The Order of the Falcon used to be an Order of powerful knights. It was created by three Knights of the King Xenom, the father of King Tibianus: the siblings Oberon, Kesar Etzel and Scarlett. They are based in a Castle which can only be accessed through a magic ritual, the Falcon Bastion.

The siblings eventually fell off with Oberon. Kesar apparently migrated from Edron to Bounac and founded the Order of the Lion. Even though Scarlet seem to have disappeared, rumors say she also found a new Order of her own, the Order of the Cobra.

At some point during the Order's explorations, they seem to have been contaminated by the Zao Corruption. It's unclear if this is what led to their current situation, however, the Falcon Knights and Paladins are now mere shadows of their former, noble self.

Members of the Order of the Falcon

Regular Creatures

NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Falcon Paladin.gif
Falcon Paladin
Falcon Knight.gif
Falcon Knight


NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Preceptor Lazare.gif
Preceptor Lazare
Grand Commander Soeren.gif
Grand Commander Soeren
Grand Canon Dominus.gif
Grand Canon Dominus
Grand Chaplain Gaunder.gif
Grand Chaplain Gaunder
Grand Master Oberon.gif
Grand Master Oberon

Documents related to the Order

There are several Documents in the Falcon and Cobra bastions that tell part of the story of the Orders. The collection Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia tells the story about the Ancient Orders of King Xenon:

NameBook TypeShort Description
Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia I (Book)Book (Brown)Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia (part I)
Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia II (Book)Piece of Paper (Blank)Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia (part II)
Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia III (Book)Parchment (White)Knightly Successor Orders of Tibia (part III)

Some documents also describe the routine and research of the Falcon Order:

NameBook TypeShort Description
Falcon Bastion Stables (Book)Piece of PaperA member of the Falcon Order writes a letter to his companions.
Disillusioned Blacksmith (Book)Parchment (White)A blacksmith is no longer happy with his new way of life.
Dragons Ought Be Tamed II (Book)Book (Black)A complete treatise on several types of dragons and various methods of taming them.
Grey Plague Research (Book)Parchment (White)A druid has been ordered to research the Grey Plague.

Beside the books above, there are also 9 volumes of The Grand Master of Verbal Debate.



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Some NPCs talk about the Order of the Falcon:

  • King Tibianus: As a young prince I have heard high tales of the Order of the Falcon. It was a topic in history lessons as well. As far as I know, their significance faded after a dispute with my father King Xenom. ...
    King Tibianus: Their stronghold to the north is still largely intact and we left it alone for the most part. People tend to avoid it as the Order's disappearance was never truly solved.