You see Padreia
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Carlin Druid Guild on Magician's Alley


Padreia is the grand druid of Carlin. Like most Carlin NPCs, she is female. She will teach druids all of her knowledge about spells. She is responsible not only for the guild but for the fields, and Carlin citizens health. She used to sell Fireball and Great Fireball before the winter update 2007.


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You see a sign.
You read: If you want to learn something about the
wonders of nature come and visit the sages
in our Druid Guild.

Player: hi
Padreia: Welcome to our humble guild, wanderer. May I be of any assistance to you?
Player: job
Padreia: I am the grand druid of Carlin. I am responsible for the guild, the fields, and our citizens' health.
Player: magic
Padreia: Every druid is able to learn the numerous spells of our craft.
Player: spell
Padreia: Sorry, I don't teach spells for your vocation.
Player: name
Padreia: I am Padreia, grand druid of our fine city.
Player: time
Padreia: Time is just a crystal pillar - the centre of creation and life.
Player: druids
Padreia: We are druids, preservers of life. Our magic is about defence, healing, and nature.
Player: sorcerers
Padreia: Sorcerers are destructive. Their power lies in destruction and pain.
Player: bye
Padreia: Farewell.