You see a parcel (Vol:10).
It weighs 18.00 oz.


Looks the same as a Package of Potions and a Parcel (Watchtower).
Price is 10 gp if the Postman Quest has been completed, 15 gp otherwise. To send a parcel it must have a label in it with the name of the receiver written on the first row, and then placed on a mailbox. Once a parcel is sent, it is stamped Stamped Parcel.gif and can no longer be sent through the mail; however, these used (stamped) parcels are widely used as ladders by stacking 3 of these to reach higher places that otherwise can be reached only by using the spell Levitate.

The weight is increased to 18.10 oz with the label in it that is required to send it.

See also: Mailbox and Sending Parcels .

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.