.




June 29, 2021

Unannounced changes.


12.67.10934 (2)


July 6, 2021

Experience and loot balance adjustments for Ebb and Flow and Claustrophobic Inferno.

The following balancing adjustments for two Soul War hunting grounds have been implemented:




July 20, 2021

Fix to "Customise Character bug, Carnisylvan Sapling removed from bestiary, new items to be sold to Augustin, and a fix to Citizen of Issavi Outfits.




July 23, 2021

Fix some NPC issues.


12.70.10974 (2)


July 27, 2021

Leaderboards for Tibiadrome, changes to Too Hot to Handle Quest, and other fixes.




August 3, 2021

NPCs, quests and achievement fixes.

List of sprite changes:

Name Previous Sprite Current Sprite
Rot Elemental 20210803115157%21Rot_Elemental.gif Rot Elemental




August 10, 2021

Fixes to the action bar and map, and update to the fansite programme.

  • An issue with the action bar settings has been fixed.
  • Minor map fixes, including missing PZ fields
  • A new paragraph was added to the Fansite Agreement, explaining that all means of monetising on a fansite must be made clear to visitors.
  • Nature Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after August 13, 2021.
  • Nature Bundle




August 17, 2021




August 24, 2021




August 31, 2021

  • An issue on the website concerning the display of rented houses has been fixed.[1]
  • Fixed a map bug.




September 7, 2021

  • A bug has been fixed which prevented some players from progressing in the mission The Order of the Falcon of the quest The Secret Library, and by extension also in the quest The Order of the Lion. Players who are stuck have to kill Oberon again to progress.




September 28, 2021

Unannounced changes.




October 5, 2021

  • The Premium-only status of Ardera, Cadebra and Versa have been removed.
  • The chain spell damage of Mould Phantoms in Rotten Wasteland have been increased. This includes both the damage dealt to the first target and to targets later in the chain.




October 12, 2021

Changes to the Store and new Fansite Items and Tournament Rewards.

  • A few changes have been made to the Store to avoid mispurchasing
    • Items which can only be used in houses can now only be bought if you have a house.
    • When trying to purchase an exercise weapon for another than the main skill(s) of your vocation, you will be prompted to confirm the purchase.
  • The Fansite Items of TibiaHome and TibiaMaps were implemented.
  • The unique rewards of Tournament Radiance were also implemented with this update.

Further announced on October 13, 2021, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed an issue with retrieving items from Your Inbox.




October 19, 2021

Unannounced changes.




October 26, 2021

BOOYAH! addded to the streaming panel on the website.

  • A link to the Tibia section of the streaming platform BOOYAH! was added to the streaming panel on the website. It will only be displayed for players based in Brazil due to BOOYAH!'s region filter.

Further announced on October 28, 2021, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed an issue with quest chests.

Further announced on October 28, 2021, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fix a Capacity issue caused by the previous patch.




November 09, 2021

Black Bert selling Whoopee Cushion, new Flask of Demonic Blood weight and bug fixes.




November 09, 2021

Fixed an issue with the game client.

  • Fixed an issue with the game client.




November 23, 2021

Unannounced changes.

  • Kraken Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after November 26, 2021.
  • Kraken Furniture




November 30, 2021

Bug fixes from Winter Update 2021

  • Fiendish monsters can no longer spawn on the Island of Destiny.
  • A bug leading to incorrect average market prices in the Cyclopedia and lowest prices in the Market, as well as incorrect values in some analyser tools has been fixed.
  • The tiers of items are now shown when using safe trade.
  • The search locker function now works correctly when filtering for classification and tier.




December 1, 2021

Adjusts to fiendish monsters and yalahari equipments classes

  • Fiendish monsters will now turn into regular monsters after one hour; the spell Find Fiend will state how many minutes the creature will still remain fiendish if it were to turn into a regular creature in the next 15 minutes.
  • Monsters which are not part of the bestiary can no longer become fiendish.
  • The Yalahari Mask and Yalahari Armor now have the classification 2 instead of 1.




December 2, 2021

Fixed a critical issue with tiered items obtained by methods other than fusion

  • A critical issue has been fixed which made it possible that some classification 2 items could be obtained with a higher tier than 0. All in all, 41 items were created through this bug. The tier of the affected items has been set to 0 since it was not gained through fusion.




December 07, 2021

Improvements to tiers support and removing Premium-only status of Illusera, Ocebra, and Trona

  • The Market history now keeps track of an item's tier across server saves.
  • Eruaran now mentions that transforming and improving an umbral item does not work with items which have a tier above 0.
  • A missing PZ field has been added in Issavi.
  • Premium-only status has been removed of Illusera, Ocebra, and Trona.




December 14, 2021

Fixed influenced Mirror Images, hunting analysers, some items' classifications, and a PZ in Issavi. Also improved the new target highlight system

  • Influenced Mirror Images now turn into influenced apparitions.
  • The party hunt analyser now correctly takes tierable items into account when the option "Use Market Prices" is chosen.
  • The hunting session analyser takes the XP loss through player deaths into account again.
  • All Charged Weapon Replicas have been put into classification 1, and the Hat of the Mad in classification 2.
  • Target highlighting can now be disabled completely with a new setting "None" under "Mark Target Visually" in the options menu.
  • Another problem with a PZ in Issavi has been fixed.




January 12, 2022

Addition of several objects, creatures, effects and other things related to Tibia's 25th Anniversary.


12.85.11505 (2)


January 13, 2022

Fixed an issue in the Lord Retro boss fight

  • Fixed an issue which players could get stuck in the Lord Retro boss fight.




January 14, 2022

Fixed an issue with Morshabaal's loot distribution.

  • Morshabaal's loot system was changed to normal coop loot to ensure that the correct loot is given.
  • Some of the intended loot, mostly gems and coins, was replaced with the new item Morshabaal's Extract of roughly equal worth.




January 18, 2022

Fixed issues with Morshabaal and Lord Retro

  • If Morshabaal does not receive damage for 40 seconds, all players are teleported out of his dwelling and the participation for the fight is reset.
  • An issue where Hard Times could get stuck behind the parcels next to Lord Retro has been fixed.
  • The description of the Changing Backpack has been adjusted.
  • A few map issues have been fixed as well.




January 25, 2022

Fixed "Time Traveller" title and made violet tulip obtainable again from Kesar after 30 days

  • An issue due to which the title "Time Traveller" was sometimes not awarded has been fixed.
  • Princess Lumelia can no longer be killed after the Lord Retro boss fight.
  • Balloons have been added to the Cyclopedia.
  • Kesar the Younger will now hand out a Violet Tulip again after 30 days, to account for when the flower has been lost.
  • A number of typos have also been fixed.




January 25, 2022

Removed the events related to Tibia's 25th Anniversary and added new store products.

  • Fixed a bug so that the 25 years anniversary carpets are no longer swallowed by the dustbin when placed on it.
  • Zaoan Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after February 11th, 2022.
  • Zaoan Furniture




February 15, 2022

Removed remaining cosmetics from Tibia's 25th Anniversary and updated the coop loot distribution mechanic.

  • Cosmetic remnants of the 25 years festivities which had still been in the game world have been removed.
  • The mechanic of coop loot distribution has been changed to make it in line with the mechanic of normal loot distribution.
    • This means that coop loot which has been static in numbers can now vary.
    • This change does not affect the average loot value which remains the same as before.
    • This change does not affect participation levels or the overall drop chance. Instead, where for instance you had a 50% drop chance to get 5 potions before, you now have a 50% drop chance to get 1-9 potions. This way, on average, the loot value stays the same, even if one might get lucky or unlucky in some fights.




February 22, 2022




March 01, 2022

Fixed the prey system while in the Tibiadrome, updated Misguided Thief classification and other minor changes.

  • Prey damage reduction no longer expires in the Tibiadrome.
  • The creature Misguided Thief is now classified as humanoid.
  • A number of minor things have been fixed, including some map bugs, typos and smaller graphical issues.
  • All webshop transactions for Chile will receive an additional tax charge of 19% due to Chile's tax system. This additional charge was already introduced last year in July but has not been applied since September 2021 due to a technical issue.


12.86.11669 (2)


March 08, 2022




March 29, 2022




April 05, 2022




April 20, 2022


12.86.11871 (2)


April 27, 2022

NPC Gaberiel returns to hand out Observer Tapestry




May 03, 2022


12.86.11934 (2)


May 10, 2022



Pantibian Festival

Pantibian Festival

May 17, 2022

Some objects used during the Pantibian Festival.




May 17, 2022

  • Two new options have been added to the console section in the options menu:
    • If you activate Show Seconds in Timestamps message timestamps will include hours, minutes and seconds.
    • If you activate Open New Tabs When Receiving Private Messages a new tab will open automatically whenever you receive a private message from someone you are not already chatting with.




May 24, 2022

Addition of the final rewards of the Pantibian Festival and the ability to trade Theons for different items with Theodora.

Further announced on May 24, 2022, probably on a new patch that could not be specified:

  • Fixed an issue with the Rainbow Torch.
  • Fixed an issue where Theodora handed out reward boxes more than once in exchange for Theons.
  • Reduced the price of the 25 Years Backpack to 7197 Theons. Characters who bought a backpack for 75,000 Theons before the downtime have received the Theon difference as a credit to their Theon balance.




June 01, 2022

  • An issue with private message tabs not activating properly was fixed
  • The price of the 25 Years Backpack was fixed in the Cyclopedia.
  • The size of the house Smuggler's Den was adjusted from 218 to 219 tiles.
  • Fixed several minor Tibia Observer issues.




June 08, 2022

  • The Rainbow Torch no longer burns out and will now stay lit indefinitely.
  • The price of the 25 Years Backpack was fixed in the cyclopedia.
  • Knightly Furniture & other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the Store after June 10, 2022.
  • Knightly Furniture


12.87.12055 (2)


June 14, 2022




July 05, 2022




July 12, 2022




July 19, 2022

  • Resting areas have been added to the depots in Marapur.
  • Fixed a scrolling issue in the NPC trade which should address most of the reported cases.




July 26, 2022

Bug and fixes related to the Summer Update 2022.

  • Throwing a magic wall on a Primal Pod can no longer prevent a Fungosaurus from spawning.
  • Fight against the Magma Bubble: Lava Creatures no longer disappear and leave charges behind when simply walking over fields. Moreover, a rare scenario in which Magma Bubble could be killed twice in a row was fixed.
  • Melting Frozen Horror has received the boss flag and now appears in the Bosstiary.
  • Another scrolling issue in the NPC trade window was fixed.
  • When clicking the left arrow of the NPC trade slider to reduce the amount it now jumps to threshold values such as 100, 200, etc. if theses values lie between the current value and the new one. For example: If the slider amount is at 101 and you click the left arrow it now goes to 100 as you would expect.
  • An issue with the amount field in the NPC trade so it does not immediately set the amount to 1 anymore when using the backspace key to clear the field was addressed.
  • An issue that could result in client crashes when trading with NPCs was also fixed.
  • "Boss Cooldowns" has been added to the General Hotkeys section in the options menu.
  • NPC Tom has been removed from the NPC filter in the depot search.
  • Several small door issues in Marapur were fixed.




August 02, 2022

Bug and fixes related to the Summer Update 2022.

  • The NPCs Alexander, Flint, Gnomission, and Lailene have been added to the depot search filter.
  • We fixed an NPC trade issue which had set the amount to sell to 1 instead of the maximum.
  • Glooth Axe and Glooth Club now display charges.
  • NPC Sundara now sells Blank Runes.
  • Fixed a few small map bugs.
  • Tibia website has improved its readability and responsiveness on mobile devices.


12.90.12248 (2)


August 09, 2022

Bug and fixes related to the Summer Update 2022.

  • The second boss slot now unlocks upon reaching 1500 boss points instead of unlocking after exceeding 1500 points.
  • A small display issue that had shown the loot message addendum (Boss bonus) too often for equipment loot bonuses below 100% was fixed.
  • An issue that had made it possible to kill Ekatrix more than once within 20 hours was fixed.
  • Two pz-block issues in Marapur were fixed.
  • The correct version of Goshnar's Greed has been added to the pool for Daily Boosted Boss.
  • The Fire-Fighter Outfits is now displayed centred in all directions.
  • (Undocumented) Fixed a bug that allowed players to bring mainland items to Rookgaard on PvP worlds.




August 23, 2022

  • The Gilded Warlord Sword has been added to the Store and can be bought for Tournament Coins.
  • When being hit while crossing the excavation site Moss in Gnomprona, you are now set back to the entrance of the cave which also makes the task more challenging.
  • Fixed an issue in the NPC trade dialogue which had reset the buy/sell amount to 1.
  • Fixed two small login issues on the website: One of them misplaced the cursor focus, the other prevented the Enter key from working properly when using an authenticator to log in.




September 06, 2022

  • Balancing:
    • The base HP of creatures in Gnomprona have been raised by ~10%. Also, their base damage has been increased a bit. Their base dodge chance has been lowered but it now scales up faster with increasing hazard level. Their dodge chance is higher than before from hazard level 5 on. Moreover, we slightly decreased the loot scaling with increasing hazard level.
    • In Marapur, the XP of creatures in the Great Pearl Fan Reef has been raised by 13% while the XP of creatures in the Temple of the Moon Goddess has been lowered by 7%.
  • A kill of Goshnar's Greed no longer counts as two kills in the Bosstiary. This has also been fixed for Feroxa.
  • Mad Sheep are no longer mad enough to spawn primal pods in Gnomprona when being killed.
  • It is no longer possible to levitate up onto invisible floors during low tide in the Ebb and Flow hunting ground.
  • The boss rooms of Drume and Devovorga's incarnations in the mini world change Devovorga's Essence are now cleaned properly after a fight so that player summons no longer remain there.
  • Completed Bosstiary entries now have a green progress bar.
  • The special condition burning no longer leads to an instant heat level of 50 when entering the lava fishing room in the quest Too Hot to Handle.
  • If all fields hit by Cancel Invisibility (exana ina) are inside a protection zone, the spell now displays the puff animation and no mana is deducted.
  • The first three stages of Azerus in his boss fight in the quest In Service of Yalahar are no longer killable. He should only be killable in his final stage.
  • While a great schnitzel is supposed to be eaten, The Great Schnitzel in the Orcsoberfest event is not supposed to be killable through summons. This has been fixed accordingly.
  • We also fixed a bunch of minor map bugs, typos, graphical glitches and NPC issues. For example, the kick feature has been added to NPC Lorietta and NPC Captain Jack.
  • New Floral Furniture and other decorative items were added to the game, but only available in the store on September 09, 2022.
  • Floral Furniture




September 27, 2022

Bugfixes related to the release of Sound.

  • Crashes and pink squares caused by the last update were fixed.




September 27, 2022

Bugfixes related to the release of Sound.

  • FPS drops caused by the previous client patch were fixed.




October 05, 2022

Several improvements and bugfixes related to sounds.

  • The signature sounds continue to play despite the battle sign for an epic fray.
  • Ambience Sound:
    • House items with big flames or burbling water like the Knightly Fire Bowl and the Portable Aqueduct now have sound effects.
    • Ambient sounds like squeaky doors, angry crowds, or the tortured Edron guy near the depot are now played less frequently and/or have a volume decrease.
    • The frequency of ambient sounds was generally lowered.
    • The rattling sounds of snakes have been changed to less intrusive ones.
  • Spells/Runes Sound:
    • Attack/support spells and runes are now categorised correctly and can be customised via the sound settings.
    • The sounds of some spells and runes, such as the Great Fireball Rune, have been shortened.
  • Exercise sounds are now part of the battle sound category and can be customised via the battle sound settings > own/other players > attack.
  • Eating and drinking sound volume have been decreased.
  • The voices of Barbarian Brutetamers and Glooth Brigands were changed to a more feminine approach.
  • The creature Poor Soul cannot be summoned anymore.




October 11, 2022

Fixed some minor sound and display issues.

  • The sound of Swift Foot has been changed. There are three new variations that should now match the spell much better.
  • The display problem with high mana (mages above level 2190) in the arc bar has been fixed.


13.05.12613 (2)


October 14, 2022

Unannounced changes.



Damage and Healing Scaling per Level Update


October 14, 2022

Adjustments to the scale of character's damage and healing and minor sound and map fixes.

  • Some missing creature noises were added
  • The Dreamelves should now have a more female audio sample.
  • The formula for the increase in damage and healing power for characters above level 500 has been changed.
    • Until level 500: no change, damage and healing +1 every 5 levels;
    • From level 501 to 1100: damage and healing +1 every 6 levels;
    • From level 1101-1800: damage and healing +1 every 7 levels;
    • From level 1801-2600: damage and healing +1 every 8 levels;
    • From level 2601-3500: damage and healing +1 every 9 levels;
    • Above level 3500 it continues with the same logic (steps of 500, 600, 700, etc.).
  • The new scaling applies retroactively; the damage and healing output of characters above level 500 became lower than before the update.




October 25, 2022

Fix for some minor sound and game mechanic issues.

  • Hirelings can be stored in their Hireling Lamps once again;
  • There shouldn't be persisting DoT sound after blocking anymore;
  • The VIP login sound should not longer player after death;
  • A failed spell sound issue was fixed.




November 02, 2022

Fix for some minor sound and game mechanic issues.

  • It is now possible to deactivate every Own-Spell Sound.
  • The spell Curse sound is now properly categorised.
  • VIPs are now correctly marked offline in the VIP List.




November 09, 2022

Fix for some minor sound and game mechanic issues.

  • In rare cases, the display of the Boosted Creature was incorrect. This issue has been eliminated, and it should now actualize properly.
  • Hirelings placed under ladders could not be wrapped, and the ladder was blocked. This has also been fixed.




November 22, 2022




November 28, 2022

Unannounced changes.

  • The symbol for Mitigation Mitigation Icon Wheel no longer appears as Hit Point Regeneration Burst Icon




November 29, 2022

Changes to perks of the Wheel of Destiny.

  • Runic Mastery for healing spells is now displayed correctly in the server log
  • The Divine Empowerment spell is now only effective on the current level (previously, the spell could be transferred to the higher level via a staircase, for example).




December 1, 2022

Unannounced changes.




December 2, 2022

Unannounced changes.




December 6, 2022

  • Boss Ahau can not be fought again after logout/login.
  • After a reset of the Wheel of Destiny the active familiar does not despawn any longer.




December 13, 2022

Changes to the Wheel of Destiny, Ahau, Doctor Marrow, Ingol and some minor fixes.

  • General changes to the Wheel of Destiny:
    • The duration of the Avatar spells have been increased from 11 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • The arrangement of some perks within the Wheel of Destiny was changed to break up obvious and overly common paths, to improve general balancing, and to spice up some domains.
    • The issue regarding the incorrect calculation of added capacity was fixed.
  • Knight-specific changes:
    • Battle Healing: The amount of healing per challenged creature has been doubled.
    • Executioner's Throw: The base damage has been increased. The cooldown has been reduced from 22/18/14 seconds to 18/14/10 seconds. Additional targets raised from 1/2/3 to 2/3/4 per stage.
    • Augmentation Front Sweep: Aug II damage has been increased.
  • Druid-specific changes
    • Blessing of the Grove: Healing increase changed from 4%, 6%, and 8% to 6%, 9%, or 12% if the target has less than 60% but more than 30% of its hit points. Healing increase changed from 10%, 15%, or 20% to 12%, 18%, or 24% instead if the target has less than 30% of its hit points.
    • Augmentation Strong Ice Wave: Aug II grants a higher damage increase for Strong Ice Wave.
  • Sorcerer-specific changes:
    • Beam Mastery: The damage bonus of this spell has been further increased from 8%, 10%, or 12% to 10%, 12%, or 14% per target.
    • Focus Mastery: Damage of your next damaging spell within 12 seconds after casting a focus spell* is now increased by 35% instead of 25%.
* Hell's Core or Rage of the Skies.
  • Paladin-specific changes
  • Changes to The Cradle of Monsters Quest and Ingol:
    • Reduced critical hit damage dealt by the Boss Doctor Marrow.
    • A few passages with monsters have been created in Deeper Ingol levels 2 and 3 to make them more valuable hunting spots.
  • Changes to Ahau and Iksupan:
    • Reduced damage spikes dealt by the boss Ahau.
    • Lava fields are now less deadly.
  • Additional Fixes
    • Absorbed damage on fields no longer triggers a sound.
    • The display issue regarding Random Hints pictures has been fixed.
    • Specialized magic levels are now displayed correctly in the skill widget.

Further announced for the same patch on December 20, 2022:

  • The sorting of the Iks creatures is now correctly listed in the kill statistics.
  • The additional damage through Runic Mastery, it is now displayed correctly.

Further announced for the same patch on December 22, 2022:

  • New Seafarer Furniture and other decorative items were added to the game.
  • Seafarer Furniture




January 10, 2023

  • Balancing:
    • The XP of creatures in Iksupan has been raised by 8%, the loot of creatures has been raised by 12%.
    • In Deeper Ingol, the XP of creatures has been lowered by 8%.
  • Adjusted capitalization of Iksupan creatures to correct display within kill statistics.
  • Healing damage via Runic Mastery is now displayed in the Server Log Channel.
  • Removed an erroneous warning when viewing the Bestiary in Cyclopedia.
  • House action messages are now properly closed after logout.
  • The sound of Blood Rage was changed to its intended sound file.

List of creatures affected by rebalancing[]

Name Image Previous XP Current XP
Cursed Ape Cursed Ape 1,860 2,000
Iks Pututu Iks Pututu 980 1,060
Iks Chuka Iks Chuka 1,050 1,130
Carnivostrich Carnivostrich 7,290 6,710
Liodile Liodile 6,860 6,310
Boar Man Boar Man 7,720 7,100




January 11, 2023

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when playing too many sound samples at once.




January 17, 2023

  • Changed the information regarding loot bonuses in the server and loot log. To avoid confusion, the bonus loot suffix is only displayed if an item has been successfully rolled out by the additional roll. The unsuccessful loot rolls are no longer displayed
  • Fixed an issue where a character's target mistakenly switched to a fellow player as a result of a fear effect
  • An update was installed that prevents a possible performance loss caused by the use of the skill wheel

Further announced for the same patch on January 20, 2023:




January 24, 2023




January 25, 2023

Bugfix for the MacOS client.

  • Fixed an issue with the MacOS client, causing the game to crash in various situations.




January 31, 2023




February 7, 2023

  • Balance changes to Gnomprona
    • Slightly raised the damage scaling with increasing hazard level, including damage dealt through megacrits
    • Slightly decreased the loot and XP scaling with increasing hazard level
    • Lowered the spawn chance of the Plunder Patriarch. The higher the hazard level, the stronger the reduction. For hazard 10, this means 25% less spawn on average.
  • Adjustments on Exaltation Forge:
    • The number of Exalted Cores required to perform a transfer has changed from static to dynamically increasing costs
    • To make it more challenging, we have significantly increased the HP and damage values of influenced and fiendish creatures
    • We have increased the maximum number of fiends that can be present at the same time from 3 to 4 and reduced the spawn time from 300 seconds to 270 seconds
    • The number of Slivers is no longer static but depends on the difficulty of the creature. Higher difficulty equals a higher yield
    • The control button for the Exaltation Forge gets a golden highlight when the character's dust amount has reached the maximum
    • The maximum unlockable Dust limit has been increased from 225 to 325
  • New Opulent furniture aswell as other decorative items were added to the game, but only became available in the store on February 10, 2023.
  • Opulent Furniture




February 8, 2023

Launch of new worlds.




February 14, 2023

Market fee increase and several bugfixes and changes

In order to address the economic development in Tibia, we have made the following adjustments with today's server save:

  • The Market fee increases from 1% to 2%.
  • The maximum Market fee limit increases from 100,000 gold to 250,000 gold.

In addition to this, a few fixes and changes have been implemented, among them the following:

Further announced for the same patch on February 21, 2023:

Additionally, balancing changes for Gnomprona were announced separately, also on February 21, 2023:

  • Slightly lowered the damage scaling with increasing hazard level, including damage dealt through megacrits. After the adjustment, the new values are lower than they were recently but still higher than before the update three weeks ago.




February 28, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where a character could be pushed out of a Protection Zone near Dr Merlay.
  • Fixed an issue regarding wrong multiple counts of boss kills for the kill statistics.
  • Fixed the problem that some players got the error message "Your request is currently processed" when trying to buy Tibia Coins.




February 28, 2023

  • Tackled recent issues during the startup process




March 1, 2023

  • Address a performance issue




March 2, 2023

  • Fixes regarding the following topics:
    • Calibration of the widgets
    • Depot search function
    • MacOS 10.13.x client version issues
    • Mouse wheel scrolling
    • FPS/Performance drops




March 3, 2023

  • Unanounced changes. Presumably, fixes for the several issues added in previous patches.




March 7, 2023

  • Unannounced changes. New mounts implemented in the client.




March 9, 2023

  • Performance improvements.
  • Adjusted the mouse wheel scrolling, which should now work as intended.




March 14, 2023




March 21, 2023

Changes to blessings costs and removal of tournaments content

  • Implemented a few fixes and changes, among them the following:
    • All Tournaments content has now been removed from the game, including Tournament Coins.




March 28, 2023

Hunting grounds nerfs, performance improvements

  • Implemented a few changes to stabilise performance, especially when using Action Bars.
  • The Lion of War Outfits is now fully available. Players who have only received the basic outfit so far can obtain the missing parts from NPC Lorenzo using the keyword "Attire".
  • The following adjustments to Hunting Grounds have been made:




April 4, 2023

Hunting grounds nerfs, Ballistic Mastery changes and bugfixes

The following adjustments to hunting grounds were made:

Additionally, the Armoured Archer Outfits were implemented into the game, but only made available via the Store on April 14, 2023.




April 12, 2023

  • The Lion of War Outfits is now properly displayed in the Bazaar.
  • Emails for winning a character trade should now be sent again after the auction has ended and not after Server Save.
  • Fxed an issue where the incorrect status has been displayed on the website after an auction has ended.




April 18, 2023




May 3, 2023

Addition of bug reports via in game client dialog. Removal of content related to Tutors and Senators.

  • Players are now able to submit bug reports via a special client dialog ingame:
    • You can open the bug report dialog by using the key combination Ctrl+Z.
    • To report map bugs, you can right-click on the concerned map field and select the entry "Report Coordinate" from the context menu. The coordinate you clicked on will be sent automatically with your report.
    • Mistakes in NPC chats can be reported by right-clicking on the NPC text in question and selecting the context menu entry "Report Message". The NPC's name and line will then be sent automatically with your report.
    • Restrictions for reporting are as follows:
      • Your account needs at least 30 loyalty points.
      • Each account can submit a maximum of five bugs per day.
      • The right to report bugs can be withdrawn by customer support.
      • If a player is unable to report for any reason, a note will appear in the report dialog informing the player of the required prerequisites.
  • The Tutor position and the Senator position, as well as all associated elements (stars, boards, titles, etc.), have been removed from the game.

Further announced on May 9, 2023, along with a patch that did not change version number:




May 16, 2023

  • Unannounced and unspecified changes.




May 23, 2023




June 6, 2023

  • Unspecified changes.




June 20, 2023

  • Unspecified changes.




June 27, 2023

  • Unspecified changes.




July 18, 2023

Additionally, a few changes and fixes were implemented:

  • Slightly adjusted how Bakragore's Taints are obtained when killing a boss in Rotten Blood Quest:
    • You will only receive an additional taint if the number of taints you already have is equal to or lower than your party's taint level (which is determined by the party member with the lowest number of taints). For example: Party members A, B and C have 3 taints each, D has 1 taint. The party's taint level is 1. They kill a Rotten Blood boss they have not killed yet in that cycle and the individual taint level of A, B and C will remain at 3. The taint level of D will be increased to 2. If A, B and C want to raise their taint level, they need to fight the boss with a party taint level of at least 3.
  • The sensitivity of Ichgahal, Chagorz and Vemiath to all elements has been lowered to make them a bit more resilient.
  • You can now check the Rotten Blood entry in your quest log to see which bosses you have already killed.
  • The figurines that can drop from Rotten Blood bosses have been renamed to Darklight Figurine (Chagorz and Vemiath) and Putrefactive Figurine (Murcion and Ichgahal).
  • The Purple Nightshades on Oskayaat now bloom during full moon.
  • A few Protection Zone issues related to skulls, as well as some map bugs and NPC issues, primarily in the new areas, have been fixed.
  • NPC Tamru and NPC Kiru have been added to the search filters of the Depot and the Stash.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the option Auto-Sort Purchases from working properly when buying non-stackable items.
  • Goshnar's Taints are now also displayed within the Soul War Quest hub.
  • The spawn mechanic of Diremaw corpses is now working again. It was temporarily disabled on Friday to fix a bug that had made it possible to spawn them in huge numbers.




July 25, 2023

Further announced for the same patch on July 27, 2023:




August 1, 2023

  • Updated the main character system, and now all newly created accounts are eligible for a one-time free main character change. Additionally, this offer is also available to all existing accounts that have been created within the last 3 months from today, as long as they have not already used the main character change feature.
  • Implemented an account creation feature directly within the client to enhance user convenience and offer a smoother onboarding experience.
  • The Game Worlds Gravitera and Jacabra are now also open to players without a premium account.
  • The Loot Highlight is now also displayed when a monster kills another monster.
  • Fixed an issue related to quest items vanishing or becoming broken in the backpack when utilizing the Manage Containers feature.
  • Players will no longer lose mana and HP with five Goshnar's Taints in the Soul War Quest Hub.
  • Fixed an issue where Decaying Totems have caused full area damage.
  • Players will no longer receive Agony Damage when moving after having successfully lured Bakragore's minions on Rotten Charge.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor map bugs, typos, display issues and NPC issues. For example, the probabilities for first two Bakragore's Taints have been added to the tooltip.




August 8, 2023

  • Your Store Inbox received a few improvements:
  • The content of decoration kits is now displayed right there in Your Store Inbox.
  • The Store inbox now has pages that can be browsed through, with 32 items being shown per page.
  • A filter option has been added which allows only items of a specific category to be displayed, e.g. consumables, furniture, or floor coverings. Filters are only displayed when there are items in the Store inbox that belong to that category.
  • Fixed a small display issue with the cooldown hourglass in the Bosstiary tracker
  • Fixed several map bugs. It is now possible again to pick up Grave Flowers.




August 16, 2023

Balancing changes:

  • Jaded Roots: increased the XP gained from creatures there by 4%.
  • Putrefactory: increased the XP gained from creatures there by 11%.
  • Gloom Pillars: increased the XP gained from creatures there by 4%. The chain spell's initial distance has been reduced from 4 to 3 and the jump distance from 7 to 6. Its base damage is also reduced from 3000 to 2250. The damage increase per jump has been raised from 30% to 50%.
  • Darklight Core: increased the XP gained from creatures there by 8%.
  • Bakragore: increased the time limit for the boss fight from 20 to 25 minutes.


  • Leaving Chagorz' lever room no longer prevents the dark energy charge from triggering a chain spell when reaching its threshold while hunting in Gloom Pillars.
  • Fixed an issue in the fight against Bakragore which prevented the harmful charge which is represented by a red dot on the character from getting reduced in certain circumstances.
  • A minor map issue at NPC Tonar's raft was fixed.

Additionally, a small adjustment of the privacy policy was made.

  • New Cave furniture aswell as other decorative items were added to the game, but only became available in the store on August 18, 2023.
  • Cave Furniture




August 22, 2023

Addition of Exercise Shields

Furthermore, some changes and balancing adjustments were made for Rotten Blood Quest:

  • Rotten Blood Essences are now tradeable.
  • Gloom Pillars: in addition to the update from last week that resolved the problem with Dark Energy charges, but initially only impacted the lever room, the fix is now expanded to encompass the entirety of the Chagorz boss fight.




August 29, 2023

Balancing adjustments to improve the hunting dynamics in two of Gnomprona's areas:

  • Sparkling Pools:
    • Damage spikes from monsters are now less severe.
    • Adjusted damage distribution. For example, a Sabretooth no longer focuses on only attacking the most vulnerable individual, but also goes after others. The damage dealt by the chain spell of Emerald Tortoises no longer increases per jump.
    • Slightly decreased the physical damage dealt by monsters and slightly increased their Fire Damage.
    • Monster sensitivity to Earth Damage has been increased while their sensitivity to holy, physical, and ice has been lowered a bit.
      • Emerald Tortoise: earth from 90% to 115%
      • Gore Horn: physical from 110% to 100%, earth from 50% to 100%, ice from 110% to 90%
      • Hulking Prehemoth: earth from 100% to 120%, holy from 130% to 115%, ice from 130% to 115%
  • Monster Graveyard:
    • Damage spikes from monsters are now less severe.
    • We have adjusted damage distribution. For example, the damage dealt by the chain spell of Stalking Stalks no longer increases per jump.
    • Undertakers now root less often.
    • Monster sensitivity to energy and ice has been increased while their sensitivity to physical and holy has been lowered a bit.
      • Nighthunter: energy from 100% to 105%, holy from 125% to 115%
      • Stalking Stalk: physical from 125% to 110%, energy from 100% to 115%

Increased the XP gained from the following creatures in two hunting grounds of the Too Hot to Handle Quest:

Fixed a scrolling issue with containers, including backpacks, Your Inbox and Your Store Inbox, and Depot boxes.




September 5, 2023




September 12, 2023

  • Unspecified changes.

Additional changes in the same patch:

  • On September 21st, a bug was fixed where skilling was not working properly.




September 26, 2023




October 4, 2023

  • Unspecified changes.




October 17, 2023

  • Unspecified changes.




October 24, 2023

To provide a stronger incentive to hunt with higher Bakragore's Taints, which is in line with a lot of the changes we made to the Soul War Quest content, we have implemented a few changes to the Rotten Blood Quest hunting grounds:

  • Reduced the base loot by 10%.
  • Increased the loot bonus per taint from 4.5% to 7.8%.
  • Bloodjaw: Reduced HP from 48,000 to 40,000.
  • Gloom Pillars: The dark energy activates less frequently.

Furthermore, the following changes are also made:

  • Morshabaal's Extract is now excluded from the Bosstiary's boss bonus.
  • Placed an information text on the client's login page about upgrading to 64 bit and Win 10 for the affected players.

On October 30, 2023, the following balancing changes were applied:




October 31, 2023




November 14, 2023

Balancing changes of hunting grounds.




November 21, 2023

Unnanounced changes.

Further announced for the same patch on November 28, 2023:

  • Balancing changes: the XP from Iks Chuka has been increased by 16%, and the XP from Iks Pututu by 31%




December 6, 2023

Unnanounced changes.




December 12, 2023

Additionally, the Doom Knight Outfits were implemented into the game, but only made available via the Store on December 22, 2023.




January 9, 2024

  • Fixed the issue that the preset saving option sometimes appeared when opening the Wheel of Destiny.
  • Fixed the issue that the Despor kill statistics were counted twice.
  • Fixed Atab sometimes unexpectedly kicking players after teleport.




January 16, 2024

  • Adjusted the Gems drop probabilities that were doubled for the time of introduction. In general, the decrease is less significant than originally intended. Only the drop chance for influenced creatures was halved, the drop chance for fiendish creatures and Archfoe bosses was reduced to a lesser extent.
  • Certain Archfoe bosses mistakenly failed to drop gems, this issue has now been resolved.
  • There was an adjustment to the participation measurement regarding the new boss resilience that was introduced with the Winter Update 2023. Any participation other than damage dealt to bosses is now reduced by the percentage of the bonus boss resilience.
  • As announced in a separate news article, a new introduction is added to the game, which includes:
  • To help with new player's experience and safety, the proximity of one of the Pirat Raids near the Thais Peninsula has been adjusted. It has been relocated slightly to the north-east of its previous location here.




January 23, 2024

Note: this patch was originally released as a downgrade version from 13.32.14520 down to 13.22.14544. It was later confirmed to be a typo and fixed with the correct patch version 13.32.14544.




January 30, 2024

  • Balancing adjustments for Iksupan II:
    • Iks Yapunac: decreased the DPS by 5% and the gold gain by 7%.
    • Mitmah Scout: decreased the DPS by 10%.
    • Mitmah Seer: decreased the DPS by 5%.
    • Occupied Sanctuary: increased the number of monsters and installed a new two-way teleporter to make hunting more efficient.




January 30, 2024

  • Fixed an issue regarding highscores not being displayed correctly on the website.
  • Fixed issue where changing outfits using Customise Character was only feasible if the character or the account possessed a mount.




February 06, 2024

  • Fixed a problem with the Podium of Renown, where the mount would automatically activate upon closing the window, even if it had been previously disabled.
  • Fixed an issue in Dawnport where, upon going through the western paladin portal or entering the vocation change platform, arrows were mistakenly placed in the backpack instead of the quiver.




February 13, 2024

  • The fire damage over time applied by Magma Bubble will be removed after leaving the combat area.




February 13, 2024

  • Unspecified changes.




February 20, 2024




February 28, 2024

  • Resolved a problem that caused the Root/Fear effect applied by certain monsters to persist for a longer duration than intended.
  • Improved the animations of some creatures and environment objects (see table below).

Additionally to the in-game changes, the following changes were made:

  • Players who want to change their registration information will now instantly get an email containing a verification link that needs to be confirmed. This also applies to the initial registration of accounts that are more than one year old. Following that, the 30-day waiting period starts as usual, and after this period concludes, the player must click "Accept" to finalise the process, just as before.
  • A new Tibia Observer version is available for iOS and Android. This update is strictly technical, introducing no new functionalities. It is important to note that Android version 7.1 or later is required to use the app.

Further announced for the same patch on March 5, 2024:

  • Fixed an issue where, in certain situations, the damage over time from Magma Bubble was not removed correctly at the end of the fight.




March 12, 2024

  • Fixed the issue that some old bosses had lost the resilience that was added in the last major update.
  • Grorlam now has the new animation.
  • Fixed an issue with the Celestial Avenger Outfits where the headdress would disappear behind a wing.

Additionally, a batch of balancing changes was announced in the same day through a separate news article, focusing on Ferumbras' Ascendant hunting grounds. See the 2024 Balancing Project page for details.




March 19, 2024

  • The entrance to the Orcsoberfest can no longer be blocked by monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip of the right boss slot was displaying the content of the left boss slot.
  • The Mega Magmaoid explosion will now only be triggered once.
  • Fixed an issue where some Secret Library bosses were temporarily not taking the correct damage.
  • It is now possible to complete the Kissing a Pig Quest even if the Fake Dwarven Beard is lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the character was taking damage from boss Mazzinor despite protection.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor map bugs, sound bugs, typos, display issues and NPC issues.

Additionally, a batch of balancing changes was announced through a separate news article, focusing on Ferumbras' Ascendant hunting grounds. See the 2024 Balancing Project page for details.




March 26, 2024

Further announced for the same patch on April 3, 2024:

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to destroy items in other players' houses with the Disintegrate Rune.




April 9, 2024

  • Players should now receive more XP for killing Fiendish and Influenced Creatures
    • Per stack, the player receives 10% more XP when killing a monster. The additional XP overall is between 10% and 50% for influenced creatures and 150% for fiendish.
  • New Blossom and Spooky furniture aswell as other decorative items were added to the game, but only became available in the store on April 12, 2024. Spooky Furniture Blossom Furniture

A batch of balancing changes was announced through a separate news article, focusing on Grounds of Undeath, Grounds of Fire, Medusa Tower, Okolnir, Bounacean Lion, Deep Desert, and Gloom Pillars. See the 2024 Balancing Project page for details.




April 16, 2024

  • Made some changes to the Monster Reference Level
    • Damage formula has been tightened, and the damage is reduced a bit for the first 100 levels beneath the cap, but then it begins to increase at a much faster rate.
    • Bakragore's Rotten Charge now deals an additional 1,250 Agony Damage to all players in the boss room when it is dropped. In combination with the tightened Monster Reference Level, it is now advisable to only approach certain hunting grounds from a certain level onward.
    • No changes, but confirmed that, in addition to Rotten Blood areas, the Monster Reference Level is currently active for the Bulltaur Lair and Nimmersatt's Breeding Ground, and can and will probably also be used for future creatures and hunting grounds.




April 23, 2024

  • To ensure that only active participants gain XP during boss fights, players must now attack the boss at least once to qualify for XP sharing.
  • To prevent prolonged blocking of boss levers, players on Optional PvP worlds can now push others off the lever plates in a boss room, even if they are actively in a guild war.
  • Fixed a minor graphical glitch with the Blossom Bed that was not listed in the patch notes.
    • This bug only affected the bed when a female character was asleep in it, displaying a white diagonal line at the foot of the bed.

Additionally, a batch of balancing changes was announced through a separate news article, focusing on Oramond Mountain Hideout, Fury Hell, Upper Roshamuul, Seacrest Grounds, Gnomegate Fungus Dungeon (Warzone 1), Gnomegate Magma Dungeon (Warzone 2), Gnomegate Crystal Dungeon (Warzone 3). See the 2024 Balancing Project page for details.




April 29, 2024

  • Unannounced changes.




May 7, 2024




May 14, 2024

Additionally, a batch of balancing changes was announced through a separate news article, focusing on Gnomegate Fungus Dungeon (Warzone 1), Gnomegate Magma Dungeon (Warzone 2), Gnomegate Crystal Dungeon (Warzone 3), Warzone 4, Warzone 5, Warzone 6, Seacrest Grounds, Oramond Mountain Hideout, Lower Spike, and Middle Spike. See the 2024 Balancing Project page for details.

Note: starting from this patch, the version schema changed due to "internal technical adjustements".[2]




May 14, 2024 17:45

  • Fixed the issue that resulted in a 0 being already entered in input fields such as those for authentication or new VIP list entries




May 15, 2024

  • Unspecified changes.




May 22, 2024

  • Fixed a display issue in the event schedule: the boost event that will take place between the server saves of June 07 and June 10 is a combination of Rapid Respawn and Double Skill. It does not include double XP.




May 28, 2024

  • Fixed the issue that caused players to encounter a "Service Unavailable" error message when entering a confirmation code to generate a Recovery Key.

Additionally, a batch of balancing changes was announced through a separate news article. See the 2024 Balancing Project page for details.




June 18, 2024

  • Fixed a Protection Zone issue with NPC Lynda ensuring skulled players can no longer use marriage vows to turn their honeymoon into an escape route.




June 19, 2024

  • Added a minimal delay to trading items from NPCs. After a trade, the Buy/Sell button will briefly grey out before players can click it again to make the next trade.




June 25, 2024

  • The Vampiric Embrace and Void's Call Charms are now working as intended.
  • A bug regarding the Wheel of Destiny export function has been fixed.
  • In a different news ticker, it was announced that a new section in Account Management page now allows players to redeem gift codes for a cosmetic reward from the Store. This system is exclusively for gift codes issued by CipSoft in a limited number on special occasions.




July 3, 2024

Further announced for the same patch on July 9, 2024: