You see Oswald
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Thais, at cross-roads of Temple Street, Main Street, and by Farm Lane.


Oswald is the assistant of the illustrious Durin! He must prevent people from bothering Durin and is rather vague in his explanations. Could this Durin be the great god of the dwarves?
Oswald spreads false rumours, and is somewhat disliked by the other citizens of Thais.

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Part of The Thieves Guild Quest, mission 3.
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Player: hi
Oswald: Oh, hello Player. What is it?
Player: gods
Oswald: I think the gods are too busy to care about us mortals, hmm... that makes me feel godlike, too.
Player: job or important
Oswald: I am honored to be the assistant of the great, the illustrious, the magnificent Durin!
Player: assistant
Oswald: I have a job of great responsibility, mostly I keep annoying persons away from my boss.
Player: annoying
Oswald: You better don't ask, you wouldn't like the answer.
Player: rumours
Oswald: You know a rumour? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!
Player: anything
Oswald: Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating!
Player: king
Oswald: Ah, yes, yes, hail to King Tibianus! Long live the king and so on...
Player: magic
Oswald: I overheard a conversation of officials, that magic will be forbidden soon.
Player: name
Oswald: My name is Oswald, but let's proceed, I am a very busy man.
Player: sell
Oswald: Hey, I am not a shopkeeper, I am an important man!
Player: time
Oswald: It is nearly tea time, so please hurry!
Player: weapon
Oswald: It's rumoured that Sam does not forge all weapons himself, but buys them from his cousin, who is married to a cyclops.
Player: dungeon
Oswald: If you want to see dungeons just don't pay your taxes.
Player: Excalibug
Oswald: It's beyond all doubt that certain sinister elements in our city have certain knowledge about this myth.
Player: necromants nectar
Oswald: You are not the first one to ask about that. Am I the only one that preferes wine to such disgusting stuff?
Player: Aruda
Oswald: She's a little witch, trust me. She used to be the girlfriend of this evil Partos some time ago.
Player: Benjamin
Oswald: What do you expect from ex-soldiers? He is nuts! Hacked on the head far too often.
Player: Bozo
Oswald: Isn't he the artist formerly known as the prince?
Player: Chester Kahs
Oswald: I never found any rumour concerning him, isn't that odd?
Player: Eclesius
Oswald: Eclesius... Eclesius... I think they say about him that he accidentally turned his assistant into a frog. So you better pay attention!
Player: Elane
Oswald: They say she killed over a dozen husbands already.
Player: Gamel
Oswald: This man lives in the darkness like a rat and is also as handsome as one of them. He surely is up to no good and often consorts with sinister strangers.
Player: sinister strangers
Oswald: Just last week a one eyed man, who had a room at Frodo's, met him in the middle of the night.
Player: Gorn
Oswald: He sells his scrolls far too expensive.
Player: Gregor
Oswald: I was told he lost a body part or two in duels... if you know what I mean.
Player: Lugri
Oswald: Some say he is Ferumbras in disguise.
Player: Lynda
Oswald: Sweet as honey, but cold as a fish. The only thing that can soften her heart is this awfully expensive Venorean ice cream.
Player: Marvik
Oswald: Who knows what this old man is up to in his hideout when no one is watching?
Player: Muriel
Oswald: He is rumoured to summon kinky demons to... well you know.
Player: Partos
Oswald: What a shame. He claimed to be the king of thiefs and was caught stealing some fruit.
Player: Quentin
Oswald: I heard he was a ladies' man in younger days. In our days he is rumoured to wear women clothes now and then.
Player: Sam
Oswald: A simple shopkeeper with minor intelligence.
Player: Goshnar
Oswald: They say he isn't truly dead. He was... or is a necromant after all.
Player: Durin
Oswald: Just between you and me, he can be quite a tyrant.
Player: monsters
Oswald: AHHHH!!! WHERE??? WHERE???
[end of discussion]
Player: bye
Oswald: Finally!

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