Someone has set up a dangerous trap to protect an important key.


Edron Hero Cave


Brown Bag containing Key 6010, Bone, Stealth Ring, 2 Talons, Skull.

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Required equipment

Getting there

  • First you have to enter the Edron Hero Cave (here).
  • Then follow the way described on the picture below.

P way

  • Use a pick to open the hole.

P hole

  • Now go down and head to the west. Here you will find a single gravestone and a teleporter to a big room with one Demon inside, the Parchment Room. The text on the gravestone says: to those who disturb ..e slumber of .ath..

This reads as:

Death to those who disturb the slumber of Father

Get prepared to face the demon and enter the teleporter.

The Quest Room

P room

  • Now you can decide to kill the demons or to grab the reward and run away. You have to open the coffin to get the reward.
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