A Party is a group of players. Everyone can create a party by inviting other players to join his party.

Inviting Players

If you have Tibia Classic Control checked (Options > General > Tibia Classic Control), hold Ctrl and Right-Click the player and press "Invite to Party"
Otherwise, if you do NOT have Tibia Classic Control checked, just Right-Click and press "Invite to Party".
Alternatively, you can invite someone to your party by the battle window, simply right-click and select "Invite to Party".

Only the leader can invite more people into the party. The leader can pass his leadership to another member by doing the same as they did you invite the player, but instead select "Pass Leadership".
Leadership will also be passed to another player when the leader leaves the party or logs out from the game.

Joining a Party

To enter the party, an invited Character has to join, it's very similar to inviting:
If you have Tibia Classic Control checked (Options > General > Tibia Classic Control), hold Ctrl and Right-Click the player and press "Join players Party".
If you do NOT have Tibia Classic Control checked, just Right-Click and press "Join players Party".
Like inviting, you can also join via the battle window by right-clicking the inviting players name and select "Join Party".

Leaving a Party

To leave a party, first you must not have the battle icon, then right-click your character and select Leave Party.

Party Marks

Characters invited into, or being in the party, have following marks:
Party Inviter - The character has invited you into a party, but you have not joined yet.
Party Invited - The character was invited by you into the party. Only the party leader can see this mark.
Party Leader - The character is a leader of your party and can invite other characters.
Party Member - The character is a member of your party.

These marks are only visible to party members.

Party Features

  • All party members can loot a monster killed by any party member the first 10 seconds after the monster has been slain.
  • Shared Experience equally.

Looting in Parties

Usually when you kill creatures, provided you got most Experience from the creature, only you will be able to open it's corpse.
The same applies to parties, if your party gets majority of the Experience from creatures, everyone in your party will be able to loot the creature for 10 seconds before anyone outside of it can.

Parties on PvP

Since the 2013 PvP Update 10.0, it is no longer possible to attack or harm players in your party.

Sharing Experience

Christmas Update 2007 introduced this feature and was revamped in Summer Update 2014, improving it significantly. Inspired by a proposal by Argo Enya which can be viewed here - .

Requirements to Share Experience

  1. The level of the lowest character in the party must be at least $ \frac{2}{3} $ the level of the highest character in the party (that means for example, level 40 and level 60 can still share, levels 200 and 300 can also share).
  2. The distance of all party members to the leader must be smaller or equal to 30 fields (yelling distance), also works one floor up and one floor down.
  3. All party members must have contributed to the party within the last 2 minutes (healing a party member or attacking an aggressive monster).

Bonus Experience

Sharing experience will give additional experience depending on the party size and vocations.

The amount of experience gained is: $ \frac{(M * S)}{P} * C $

  • M = Monster EXP
  • S = shared experience bonus (e.g. 30% = 1.3)
  • P = Party size
  • C = Character specific bonuses (e.g. 50% stamina bonus => 1.5, no bonus => 1)

If the gained experience is not an integer, it will be rounded up to the nearest integer.

Example: A knight is in a party with a druid and paladin. They enable shared experience and the conditions are met. They kill a Demon. The monster experience is 6000, shared experience bonus is 60%, party size is 3 people and the knight has an additional stamina experience bonus (50%). The knight will gain $ \frac{(6000 * 1.6)}{3} * 1.5 = 4800 $ experience. Remember that the bonus experience relies on different vocations. If the same team would have consisted of two druids instead of a paladin, the knight would have gained $ \frac{(6000 * 1.4)}{3} * 1.5 = 4200 $ experience.
Note: This will only work if shared experience is activated.

Turning on Shared Experience

  1. Sharing experience requires a party, so either create and invite people or join a person's party.
  2. Only the leader can enable shared experience (yellow shield). To enable it, be sure to be out of combat (no battle icon) and choose Shared Experience in the character's menu.
  3. A red cross will be visible on top of all shields - indicating that shared experience is enabled but has not met the conditions.
  4. As soon as the conditions are met the red cross will swap to a green tick - indicating that shared experience is enabled and active.

Party Skills

Since the Christmas Update 2008, premium players level 32 or higher can cast party spells to give the party members better healing, attack, magic level or defense. The party spells cost 4000 gold and takes various mana.

  1. The paladins party spell is Protect Party (higher defense).
  2. The knights party spell is Train Party (stronger melee attack).
  3. The druids party spell is Heal Party (small healing every turn).
  4. The sorcerers party spell is Enchant Party (better magic level).
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