You see an orewalker.
  • CLONK!


The Orewalker is a creature of fire and heat. To be more precise, what seems to be the physical body of the Orewalker is just magma, stone and ores, held together by a spirit of heat and fire. The non-corporeal beings create the bodies by sheer force of will, which in turn serve as some kind of anchor in the physical world. If their bodies are destroyed, they are hurled back into the spirit realm from which they originate. It is hard to comment on the Orewalkers' intelligence and intentions, since they seem to be so unfamiliar with the world. Given the fact that they serve in the armies of those below, it is assumed that the Orewalker spirits are called from beyond and more or less forced into a physical body before being unleashed with some rudimentary orders. The spirits are probably highly intelligent, but given the differences between the worlds it seems impossible for any form of communication other than forcing them to do something. It is not known whether they follow those below for their own unfathomable reasons or are reluctant, perhaps even rebellious helpers. Given the treatment of other minions by those below, a form of slavery seems most likely, but an unholy alliance of sorts cannot be ruled out. Any experiments to call and bind such a spirit are futile as long as so little is known about those spirits and their world.
In battle, the Orewalkers are somewhat clumsy. Only few of them seem to remain in our world long enough to get some sense of coordination. What they lack in manoeuvrability, they make up for in brutal strength of their snakelike bodies and the heat of the blood-like magma that flows within their veins.


Melee (0-300+), Groundshaker beam (0-1500, deals Earth damage), spark Berserk (Distance Fighting skill reduction?), purple musical bomb (on itself, causes drunkenness), 3x3 earth attack (poisons for 54 hp/turn), thin death wave (manadrain)

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Warzone 3.


Orewalkers will fight in close combat. An orewalker never retreats.


Druids and Sorcerers should use a Gill Coat, a Gill Gugel, Gill Legs and a Terra Amulet for protection because his Groundshaker beam always does a lot of damage.
Paladins should avoid his spark Berserk because it drains Distance Fighting skill and make sure to avoid his Groundshaker beam as well.