Points of Interest

Advantages of Playing Here

  • It's an Optional PvP server, so you cannot be killed directly by other players.
  • There are quest services frequently, many of them for free.
  • There is a strong community with many respected Guilds and it shouldn't be hard finding one that matches your level and play style.
  • Succeeds in most if not all world change events including Lightbearer and Rise of Devovorga.

Disadvantages of Playing Here

  • High probability of failing while killing some bosses due to the lack of respect between quest service teams.
  • High probability on getting scammed or robbed because you can't have revenge directly.
  • High probability of finding botters and cheaters in general.
  • The Tibia Coins price is among the highest of all servers, making prices in gold for items high.


External links

  • A Daily World Changes Status thread can be found here.
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