The "games" the brutish Orgers partake in serve as thinly veiled excuses to stuff their maws and fill their bellies, while simultaneously harassing the subservient Orcs.


Orgers, Cows, Roast Porks


Festive points that can be exchanged for different rewards; 50% XP boost for creatures of the Demon Bestiary Class. You can also get the achievements Do a Barrel Roll! for the mount, Traditionalist for the outfit and Orcsoberfest Welcome for winning the games, Orcsoberfest Garb Outfit and addons:
Outfit Orcsoberfest Garb Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Female Addon 3.gif

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South of Thais, you'll find a tent and travel to the Orcsoberfest Island.

On the island you will find several activities which you can participate to earn Festive Points. Most of the activities only have a cooldown limit, but others have more limitations. The requirement of each activity is explained in its section.

General Activities

Bass Fishing

Requirement: Several Worm Worms are needed for this activity. You can buy them from NPC Xaver on the island by saying worms.
Reward: 10 Festive Points.

Go west of the island's boat where you'll find several fishing rods by the sea. Your objective is to use the smaller baits to fish bigger Basses until you catch a Bass. After using each rod, a White Piece of Cloth will appear on it for 15 seconds and during this time this rod cannot be used again.

  1. Simple Fishing Rod Start on the Simple Fishing Rods. Just click on them to consume a Worm. If you're successful, you'll catch a Tiny Bass Tiny Bass. (A bass bites! Your eyes fixated on the fish, you wrestle, you fight. Finally he gets weary - a good catch!)
  2. Stout Fishing Rod With a Tiny Bass in your inventory, find the Stout Fishing Rods and use them. If you're lucky, you'll fish a Small Bass Small Bass. (A bass bites! Your eyes fixated on the fish, you wrestle, you fight. Finally he gets weary - a good catch!)
  3. Advanced Fishing Rod Finally, use the Advanced Fishing Rods to try and fish a Bass Bass. Successfully fishing a Bass will grant you 10 Festive Points. (A large one! This one proves quite a challenge. Struggling but keeping up the pace. Finally you reel in your catch of the day!)

Since most fishing attempts will fail, the best strategy is simply to walk along the shore using the rods until you finally complete the challenge. Simple Fishing rods have a 33% success rate which drops to 10% for Advanced Fishing Rods

See also: Bass Fishing/Statistics


Requirement: You can do this activity once every 30 minutes. Having a partner is very helpful but not mandatory.
Reward: 15 Festive Points.

Around the activities area you'll find several Super Casks. By using them, you'll get Drunk, and if you use enough Casks in a short time you'll become Superdrunk. Once Superdrunk, you have to use one of the Nailing Beams around the island. Since being superdrunk will make it very hard to walk long distances, the best Beam is the one located just north of the Porker.

This challenge can be much easier with a friend. After becoming Superdrunk, have the other person push your character towards the Nailing Beam, since being pushed won't make you misstep. If you get superdrunk on a Supercask that is not the one near the nails, stop by it to drink another sip because the superdrunkeness only lasts for some seconds.

You can use the Nailing Beam 3 times, for 5 Festive Points each. After the third time, the 30 minutes cooldown will start counting.

Orcsoberfest - Hammerschlagen.png

Whack the Orc

Requirement: You can do this activity once every 15 minutes.
Reward: Between 5 and 15 Festive Points.

Orcs Hit Points
0 - 7 0
8 - 10 5
11 - 14 10
15+ 15

At the center of the activities area, you'll find a large rectangular fenced area. South of it there's a teleport to the platform with the lever. This activity can only be done alone.

Your objective, as the name suggests, is to use the hammer on the Armable Beer Trap (Orc) orc heads that appear inside the Armable Beer Trap (Empty) Armable Beer Traps. Do not hit the catsArmable Beer Trap (Cat), or you'll be disqualified. Your reward depends on the amount of orcs you hit as shown on the table to the right.
It's recommended to add hotkey to a blank action button before entering to save time. After pulling the lever, quickly grab the Orc Hammer Orc Hammer in front of you and drag it to the action button, but beware: even though it does not have attack stats, the action button dialog will be set on Equip/unequip checkmark by default, just click on the Use with crosshairs option. Even setting this up quickly, it is probable you can not hit enough orcs in the short time you have during the first attempt. Speed Set and spells are also recommended to improve your numbers, as sometimes the orc heads will appear a few sqm away from you.

Orcsoberfest - Whack.png

Sausage Eating Contest

Requirements: At least 3 players. Being hungry is highly recommended. You can do this activity once every 15 minutes.
Reward: Between 6 and 10 Festive Points.

This activity is located to the north-east of the activities area. You need at least 3 players to start the contest, up to a maximum of 5. After pulling the lever, each character will be sent to one of the tables with Competition Sausage Competition Sausages. Use the plate to eat the sausage on it. After a few seconds, a new sausage will be provided to you. Those who manage to eat all their sausages during the contest duration (5 rounds) will be the winners.

As long as your character is hungry, this contest is mostly about luck. Each sausage you eat will add a different amount of time to your Food timer. If you're unlucky, you'll get full before the contest is over and lose. The number of Festive Points rewarded depend on the amount of participants: 6 points for 3 players, 8 points for 4 players, 10 points for 5 players.

Orcsoberfest - Sausage Eating.png

The Great Food Race

Requirements: Solo or up to 3 players. You can do this activity once every 30 minutes.
Reward: Between 15 and 45 Festive Points.

North of the activities area you'll find the entrance to the Racing Tracks. Even though you can do this one solo, it's better if you have other players with you since the more winners, the more Festive Points everyone gets (even those who failed).

Your objective is to bring the Food Wagon to the other side of the race in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. The Wagon will follow you, so you have to go ahead. Different things during the race will make your life easier or harder:

  • Cobbled Pavement.gif Along the way, different floor tiles will give you (and the Wagon) different speed. Lure it over the Cobblestone as often as possible and avoid the Sand and Tar tiles.
  • Slime.gif There are Slowing Slimes on the track, which use an "attack" around them that will greatly reduce the Wagon's speed, so do your best to avoid walking near them.
  • Dog.gif Your main concern will be the Annoying Dogs. The Dogs will follow you and constantly use an attack that also slows down the Wagon, so you mustn't let the Wagon near the Dog. One Dog appears shortly after the race starts, and one halfway to the finish line. A good tip is to use the fork on the cart immediatly at the start. This way, the first dog will almost always be dealt with.
  • Fork.gif There are two uses for the Orger Fork that appears on the floor at the start of the race:
    • Annoying Dogs: by using it on the Wagon, a bunch of Meat will drop on the floor. If the Dog walks over it, it will get distracted, become an Eating Dog and slow down for some seconds. The Wagon becomes a Used Food Wagon for some seconds before you can take meat from it again. Despite this possibility, it does not seem to be worth to use the fork. Usually you'll spend more time trying to lure the Dog on the Meat than anything else, and it's much better to just keep it away. Furthermore, by not taking the Fork you can completely avoid the first Dog.
    • Remove paralysis: The second use is the best one. If the Wagon gets paralyzed by the Slowing Slime or a Dog, you can use the Fork to change the Wagon's form, which will also remove the paralysis.
  • Water Elemental.gif If your Wagon is slowed down by the Slime or the Dog, you can walk it near a Font of Refreshment. The Font also attacks around it with a spell that removes paralysis. Be careful not to spend too many time doing that, however. Usually, it's only worth if the Font is nearby already.

The Feeding Grounds

The Feeding Grounds is a cave under the island which can be accessed by a teleport just north of the island's deck. To enter the grounds, however, you need Schnitzel Points, which you obtain through The Great Schnitzel Hunt.

The Great Schnitzel Hunt

The hunt happens all over Tibia. Initially, you have to find where the gate to the Great Schnitzel is. It can be near any of the 16 towns/villages shown to the right. You can use All Knowing Sausages, an item you buy from Xaver for 100 Festive Points, to discover the location of the gate. The item is not consumed so you can use it as many times as you need. The location of the gate changes every 2 hours,

Once you find the gate, step on the Omnious Cauldron Omnious Cauldron to enter the Schnitzel's lair. You don't have to worry about being attacked because the creatures there do not deal any damage. Kill the Spawns of the Schnitzel and pickup the Schnitzel Meat Grinder Schnitzel Meat Grinders they drop. Use the Meat Grinders on The Great Schnitzel to damage it. Each Meat Grinder you use will grant you 1 Schnitzel Point. You can stack up to 50 points at any time.

Note: The Meat Grinders disappear 10 minutes after their respective Spawns appear, so trying to store them for another moment is futile. For this reason, it's also possible that the first few Spawns you kill will be empty.

You need 10 Schnitzel Points to enter the Feeding Grounds. When you do that, you'll spend the points and gain free access for 2 hours (you can go in and out as you please).

Orcsoberfest - Great Schnitzel.png

Mopping Up Vomit

Requirements: A Broom. You can do this activity once every 15 minutes.
Reward: 1 Festive Points.

Inside the Feeding Grounds you'll find several Vomit Puddles. Use a regular Broom Broom on it to get one Festive Point.

Orcsoberfest - Vomit.png

Do not Feed the Porker

Requirement: You can do this activity once every ? minutes. Having partners is very helpful but not mandatory.
Reward: Between 2 and 25 Festive Points

This game takes place at the center of the games area and can be easily noticed by the small pigsty. Your goal is to collect 300 items to feed the Meager Porker, make it fat and then a killable creature (Fat Porker). The 300 items are a collective amount by everyone participating so you don't need to collect them all yourself. Everyone who wants to "win" needs to feed the pig and attack the creature as well. The amount of Festive Points gained depend on how much food you fed it before attacking. It has a lot of hitpoints, but it's harmless. The items you need to feed the pig spawn inside the Feeding Grounds under the island, but they vanish shortly after being picked up. Thus, you can only take about 5-10 items before they start disappearing by the time you reach the porker, forcing you to make several trips back and forth. The items are the following:

Once the porker becomes a creature, just kill it to complete the game.

The Feast

Requirements: Between 1 and 5 players. You can do this activity once every hour, up to 3 times in a 20 hour span. The 20 hour cooldown starts counting after the day's last attempt.
Reward: 100 Festive Points and a small chance of an Orcsoberfest plushie.

The ultimate activity of the Orcsoberfest is taking part in King Chuck's own Feast. To do that, enter the Feeding Grounds, go to the second floor and then find the teleport on the west side of the cave. Up to 5 players can participate in the Feast, and a minimum of 3 is recommended to complete the Feast successfully.

The Feast has several stages which will happen more than once each, with the exception of the final stage, on the following order:

Stew Time 🡆 Beer Elementals 🡆 Stew Time 🡆 Beer Elementals 🡆 Angry King Chuck 🡆
Stew Time 🡆 Beer Elementals 🡆 Stew Time 🡆 Beer Elementals 🡆 Angry King Chuck 🡆 Orger Treasure

You have 10 minutes to complete all stages, however, failing in some of them will result in a time penalty.

Stew Time

Orcsoberfest - Ingredients.png

The Orc Cook south-west of the room will yell that the King wants one of the ingredients or wood to be added to the Cauldron at the center of the room. The ingredients are placed in 4 different tables in each side of the room, as seen on the image. You have a small time to use the required ingredient on the table and then use it on the Cauldron to add it. Failure to do so in time will result in a time-penalty for the team.

The best method to do this stage is to have one player responsible for each table and quickly use the correct ingredient in the Cauldron.

Note: The ingredients you take from the table are not the same as the regular items they resemble, so you can't bring them from outside King Chuck's room.

Beer Elementals

After placing 5 ingredients in the Cauldron, 4 Rampaging Beer Elementals will spawn in the room. You have to use the traps on the floor and lure the Beer Elemental onto them, which will make them become a Captured Beer. The Captured Beers will run away from you, and you have to lure them towards the other barrels north-west of the room.

Do not let the Beer Elementals hit you, if they do it 3 times you will get 1 minute deducted from your max time in the the room.

Angry King Chuck

Once you do each of the first 2 stages twice, King Chuck will come out of his table as Angry King Chuck. To calm him down, you have to use the Barrel near the Orc Cook south-west of the room, which will make a Strong Orger Beer barrel appear somewhere around the Cauldron. Lure Angry King Chuck to it and he will drink the Beer. After drinking 5 Barrels, the King will calm down and return to his table.

Do not let Angry King Chuck hit you, if he dooes it a few (3?) times you will get kicked out of the room.

Orger Treasure

Calming down the Angry King Chuck two times will bring you to the final stage. An Orger Treasure will spawn south of the Cauldron. It has quite a lot of health, but it does not hit you back. After you destroy it, you'll get your loot. It's recommended to use full force here since the time available to kill it may be very short if the team made some mistakes during the other stages or does not have at least 4 players.


The Festive Points obtained from the games can be exchanged with Xaver on the island for several rewards.

By winning on all games at least once, you'll receive the achievement Orcsoberfest Welcome,

Orcsoberfest Garb

Each edition of the event you participate will grant you with a piece of the Traditional Set after you defeat King Chuck. Additionally, you will get a part of the Orcsoberfest Garb Outfits every 2 participations:

Thus, it takes at least 3 years (6 events) to get the full outfit.

World Reward

During the weekend following the event (from server save on Friday until server save on Monday), all game worlds will receive a 50% XP boost for creatures of Demon Bestiary Class.