Outlaw Camp


These are the rooms:

  • -2 floor: 2x3sqm room and 2x2sqm passage with underground entrance/exit.
  • -1 floor: 5x6sqm dining room, 56sqm bed room, 3x4sqm passage.
  • ground loor: Two 2sqm passage way rooms (one is entrance).
  • +1 floor: 2x3 passageway, 6x3 meeting room, 3x3sqm bed room.
  • +2 floor: 22sqm open-air floor, three 2sqm and a 3sqm passage way.
  • +3 floor: Two 2x3sqm and a 2x7sqm roof.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 8000 gold per month.

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