You see an orclops doomhauler.
  • Me mash!
  • Muhahaha!
  • Me strong, you weak!


Orclops Doomhaulers are the elite of the orclopses. They make up with cunning what they lack in strength in comparison with the ravager. Before they join a fight, they lead the ravagers from behind, usually using a unique weapon called doomcrusher to weaken the foe from afar.

Orclops Doomhaulers choose one of their own as leader. The orclops ravagers accept the elected doomhauler's rules without complaint. There is not much to decide in the simple lives of orclopses. For this reason, the main duty of such a leader is to put hunting parties together and to assign them to specific areas. It is also a leader's decision in which direction the tribe will move next. Orclops Doomhaulers inherited some of the smithing skills of the cyclopes. This makes them the primary craftsmen of their tribes. They are particularly proud of their personal doomcrushers and they spend a significant amount of time to construct and maintain them. Apart from that they create the few weapons and tools needed by their tribe. However, since orclopses prefer to live a simple life, the doomhaulers' cunning is often seen as a burden rather than a gift. Occasionally a doomhauler tries to initiate a trade with local cyclopes, but the latter usually consider orclopses as abominations and react hostilely towards them. Only very rarely, a leader of the doomhaulers manages to form an alliance with cyclopes. Such alliances are shaky at best since even the cyclopes with the best intentions find it hard to ignore the 'orcish degeneration'. Moreover, orclopses have little to offer that the cyclopes could use. It is much more common that an orc tribe is willing to ally with the orclopses. However, the orclopses usually react reservedly to such offers because of their shared past. The orcs, on the other hand, eye the doomhaulers suspiciously. They consider them as a threat to their leadership which is often based on brutality and strength - disciplines in which the Orclops Doomhaulers easily surpass even the strongest orc. Even though Orclops Doomhaulers have led orc tribes, it is a relatively uncommon scenario. Still, the rumours about it and the mere possibility prevent alliances between the two on a larger scale. The more powerful an orc warlord, the more he perceives such an alliance as a threat. Like most orclopses, also the majority of the Orclops Doomhaulers actually does not aspire more from their lives than a full stomach. Some of them participate in fierce eating contests with other orclopses but particularly with ogres.

Some of the Orclops Doomhaulers began to dabble with shamanistic magic. After many years of trial and error, they have turned into the dreaded rage priests of Blog.

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Melee (0-215+), Explosion (0-132+), Area Attack (causes Bleeding starting from 7 dmg), Red Sparkles on itself.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Fights in close combat. An orclops doomhauler will retreat at 20 (1.18%, deep red) health.




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