The last remaining warrior of the Nightmare Knights was said to have been mortally wounded by dragons to eventually die below the Plains of Havoc.


Dragons, Dragon Lords, Fire Devil, Demodras (rare spawn). Getting there: Poison Spiders, Tarantulas, all kinds of Minotaurs, Giant Spiders, The Old Widow (rare spawn).

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Required Equipment


Ormanented shield quest.jpg

Go into the Plains of Havoc and head down a hidden hole here.

On the 1st level down (Pic 1), you will fight a single Dragon. Proceed down the ramp.

On the 2nd level down (Pic 2), 2 Dragons are present, but it is possible to fight them one at a time if you block one into the narrow passageway. Go down the ramp again.

The 3rd level down (Pic 3) has a corridor heading south, followed by an open room with many treasures, including daily spawns of a Small Diamond, Small Emerald, Small Amethyst, Bow, Steel Helmet, Talon, and Plate Armor, as well as 2 Dragon Lords and several Dragons. Kill them with caution, using the corridor to lure them one at a time, if need be.

Use a pick on the X marked on the map. Down the hole there is a Fire Devil and a number of Fire Fields. Pass them and use a Destroy Field Rune on the Fire Field with a body sticking out underneath of it. This is the corpse of Krendorak, one of the last Nightmare Knights. In the body you will find a Brown Bag containing the Ornamented Shield along with some other items. This is the first part of the quest.

To complete the second part of this quest, rope yourself back up the hole to the main room. You will now need someone to help you, a partner. You will see Stalagmites in the southwest corner blocking the way to a rope hole. To remove these stalagmites, have your partner stand on the spot directly southwest of the fire field in the northwest corner of the room. Once the stalagmites have been removed, you can walk behind them and open the Chest (Quest), which contains a Red Bag with a Time Ring and some other items.

Now you have two choices: you can either go back the way you came in (if the stalagmites are still being blocked by your partner) or you can rope yourself up near the chest and eventually appear at the Plains of Havoc again, near the Necromant House.