Party Channel

The Party channel.

In this channel you can easily communicate with all party members.
Here all party members are informed of the Creatures' Loot.

Using this channel

First of all, you need to make a Party with someone. After the acceptance, it'll send to the members that you have accepted the Party and can open the Party Channel.

You can message as Guild Channel: private to people from that Party. But, when someone kills any Creature, it'll show its Loot.

"Loot of (monster): (loot)".


Monster = Monster description, e.g.: a rat, an orc, Hellgorak; Loot = dropped items. If you kill a Rat that dropped a Cheese and 2 Gold Coins, it'll show: a cheese, 2 gold coins. IF the Creature drops nothing, it'll show nothing.

Example of Loot

Rat drops nothing.

Loot of a rat: nothing

Orc drops a Sabre.

Loot of an orc: a sabre.

Hellgorak drops 100 Gold Coins, 2 Demon Horns and Boots of Haste.

Loot of Hellgorak: a boots of haste, 2 demon horns, 100 gold coins.

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