This article is about the item called Paralyse Rune. For the spell to create them, see Paralyse.

You see a paralyse rune.
It can only be used by druids with level 54 and magic level 18 or higher.
It weighs 2.10 oz.


Paralyses target. Any healing spell on the paralyzed target will cancel the effect.
This is a very expensive rune, which can only be created and used by druids. It costs 1400 mana to make, and an additional 1400 mana to use it. Convince Creature is the only other rune that requires mana to use.

Many creatures are immune to Paralysis, and any creatures that are Self-Healing will cancel the paralysis when they heal themselves.

Paralyze runes are mostly used in war. Since you can heal only once per step, the paralyze rune will slow down your opponent and allow your team to combo the enemy to death.
This rune was once available for all vocations with magic level 18 and higher to use, however a patch changed this. It costs 6000 Soul Points per Backpack.
For the spell, see Paralyse.


With the release of the Winter Update 2018, the cooldown for shooting a Paralysis Rune changed from 2 to 6 seconds.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.