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Pandoria was merged along with Askara and Saphira into a new world Yanara on November 10, 2014.

Additional info

  • Pandoria's a derived word, from "Pandora", well known from the ancient greek myth about "Pandora's Box".
  • Pandoria is well known as a true war server. Almost since the beginning of the existence of this server, Polish people are in war with the Swedish. The Polish won because of their activity(read aim-bot).


Pandoria has met many bosses over the years and has slain many of them. The last major boss Pandoria faced was Ferumbras.

15:02 Loot of Ferumbras: a divine plate, 72 gold coins, 63 gold coins, a spellbook of mind control, 71 white pearls, terra legs, a shadow sceptre,an obsidian truncheon, a great shield, Ferumbras' hat.

Ikebo Destroyer was the one who received Ferumbras' hat, But Bialy Pyra was the one who made the full mage addon. Cilvero got the great shield. It was the guild Gloria Victis who killed the boss in June, 2009.

Once again on Dec 15 2009, Gloria Victis killed another Ferumbras

10:22 Loot of Ferumbras: a gold ingot, 5 gold coins, 91 gold coins, a spellscroll of prophecies, 16 small emeralds, terra legs, a haunted blade, a demonwing axe, a divine plate, a mastermind shield, Ferumbras' hat

Xeruti was the one who received Ferumbras' hat. Cohonez got the Demonwing axe. Merissa Pal got the Divine Plate. Thidia got the Spellscroll of prophecies.

On August 8, 2013, Glorious Victis Kills One of The Triangle of Terror Archdemons, the Morgaroth.

18:02 Loot of Morgaroth: a demon horn, demonic sessence, 17 platnium coins, a blue gem, a great health potion, a molten plate, a thunder hammer, 10 small amethysts, a golden mug, an energy ring, a chain bolter

Rares - Pharaohs

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