Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Edron
Position 130.61, 123.191, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Hunter
Other Properties
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active
You see Owin.
  • I hope their next raid will be less violent.
  • The inquiries were dangerous, but I hope the benefit will be worth the risks.
  • My notes are almost complete.


On Grimvale, northernmost hut.


He's a hunter, but as of late spends most of his time researching the 'Curse of the Full Moon'.
When it's full moon on Grimvale, he'll become a lycanthrope which can be fought in the caves below.


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Player: hi
Owin: Greetings!
Player: name
Owin: My name is Owin.
Player: Owin
Owin: Yes, that's my name.
Player: time
Owin: It's exactly time.
Player: job
Owin: I'm actually a hunter. Or used to be, at any rate. But lately I made some efforts to find out more about the so called {Curse} of the Full {Moon}. So I'm also a kind of researcher by now.
Player: Curse
Owin: Humans transform into wild beasts: wolves, boars, bears and others. If you want to know more, feel free to read the parchment here on my cot. I wrote down all my insights.
Player: moon
Owin: At full moon humans transform into wild beasts: wolves, boars, bears and others. Some call it the {Curse} of the Full Moon, others think it is a kind of sickness.
Player: Grimvale
Owin: This island you are standing on. It used to be such a peaceful and placid place. But now it has become {dangerous} to live here.
Player: dangerous
Owin: So you don't know it yet. This village and the whole island are affected by were-sickness. We also call it the {Curse} of the Full Moon.
Player: were
Owin: Yes, friend, werewolves indeed dwell here on {Grimvale}. The were-sickness transforms peaceful villagers into savage beasts. Though we don't know exactly how this curse has come upon us, there's no denying it is here.
Player: Gladys
Owin: Our village druid still lives here, and has done since she was a little girl. Any were-creature body parts you find, she will trade you for some coin.
Player: Cornell
Owin: The ferryman? Used to be a fisherman. Makes a living by sailing between Grimvale and Edron these days.
Player: Maeryn
Owin: She's a close friend and something of a protector for this village. Stunning woman. Fearless and unsurpassed with the bow.
Player: bye
Owin: Farewell.

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