The citizens of the newly discovered city of Rathleton need some help in fighting off threats to their civilisation.




Voting points which can be used in the Rathleton Quest.


The missions and tasks that take place in the Underground Glooth Factory were introduced after the first part of the quest, with the 2014 Winter Update.




The following missions/tasks take place in the Underground Glooth Factory and thus cannot be completed without the Citizen rank of the Rathleton Quest:


  1. The Milking Spiders and Cooking Gloo tasks do not require access to the Underground Glooth Factory and are possible on the mission that unlocks them before access is available. However, the final objective of the mission, Gassing Up, requires access to the Underground Glooth Factory. Thus, repeating the task is impossible without the Citizen rank.


The tasks are supposed to be additional objectives to complete while normally playing the game. However, some players will want to focus on points to use the features that are available to high-ranked citizens. The following tasks are reasonably completable during a hunt:

The following tasks are the fastest to complete for votes:

The following tasks are kill-tasks and require almost no effort outside of usual hunting:

The following task has limited repeats per day and is impractical for farming:

The following task could be completed to buy your way through voting points assuming the items are available:

  • Glooth Capsules (requires Citizen rank and Glooth Bandits and Four Demanding Statues mission)

The following tasks are simply not worth the hassle just for the points:


The Missions can only be completed as described in this section once, however, most of them will open a task that consist in repeating part of the mission again for additional voting points.

The Glooth Bandits

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Piece of Paper.gif You read the following.
"I discovered a buried temple or shrine, that must once have been part of a much bigger complex. I don't know what ancient culture could have built this nor whether it was a sanctuary, palace or something completely different. The main part of these ruins is a small place, accurately built of black and white tiles. In the centre is a big black stone figure, surrounded by four different statues. Each of them has an inscription, which gives a hint on what the statue wishes. I assume if one can fulfil all four wishes, something will happen, yet I don't know what this 'something' could be. I also noticed that the inscription on one of the statues became unreadable over time. Based on an old legend I assume, the last request could be: 'Adorn me.' "

From the second floor of the Underground Glooth Factory, head south-east and turn north-east at the intersection. You will encounter Elbert here. Ask Elbert for a mission and he will ask you to help him investigate the sudden widespread glooth bandit attacks.

Elbert wants you to collect 10 Glooth Capsules which the Glooth Bandits and Glooth Brigands have stolen. Note that Elbert will not accept Tainted Glooth Capsules.

You will get 2 voting rights for finishing this mission.

Four Demanding Statues

Elbert will send you on a mission to find the bandits' hideout, and to find out who is behind the attacks. The hideout's entrace is to the south-west of the Underground Glooth Factory, here. When you arrive, you will find a strange room with 4 statues. Each statue except the east has a description which indicates what you must do to get a reaction from the statue. Furthermore, there is a Dead Explorer to the north with the book paper shown.

You must find a way to bless, adorn, feed, and entertain the statues.

To entertain the west statue, purchase a Lyre and use it near the statue.

Mysteriously the kingly statue comes to life, smiles slightly and nodds generously. Then it turns back into its lifeless state.

To feed the south statue, go north-east of the Underground Glooth Factory, just outside Georgia Rainbird's laboratory, and search the Heap of Rubbish, here. You will find a special Dead Rat. Use this on the statue.

Mysteriously the statue comes to life, bends its head and devours the offered meat. Then it turns back into its lifeless state.

Locations of Dinky Moss Floret

To adorn the east statue, you must create a Dinky Moss Floret Garland. All around the eastern mushroom area you will find Dinky Moss Florets on the mountain walls. Use these to obtain Dinky Moss Florets. When you have 3, use one of the Dinky Moss Florets on another one to create Interwoven Moss Floret. Use a Dinky Moss Floret on the Interwoven Moss Floret to create a Dinky Moss Floret Garland. Finally, use the Dinky Moss Floret Garland on the statue to adorn it. Turn off the flame on the statue first by using the statue. If you do not do this, the garland will be destroyed when you use it on the statue!

Mysteriously the statue comes to life, stretches out its arm and takes the flowers. Then it turns back into its lifeless state.

To bless the north statue, purchase Special Flask (Holy Water) from Henricus in Thais. Purchasing this requires The Inquisition Quest - mission 3 completed. Use the Holy Water on the statue.

Mysteriously the statue comes to life, nodds generously and spreads its wings. Then it turns back into its lifeless state.
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Parchment (Yellow).gif You read the following.
"My esteemed colleague,

we are very pleased to hear that your activities near Rathleton are flourishing. To be honest, at first we were more than suspicious as we learned that you are hiring a gang of criminals and have them do the more inconvenient tasks for you. But seemingly you are able to keep away from them the important information about your actual goals and intentions. Furthermore your succes in establishing a makeshift laboratory in the tunnels under Rathleton and even acquiring some novel glooth based weaponry speaks for itself. The mutated glooth you mentioned in your last letter is an interesting matter. Perhaps it is useable in an arcane way to enhance spells or improve potions. Even the creation of yet unknown artefacts could be possible. We think your endeavours are taking a good path.

With best regards
Uquora the High-Handed of the Circle of the Black Sphinx"

Now that you have animated the 4 statues you may enter the Magic Forcefield in the center. You will be teleported to a room one floor up with more Glooth Bandits and Glooth Brigands. Find the Warlock in the room far east, here, kill him and search his Bookcase for the Parchment. Be careful when returning since the creatures around the statues may have spawned and you will be surrounded by them.

Report back to Elbert. Upon greeting him your mission will be completed and you will get 4 voting rights.

The Mutated Glooth Plague

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Large Book.gif You read the following.
Scientific Research Report by Georgia Rainbird:

Three months ago I discovered it for the first time: A strange kind of glooth, deep purple in colour and of a slightly different consistency than the glooth variant we knew until now. There are some pools or ponds of this glooth in the upper mushroom caves in the east of the tunnels. At the time of my researches these were the only ones, but I fear they are spreading. I assume, it is a kind of mutation that caused the glooth to change this way. I was very careful about my researches as I don't yet know all possible side effects of this mutated glooth variant. What I was able to determine is the following: The mutated glooth is a dangerous thing. It affects its environment in a clearly negative fashion. Some plants wither and rot under its influence, others mutate into toxic, sometimes even animated variants. Smaller cave dwellers as rats, toads and bugs are likewise affected by the side effects of the mutated glooth. They also evolve into poisonous, bigger and stronger variants of themselves. They show an increased aggressiveness and seem to infect other animals with their bite. These first observations lead me to believe that the glooth mutation down here has to be stopped. If it spreads out the danger for Rathleton or even Oramond could be immense.

NPC: Georgia Rainbird.

Ask Georgia Rainbird for a mission.

You must find the items she lists and use them on the Strange Device that she provides in order to create the Glooth Converter.

If you lose your Strange Device/Glooth Converter you can obtain a new one by telling Georgia Rainbird that you lost glooth converter.

Use all these items on the Strange Device to create the Glooth Converter. Then talk to Georgia again.

You mount the indicator gauge on the unfinished device. But it doesn't seem complete yet.
You mount the glass tube on the unfinished device. But it doesn't seem complete yet.
You mount the valve on the unfinished device. But it doesn't seem complete yet.
You mount the gear wheels on the unfinished device. Now it seems to work.

Now you need to find a Crimson Crest Mushroom (Immobile). You can find these around most purple slime pools, e.g. in the Gloothworm Farm on the north-east part of the tunnels, here. Use the mushroom to obtain a Crimson Crest Mushroom.

Now you must go back to Georgia Rainbird's laboratory and use the Crimson Crest Mushroom on her Alchemical Apparatus to obtain the Vial of Mushroom Distillate.

Use Vial of Mushroom Distillate on the Glooth Converter to obtain Filled Glooth Converter.

Note: If you have any Tainted Glooth Capsules, you may want to use the Filled Glooth Converter on them before continuing, since it will be destroyed after the mission and you will need to create a new one to clear your capsules.

You now must use the Filled Glooth Converter on 8 pools of purple slime. You must use it like a fishing rod - aim for the middle of the pool, because the ground borders will block you from using it close to the edge. When you do this the 8th time, the Filled Glooth Converter will break and you will be left with a Strange Device, allowing you to restart the task. Talk again to Georgia to receive 5 voting points.

The Gloud Ship

Find Zeronex by going to the harbour and walking around the city wall to find a Ladder (here). Go up the ladders to reach the top and walk a little north.

Talk to Zeronex about the incident and accept the mission with yes. He will send you to Nicholas Cavendish to obtain a Strong Cloth.

Strong Cloth

Go to Nicholas inside Upper Rathleton. He is located above the post office, here; to reach him, you must use the Elevator on the south side of the building. Nicholas will ask you for 20 Pieces of Crocodile Leather in return for secret information. Give him the Crocodile Leather and ask again about the very strong cloth. Nicholas will create Strong Cloth for you if you bring him the material required.

First, Nicholas requires 15 pieces of Steel Spider Silk. To get them, you must find special Steel Spiders which crawl around many Rathleton landmarks. Note that you must find the spiders, not Spider Webs. It is recommended to go to the Glooth Factory (here) as it has a higher spider density, but you can find them in the Rathleton Sewers and possibly other places as well. Use the Milking Fork that Nicholas provided on the Steel Spiders. Note that some "spiders", even around Rathleton, which look similar are actually Something Crawling which cannot be used.

With much care, you extracted some steel spider silk.

When you have obtained 15 pieces of Steel Spider Silk, you must find a Yarn-Winding Machine and use the Steel Spider Silk on the Yarn-Winding Winch to make a Spool of Steel Silk Yarn. You can find one on the west side of the Workshop Quarter, here.

You have spun the yarn on a spool. Now you can weave a cloth.

Now go to the room below Zeronex and use your Spool of Steel Silk Yarn with a Weaving Loom to obtain Strong Cloth. The following message will appear:

You have woven a fine strong cloth.

Bottle of Airtight Gloo

Go back up the ladder and talk to Zeronex. He will take the Strong Cloth from you and instruct you to speak with Yeo about obtaining strong glue, or gloo. Find Yeo by the Rathleton harbour and exchange the 10 Shrimp for a Bottle of Gloo.

Now you must concoct a Bottle of Airtight Gloo. To do so, go to the Rathleton pharmacy. It is located in the western part of the Rathleton Workshop Quarter, west of the stairs (here). On the second floor, open the Bookcase to obtain Glooth Farina. Go up the stairs again and open the northern Bookcases to obtain Pink Gloud Essence and Glooth Vinegar. You may not need all of these items or you may need more of them. If you need more of an item after using the one you obtain, you can open the respective Bookcase to obtain another one.

Now that you have the ingredients, find a Glooth Cauldron. Conveniently, there are a few located just east of the pharmacy (here and upstairs). Use the Bottle of Gloo on a cauldron and a message appears:

<gloop> <gloop gloop>

Now you must use the Glooth Cauldron until you obtain the Bottle of Airtight Gloo. If you receive one of the following server messages then you must perform something else before continuing to use the cauldron:

The concoction is too thick. Liquefy it with glooth vinegar.

—Use Glooth Vinegar on the Glooth Cauldron.

The concoction does not stick! Sequester it with glooth farina.

—Use Glooth Farina on the Glooth Cauldron.


—Use Pink Gloud Essence on the Glooth Cauldron.

You have retrieved some glooth plasma. Maybe you should shake it to see if it settles down?

—Use Glooth Plasma. A few things can happen:
The mix decomposes. Try to cook up some gloo at the cauldrons again.
—You obtain Rubbish and lose the Glooth Plasma. Continue using the Glooth Cauldron.
Nothing happens. Maybe if you shook it a little more?
—Nothing happens. You can use the Glooth Plasma again.

If you require more of the three items, you can receive more from the pharmacy after using the ones you took.

When you are done, you will have received the message:

You have retrieved some airtight gloo.

Report back to Zeronex about your mission. He will give you an Airtight Cloth to keep, and a Gas Bag for your next mission.

Optional side-mission: Zeronex will give you Airtight Cloth if you ask for it. You can give 6 Airtight Cloths to the NPCs within Rathleton: Yeo, Nicholas, Barazbaz, Alaistar, Fayla and Christine will accept Airtight Cloths. When you hand one in to each of these NPCs, you will receive the achievement Publicity.

Filled Gas Bag

Your next mission is to go to Zeronex's laboratory and fill his Gas Bag. The laboratory in the Underground Glooth Factory. Go to the Underground Glooth Factory by entering the Slime Slide in the building by NPC Terrence who is east of the stairs to Upper Rathleton. Go to the furthest west-southwest of the cave to find Zeronex's laboratory, here.

When you find Zeronex's laboratory, use the three Glooth Data Machines that are against the walls. You must use the east side of the machines repeatedly until the calibration is complete for that machine. You will receive the following server messages when you're done with that machine, not necessarily in this order:


Now you can use the Gas Bag on the Glooth Data Machine in the center of the laboratory. When you do so, your Gas Bag will become a Full Gas Bag and you will receive the following message:

You fill some of the gloud into the gas bag.

Go back to Zeronex and report about your mission. You can leave the Underground Glooth Factory by entering the Slime Slide near where you appeared on entry.

You will receive 3 voting points for completing this mission and you can now accept 3 daily tasks.


The tasks can be done as many as you want. Some of them have daily-limits, but some do not.


You can get this mission from Doubleday, but it is not necessary because the task is automatically started when you kill a monster relating to the task in the Rathleton Sewer.

Go to the Rathleton Sewer and kill monsters in the sequence given by the quest log / server messages. The possible monsters are:

Each time you kill the correct monster, your streak goes up. If you kill the wrong monster, your streak resets to 0. Report to Doubleday hi > combinatorics > yes to report your count. When you are ready to take your votes from Doubleday say hi > exchange > (number you wish to exchange) > yes You will be rewarded voting points in the Rathleton Magistrate.

It's recommended to do this with a team who will allow you to kill monsters one by one for your task. The dynamic spawns within the Rathleton Sewer make it impossible to predict what will spawn where.

After finishing 10 consecutive chains perfectly in one task you will get the Combo Master achievement.

Communication Breakdown

Find Doubleday, who is located upstairs in a building in the Rathleton Workshop Quarter, just south of the ladder to Upper Rathleton (here). Ask him for the communications task. Doubleday will mark a Sewer Grate location on your map, where you must go down. Head south-west of Doubleday's building and go under the docks. Use the Sewer Grate (here) which takes you 2 floors down (to here). Be prepared to face Glooth Anemones, Glooth Golems and Devourers here. It's recommended to bring Fire Wall Runes/Fire Bomb Runes to block some spawns from reaching you.

Note: in order to reach the surface again you must use the ladder in the wall.

In the sewers you must find one of the massive Generators with Strangely Coloured Spumes. There are 3 on the floor you are on; one is to the east (closest), and two are to the north. When you find one, use the Slimy Valve on the south side of the Generator. Coloured steam will appear over your character and orange text will display above the valve, such as "Violet steam emerges...". Use the valves 3 times, recording the color steam that is released. If you use the Slimy Valves too fast then they will become too hot and you must wait a few seconds. You must now use 3 of the Red, Yellow, Green, and Violet levers in the order the steam was released. For example, you might receive the 3 texts when using the Slimy Valve:

Violet steam emerges...
Green steam emerges...
Violet steam emerges...

This would indicate that you must pull the Violet Lever, then the Green Lever and finally the Violet Lever.

If you have difficulty distinguishing colours, you can look at the levers to find out what colors they are, and read the orange text that is displayed above the Slimy Valve. If you forget one of the steam colours you may want to guess violet, as it appears the most often. If you pull a lever that you aren't supposed to, you will fail and be able to repeat by using the Slimy Valve to obtain a new combination. Note that unexpected results occur if you try to pull the levers after only having seen 1-2 of the steam colours and go back to the Slimy Valve for the third. It's highly recommended to use the Slimy Valve 3 times.

When you have used the 3 levers, Strangely Coloured Glooth will appear on the floor north of the 4 levers. Use it to obtain a Vial of Coloured Glooth.

You fill some of the coloured glooth in a vessel. It seems to affect it, making it fragile. Better carry it somewhere safe.

You must now take the Vial of Coloured Glooth to NPC Doubleday. If you move the Vial of Coloured Glooth it will vanish (Strangely, the blue glooth seems to affect the vessel it's in. It breaks the instant you try to move it.), but Doubleday will still receive the task from you regardless of that.

Report back to Doubleday by saying hi > communication > yes. You will now have 1 favour with Doubleday which you can exchange for voting rights in the Rathleton Magistrate.


Ask Doubleday for the probing task. He will give you a Mono Detector and a Strange Probing Device.

Note: Do not interact with the Strange Probing Device as it will vanish if you move it within a container or place it on the wrong spot. If this happens, you can ask Doubleday for a new Device (ask about detector), but you must wait 30 minutes (counting from when you got it the first time).

You must find certain abnormal spots within the Rathleton Sewers. The Mono Detector will help you find these abnormal spots; otherwise, you don't need to use the Mono Detector. It seems all possible spots are in the fungi area of the sewers, e.g. here which can be accessed by either entrances (Sewer Grate here, stairs here). Because it involves the very strong Fungi, you may need a team to reach a spot. When you have found an abnormal spot, place the Strange Probing Device from your inventory onto the ground at the abnormal spot (it will become an Active Probing Device) and then use it. If you are successful then you will receive a Crude Primitive Printout in your backpack.

There may be more abnormal spots, so try using the Mono Detector whenever you find strange things in Rathleton sewers.

When you are done, report back to Doubleday by saying hi > probing > yes. You will receive 1 favour point which can be exchanged for 1 voting right in the Rathleton Magistrate. You can repeat this task immediately. If you lose your Mono Detector or your Strange Probing Device, you can receive new ones from Doubleday but you will have to wait an hour after you received the last one. Completing this task enables you to obtain a Necrometer from Jondrin on the Dark Trails Quest; otherwise, he will tell you that you are too inexperienced to use such expensive government equipment.

Rathleton Turnip Party

You can get this mission from Terrence, but this is not necessary as you will start the task automatically when you interact with a Supply Crate.

Pass through the Rathleton Workshop Quarter, where you will encounter Metal Gargoyles and Rustheap Golems, and head east to Oramond Minotaurs. In the main part of Oramond Minotaurs you will face Mooh'Tah Warriors, Worm Priestesses and Minotaur Hunters. Within Oramond Minotaurs there are 2 ramps where you can go; the first and preferred is a little east of the entrance (here), the second is to the south (here). On these mountains you will encounter the same Minotaurs as you already have as well as Minotaur Amazons, Execowtioners and Moohtants.

On these mountains you will find Supply Crates. Use the Supply Crate to obtain a Supply Crate.

You feel as if being watched. Try to find a water source but don't throw the crate - put it in there gently and secretly.

Do not move the Supply Crate within your inventory or drop it or else it will vanish. Instead, find a local Shallow Water tile and use the Supply Crate on the Shallow Water from a distance. If you're on the preferred mountain in the center you can go down the south-eastern ramp to find a safe place with Shallow Water (here). When you use the Supply Crate on Shallow Water a Floating Crate of Turnips will appear in the water and you will receive the message:

You gently acquaint the crate with fresh water, destroying the turnip in the process - the feeling of being watched disappears.

You must dump 10 Supply Crates in the water, one by one, to complete your task. When you have obtained your 10th Supply Crate you will be unable to obtain another until you report the task. If you accidentally move the Supply Crate it will disappear and the following message will appear:

You drop the crate for a split-second - faster than you can even look, moohtants armed with cowtanas retrieve it and vanish.

When you are done, turn your task in to Terrence. For completing this task you will receive 1 voting point in the Rathleton Magistrate.

Taking the Rot Out

Kill a total of 100 Glooth Blob or Rot Elementals. You can report this mission with Jacob or Elliott by saying sewers, things, deal. You can also receive and report the mission to Terrence by saying hi, helping, killing, rot. You will receive one voting right for every 100 you slay. Note that even if you kill more than 100 they will not count for the next time you take the task, so try to deliver it as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is by hunting them in the western parts of lower Rathleton or in the sewers.

The Glooth Brothers / The Ancient Sewers

You can take this mission from either of the Glooth brothers: Jacob or Elliott. You will need to repair 20 Broken Generators or Broken Sewer Pipes, by simply using them. If you repair more than 20 before reporting back, they will count for the next time you take the task. This task will earn you 1 voting point for the Rathleton Quest. The repairs are needed all through the sewers but certain spots are better than others for this task. Look for generators and pipes that have dark smoke coming out of it, these are the ones needing repairing. You repair them just by using (rightclicking) them. If you're successful at repairing a pipe, the following message will display: "<clong!> <clang!> There. This piece is fixed." If you're successful at repairing a generator, this message will show: "<clong!> <clang!> <clong!> <clang!> <scrit scrit scrit> This should do it." It takes 2 minutes for a pipe or generator to become broken again.

The Powder of the Stars

The Powder of the Stars.png

The job is to find 15 Pollens of Peppermoon Bells flower and deliver them to Barnabas. They can be found on the second and third floor of a cave, north-west of Rathleton (walk from Chavis to the north-west, it's near the coast). This cave is filled with Hydras and Bog Raiders.

Simply use the Peppermoon Bells plant, it will give you a Blue Pollen every time. Sometimes it will make you dizzy (drunk for a few seconds). You can collect more than 15 Peppermoon Bells, and the remainder will still be counted after reporting to Barnabas (Same as Juicy Roots below).

To Take Roots

You can receive this mission from Chavis in the Rathleton Poorhouse (here), but it is not necessary as you can start the task by interacting with a Juicy Root. This task is recommendable because you can complete tasks in bulk, that is, you can report about your mission when it suits you.

Chavis is collecting Juicy Roots for the beggars of Rathleton. He will accept 5 bundles of Juicy Roots and award players with a voting right in the Rathleton Magistrate for bringing each 5 bundles. You can find Juicy Roots in three general areas: in the Southern Plains, the Western Plains and Oramond Minotaurs (east). They look like dried out trees. When you use a Juicy Root you will receive the following messages indicating whether you were successful or not:

You successfully harvest some juicy roots.
—Success, obtained Juicy Roots
Your harvesting attempt destroyed more of the juicy roots than you could salvage.
—Fail, nothing happens.

In either case, the Juicy Root will become a Harvested Root which will regrow after about 5 minutes.

Juicy Root
Oramond Quest Roots.png
Harvested Root
Oramond Quest Harvested Roots.png

Go back to Chavis and tell him you brought food. He will take all Juicy Roots that you have and give you the corresponding points. If you have lost some Juicy Roots he will take however many you have and give you points for the total that you have harvested, even if you have none, as what really matters is that you harvested them. Because of this, you cannot turn in bundles of Juicy Roots unless you have harvested them yourself. That is, another player cannot help you by giving you Juicy Roots.

You can retake this mission anytime by saying food again, or by interacting with a Juicy Root again.


Map Marker Flag.png Mootant Armor Rack

You can get this task from Terrence, but this is not necessary as you will start the task when you interact with the Nozzle for Cowcoa.

Go to the Oramond Minotaurs and head east upon entry to find a ramp. Go up the ramp and up another ramp to the south. South of the ramp you will find a Mill with a Nozzle for Cowcoa south of it. Use the Nozzle for Cowcoa to obtain a Cup of Cowcoa, which expires in 3 minutes. You can obtain more Cups of Cowcoa as long as you don't carry one, i.e. you may drop your first to obtain a second and you can obtain another if the ones you carry expire.

A nice fresh cup of cowcoa.

Go back to the surface and find one of the 4 Mootant Armor Racks[subject to change] and use the Cup of Cowcoa on it. It will become a Mootant Armor Rack[subject to change].

The acrid cowcoa reacts with the armor. Whatever it was made of, it is no more.

The Cup of Cowcoa you used will disappear but, if you are timely, you can use another Cup of Cowcoa (if you collected several) on a different Mootant Armor Rack. If you fail to destroy the Mootant Armor Rack before the Cup of Cowcoa expires you will receive the message:

The acrid cowcoa has actually corroded its way out of the vessel.

Repeat this until you have destroyed 10 Mootant Armor Racks. Report to Terrence about your sabotage mission and you will receive 1 voting right in the Rathleton Magistrate. If you attempt to destroy another before reporting about your mission, you will fail and receive the message:

You already sabotaged a fair amount of minotaur gear. Any more and they will grow suspicious. Return to a city official.

The Minor Taurs

Receive the task from Terrence by saying: hi, killing, minor. You need to kill a total of 100 of Minotaur Hunters, Mooh'tah Warriors or Worm Priestesses.

The Name Of The Beast

Recieve the task from Terrence by saying: hi, killing, blood. You need to kill a total of 100 Blood Beasts.

Dr. Merlay's Misery

Recieve this task from Roswitha on West Rathleton (here) by saying: hi, buy (or pint). It will start a short quest line where you'll be contacting a missing scientist. Get a Pint of Glooth by asking her. Go north and down a sewer hole. Walk around the wall north, past Elliott, and go down the next hole. Walk east then north and down the farthest ramp, then a bit north. Here use the sewer cover to be teleported down a floor. A wall of metal statues blocks your way. Drink the Pint of Glooth by using it on yourself and walk through the gates (You will receive the Elementary, My Dear achievement). Talk to the scientist, Dr Merlay (looks like a Massive Earth Elemental). He will instruct you to hand out letters to some of the citizens of Rathleton: Maro, Alaistar, Fyodor, Emily, Azalea.

After talking to all NPCs, you'll have received one Soothe Bloom (from Azalea) and one Glooth Potion (from Alaistar). Use the Glooth Potion on the Soothe Bloom to create a Cool Gloothy Mixture. Talk to Dr Merlay and tell him about the cool gloothy mixture. Then, use the Cool Gloothy Mixture on the Particle Accelerator located at the south-west corner of his laboratory to create an Ominously Glowing Pill. Talk to him again to report your success by saying yes. You will receive 1 voting point.

Nature's Balance

Ask Drystan Wildweed for a mission. He wants you to kill a combined total of 200 Glooth Bandits and Glooth Brigands. You can do this in conjunction with Glooth Bandits/Glooth Capsules.

Glooth Capsules

This is an extension of The Glooth Bandits mission. You can hand in 10 Glooth Capsules at any time to Elbert by saying hi > yes. Do note that the mission "Glooth bandits" needs to be completed before he accepts the capsules.

You can loot both Glooth Capsules and Tainted Glooth Capsules from Glooth Bandits and Glooth Brigands. Elbert will only accept Glooth Capsules, but if you remove the taint from the Tainted Glooth Capsule he will also accept those. If you have 10 Glooth Capsules, you can give them to Elbert.

In order to convert Tainted Glooth Capsules into Glooth Capsules, you must create a Filled Glooth Converter following the steps of The Mutated Glooth Plague mission. Unlike during The Mutated Glooth Plague mission, the Filled Glooth Converter will not break when you convert the Tainted Glooth Capsules, thus it's a good idea to keep a Filled Glooth Converter stored in your depot to convert all your capsules.

You'll get 1 voting right with the Rathleton Magistrate for every 5 capsules you deliver .

Tending Gloothworms

NPC: Wesley.

Talk to Wesley in the Gloothworm Farm and ask him for a mission. He will tell you to get the reading off the machine north-east of him. Go north-east and you should find a large Glooth Data Machine. Use the right side of the machine to get the report.

--- ALERT--- 0001110010110011001 --- ALERT ---

Go back to Wesley and talk about the report. Wesley will now tell you what your task is. You can complete 3 tasks every day and the tasks are assigned randomly.

Calibrating the Irrigation Funnels

Your task is to calibrate the irrigation funnels. North-east of Wesley where you found the machine, go inside the fence and use all 7 of the Irrigation Funnels.

Report back to Wesley.

Fill the Irrigation Funnels

Your task now is to pour some distilled water into the Irrigation Funnels. Walk west of Wesley to find a Water Distilling Machine. Use it to obtain a Vial of Distilled Water. Then, use the distilled water on all 7 Irrigation Funnels north-west of him and report back to the NPC.

Feeding the Worms

Your task is to feed the gloothworms. Go south-east from Wesley, down the hole and up the hole to the south. On this floor you will find a lot of Edible Rock Fungi. Use the Hoe on them to obtain some Fungus Powder. Go back to Wesley and head north-east. Enter the gloothworm farm and use the Fungus Powder on the Small Gloothworm Tubes. Do this 5 times before reporting back to Wesley.

Rake Away

There is too much excremental floss in the gloothworm tubes. You must use a Rake (provided by Wesley) to rake up the excremental floss.

Go north-east from Wesley into the Gloothworm Farm and use the Rake on 10 Small Gloothworm Tubes (description: They emit some kind of floss.). On raking the 10th you will receive the message indicating such:

That's the last of the excrement floss you had to rake away. Return to Wesley to check the gloothworm data.

Go back to Wesley and report to him. Note that you must return his Rake; he will inform you that if you lost it you will need to buy a replacement (Maro is the local equipment seller).

The Gloud Ship Tasks

Milking Spiders

Ask Zeronex for the harvesting task. He wants you to obtain 20 Steel Spider Silk samples by milking Spiders (Stee. He will give you a Milking Fork.

Cooking Gloo

Ask Zeronex for the concocting task. He wants you to create a Bottle of Airtight Gloo. He will give you a Bottle of Gloo and an Airtight Cloth.

Go to the pharmacy on the west side of Rathleton Workshop Quarter, open the Bookcases on the 2nd and 3rd floors to obtain the 3 ingredients (Glooth Farina, Pink Gloud Essence, Glooth Vinegar). Now go into the building east of the pharmacy and use the Bottle of Gloo on the Glooth Cauldron. Use the Glooth Cauldron repeatedly and follow the prompts until you obtain a Bottle of Airtight Gloo. Take this back to Zeronex and report about your concocting task.


  • Unlike the corresponding mission, he will give you the Bottle of Gloo - no need to exchange 10 Shrimp for it.
  • Receiving the task will reset your quest flags for obtaining the ingredients - even if you didn't use the ingredients last time you can obtain an additional 3 (1 of each). Obtaining them each run will avoid unnecessary trips to the pharmacy when later concoctions require more than one of the same ingredient.
  • This task yields 1 voting point and there doesn't seem to be any limit on the amount of tasks done.

Gassing Up

Ask Zeronex for the retrieving task. Zeronex will give you a Gas Bag. Go to the Underground Glooth Factory and head to the far west-southwest to Zeronex's laboratory. Use the 3 machines in the north, west, and north-west of his laboratory until each of them are calibrated, as indicated by the server message. When they are all calibrated, use the Gas Bag on the center machine to fill it up. Now go back to Zeronex and report about your retrieving task.



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The Gloud Ship

Player: hi
Zeronex: Hmm? Oh yes, hello. Please, take a seat. I am in the middle of a very interesting {process}.
Player: process
Zeronex: Maybe the mixture will work this time! I am sure it can only be a minuscule variation that needs to take place. Then the gloud-filled balloon should be lifted UP, and we achieve non-magical levitation, or airborne travel!
Player: gloud
Zeronex: My own invention to indicate gaseous glooth, made up from the words 'glooth' and 'cloud' - gloud. Gloud will revolutionise research, travel, and everything else!
Player: revolutionise
Zeronex: Don't you see the implications? Airborne travel would no longer confine us to the boundaries of Oramond with its dangerous cliffs and this devious fog! ...
Zeronex: The possibilities to travel, to observe and to learn from a higher vantage point are sheer endless! ...
Zeronex: And I shall be the one to give this to the world. It will redeem the name of Pierre Zeronex, and show everyone they were wrong to exclude me from my research, to forbid me the use of my laboratory!
Player: job
Zeronex: Well, it's not so much as a job, but rather a vocation. I am a research scientist by trade. ...
Zeronex: I research the use of heavy glooth gases, or Gloud, as I call it. A rather {dangerous} job, at that.
Player: dangerous
Zeronex: I had to abandon the old laboratory after the last ...{incident}.
Player: incident
Zeronex: Well, the concoction was nearly right. Nearly. Unfortunately, I had miscalculated the effect that the pressurised gloothine would have on the gaseous mixture and the tank exploded... I am sorry, am I boring you?
Player: yes
Zeronex: Splendid! Now, first, I need a durable and tough airtight cloth. The tissue must be strong and flexible. Previous experiments with existing cloth and weaving have proven ineffective; I need a new thread. ...
Zeronex: There is a specialist for cloth in town; he once boasted to know of a very strong cloth but wouldn't say more to me on the subject. Nicholas Cavendish is his name. Ask him, but please don't mention my name.

Oramond Quest

Player: hi
Nicholas: Welcome to my shop, Player! Ask me for a trade if you want to purchase some of my exquisite wares.
Player: very strong cloth
Nicholas: Pshshsht! Keep your voice down! This is a well-kept trade secret, you know! I'm not about to just confer it to anyone just like that! ...
Nicholas: We may come to a deal, though. I have heard of a fancy, exotic animal skin that would make the most extravagant cloth, if only I could get hold of it! ...
Nicholas: I am talking of crocodile leather, of course. A most exquisite thing! I want 20 pieces of crocodile leather in exchange for my most valued expertise here.
Player: very strong cloth
Nicholas: Quiet, please. This must not become common knowledge, you know. Oh - that's the crocodile leather? It's even more beautiful than I thought! Only look at the texture! Marvellous! And the - but I am getting carried away. ...
Nicholas: Now, here's the secret - to make a really strong cloth, you need a special kind of silk - steel spider silk. The spiders live in the dark and dank of abandoned buildings, cellars and sewers, so be wary of other, more dangerous, monsters! ...
Nicholas: Use this milking fork to harvest their silk. Once you have the spiders' raw silk, first make it into yarn and then spin the yarn on a weaving loom - and voilà! you have a strong cloth. ...
Nicholas: How you achieve the latter steps is none of my business - you know a valuable secret already. ...
Nicholas: Look for some leftover looms in the workshops quarter to spin yarn and cloth; all my looms are in operation around the clock and can't be spared.

Oramond Quest

Player: hi
Zeronex: Hmm? Oh yes, hello. Please, what do you have to report? Any progress?
Player: mission
Zeronex: This is the cloth? Wonderful! Ah, it looks very promising, very promising indeed! Now, on to the next step - making the cloth airtight. We need some kind of adhesive, or glue. ...
Zeronex: I have heard rumours of a very strong glue, used for making boats watertight. I believe that there is a fisherman in the harbour, Yeo, who might know more on this subject. Please visit him.

Oramond Quest

Player: hi
Yeo: Hrm?
Player: strong glue
Yeo: Ah, you need some kind of really sticky glue? Impervious to water, too? That's a job for old Yeo. Yeah, I can make you some gloo.
Player: gloo
Yeo: See here, I'm hungry. If I make gloo, I can't take care of cooking. That means you need to fetch me something. I want shrimp, 10 fresh shrimp at least! Bring me those and I'll give you a vial of gloo.

Oramond Quest

Player: hi
Yeo: Mhmmm, what a lovely smell of shrimp.
Player: gloo
Yeo: Yep, you can have some gloo in exchange for 10 shrimp. Did you bring me those 10 shrimp?
Player: yes
Yeo: Perfect. Here's your gloo, friend. Now, listen closely. You want it even more than watertight - airtight, right? Then you need to cook it up some more. There's glooth cauldrons next to the old pharmacist building that everyone can use. ...
Yeo: Just pay attention to what the mixture needs. Methinks it might be necessary to add some glooth vinegar or some glooth farina, depending on the cooking process. ...
Yeo: All needed ingredients can be found in the pharmacist building - third building left from the stairs that lead to uptown. Good luck with your experiment, friend!

Oramond Quest

Player: hi
Zeronex: Hmm? Oh yes, hello. Please, what do you have to report? Any progress?
Player: airtight gloo
Zeronex: Yeees, yeeees.... very promising indeed. Let's try it out - voilà! ...
Zeronex: This is a prototype, of course. We'll put it to the test. I'll keep my sample and you - in fact, you can keep this prototype and maybe show it to some people and see how they react... for publicity, you might say. ...
Zeronex: Now, on to the last step! I need you to go to my lab. It is underground, far southwest in the Glooth Factory. Calibrate the three glooth machines on the wall, according to this - <whisper whisper whisper> ...
Zeronex: Then, when all three machines are calibrated thusly, use this special gas bag at the centre machine - it will dispense some gloud into it. Then bring the filled gas bag to me and you'll receive your reward!

Oramond Quest

Player: hi
Zeronex: Hmm? Oh yes, hello. Please, what do you have to report? Any progress?
Player: yes
Zeronex: Yes! YES! Finally a fresh gloud sample! Give it here. This is the moment of truth for me, and of reward for you, my friend! Here, take this. And if you would like to asisst me further, don't hesitate to call in at any time!
Player: bye
Zeronex: <absentmindedly> Err yes, good bye!

Oramond Quest

Mutated Glooth Plague

Georgia Rainbird: Greetings. You don't have to shout, my ears are very good! Besides I'm quite {busy}, as you may see.
Player: busy
Georgia Rainbird: I'm a scientist. I took great pains to build up this laboratory. Researching the {glooth}, its characteristics and risks is my self-imposed life task. ...
Georgia Rainbird: I do my researches even at the expense of my {health}.
Georgia Rainbird: This is a slimy substance which is produced by the glooth worms. It was a driving force for the progress in Rathleton. A substance that has great potential but also carries some {risks}.
Player: risks
Georgia Rainbird: Yes, in these caves it seems to change in a strange way. This mutation has negative side effects and must be stopped. Unfortunately I'm {blind} and can't fulfil some tasks any more. I need your eyes. Would you help me?
Georgia Rainbird: Splendid! So listen: I think I found a way to eliminate the mutated glooth by converting it back into its primal state. I have constructed a special device, a glooth converter - or at least, I was about to do so. ...
Georgia Rainbird: Then I lost my eyesight and wasn't able to finish my work. There are still some missing {components}. If you could obtain them, we might complete the converter. ...
Georgia Rainbird: Here, I give you the unfinished device, so you can mount the missing parts. Do you know, what you need for the repair?
Player: components
Georgia Rainbird: You need five special {gear wheels} I haven't in stock here in the laboratory. Furthermore the converter requires a {glass tube}, a {valve} and a specially calibrated indicator {gauge}.

Oramond Quest

Obtaining the Glass Tube:

(Elbert's greeting depends on the state of another quest.)

Player: hi
Elbert: Greetings. Have you found out whether there is someone behind the glooth bandits - and if so, who?
Player: glass tube
Elbert: Did Georgia send you? Indeed I have the glass tube you are looking for. Here, take it. I hope you will successfully fight the glooth mutation down here.

Oramond Quest

Reporting the mission:



Receive The Task

Player: Hello
Doubleday: Hello There, Hmm Just... Just Wait Right There, I'll Be With You In A Second. Just Getting This experiment Done...
Player: Combinatorics
Doubleday: Besides the state of the altered glooth down there, I am trying to figure out more about the structure of the creatures this affects. This requires blood - in a certain combination! ...
Doubleday: See, down there in the upper parts of the new sewers, you can find three sorts of creatures. When I went down there the last time - and that was quite some time ago - I found a strange substance. ...
Doubleday: Undoubtedly blood - but not just any blood. It must have been a certain combination of everything that crawls down there. Believe it or not - it made a puddle of my altered glooth down there perfectly stable! ...
Doubleday: I couldn't find out the combination - but I took samples! See, this is like - mixing a certain cocktail, you need to put different liquids with different densities in a specific order to get the best effect, ahem heh heh, eh? ...
Doubleday: Well, don't you get it? If you can kill them in a specific order (which I will explain to you in DETAIL before), the mixed blood will be ideal for my research! ...
Doubleday: Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well it isn't! If I can figure out what kind of monster combination made the altered glooth stable - there will be no shortage of altered glooth anymore! ...
Doubleday: With that being said - only combo chains (3x 3 creatures in a row and consecutive chains) will be rewarded! So, are you in or not or what?
Player [222]: yes
Doubleday: Ha, I knew it! Well, just go to the new sewers and kill some monsters that's it! Here is how to do it and which combination to try, it's always a little different, see... ...
Doubleday: Now, no need for any vessel or whatever - just come back here, I will scrape the blood from your coat and you tell me what I want to know about each... 'sample'. Hey, I can even keep track of your combo score!

Oramond Quest

Communications Breakdown

Receive the task

Player: Hello
Doubleday: Hello there, hmm just... just wait right there, I'll be with you in a second. Just getting this experiment done...
Player: communications
Doubleday: Right, you know, I am currently working on a way to solve some general communication problems that... arose. ...
Doubleday: Alright, alright, I am just too busy to get out and talk to my colleagues. Still, if I visit everyone in person I will have to spend a whole day just to get meagre information on the status on some things and my work will never get finished. ...
Doubleday: If I stay, I can continue my experiments but - well you know where this is going. What I did is, altering the glooth we know and love to act as a special kind of conductor for sounds if you know what I mean. ...
Doubleday: I want to transmit sounds, even voices across a distance to better communicate with others without the need for even a rope that would connect me with my dialogue partner! Freedom of speech so to say! However, I need blue glooth for that. ...
Doubleday: The problem with these 'alterations' to the glooth is - well, it just doesn't work... Anyway, I had some workers from the slums construct several machines for me in the sewers to modify the structure of the glooth. ...
Doubleday: However, every drop of altered glooth I got from this was highly instable. Instable and... dangerous. ...
Doubleday: Not only did it change its colour from its natural yellow and green to a strange blue tone, it also changed... something else down there. Naturally, I abandoned all further projects with that stuff before city authorities would question my methods. ...
Doubleday: You know, the city is free and all that but as soon as you actually do something that may affect the very foundations of Rathleton - well, let's just say there's still a legislative and more important an executive. ...
Doubleday: As I was saying, I abandoned everything down there. Almost anyway. And this is where you come into play! To put it plainly, the machines are still working and I need some more of the blue stuff. ...
Doubleday: So you go down there and use one of the machines (any you can find) and, well, produce some coloured glooth! Would you?
Player: yes
Doubleday: Excellent! Adjusting the machines, should be easy enough for anyone. No documentation needed. They will even provide vials to fill it in! I will also mark the entrance to the new sewers on your map. ...
Doubleday: It goes 'through' another invention of mine - ignore it for now, it's harmless. ...
Doubleday: And keep in mind, the stuff is unstable! Don't drop it under any circumstances! Just bring as many as you can - directly - to me. I can store it for long enough to actually get some use out of it.

Oramond Quest

Report the task

Player: Hello
Doubleday: Hello there, hmm just... just wait right there, I'll be with you in a second. Just getting this experiment done...
Player: communications
Doubleday: Oh right, you already had contact with coloured glooth, right? I can... it's a... distinct scent. Do you have something for me?
Player: yes
Doubleday: Great, thank you very much! Feel free to gather more of that stuff for me whenever you like! But careful - not more than one at a time!

Oramond Quest


Receive the task

Player: Hello
Doubleday: Hello there, hmm just... just wait right there, I'll be with you in a second. Just getting this experiment done...
Player: probe
Doubleday: Because of my experiments with the glooth, some things in the new sewers of Rathleton aren't exactly 'in order' anymore - if you follow me. A sort of mushroom has formed down there and some... 'things' now nest in the lower drainage areas. ...
Doubleday: Could you please just go down there and check if this is caused by... my... version of the glooth? You know, just some experiments I did to alter the basic elemental structure of the glooth, nothing personal. ...
Doubleday: If you'd just take this very tiny probing device I designed to analyse the coloured glooth and, you know, go down there and place it - oh, and I'll also give you this really tiny detector, modified to find a spot where to place the probe - so?
Player: yes
Doubleday: Very nice, there you go! Just bring me the printout from the probe after deploying it! You can request a new probing device or a new detector if you lose it - but it takes some time for me to get a new one ready so be careful with that stuff.

Oramond Quest Report the task

Player: Hello
Doubleday: Hello there, hmm just... just wait right there, I'll be with you in a second. Just getting this experiment done...
Player: probe
Doubleday: Very good, these readings do tell me a lot - the coloured glooth may be instable but it has some... 'interesting' effects on its surroundings. Oh - no worries, you will be perfectly safe. I will also take back my detector now, thanks. ...
Doubleday: Feel free to help me deploy more probes whenever you like.

Oramond Quest

Getting new detector or device

Player: Hello
Doubleday: Hello there, hmm just... just wait right there, I'll be with you in a second. Just getting this experiment done...
Player: mono detector
Doubleday: To actually 'find' a suitable location to deploy the probing device for my measurements, you should use my mono detector. The device detects singular chemical structures of any material or fabric I feed it with and signals it! ...
Doubleday: If you have lost your detector or your probing device, I can hand out another - it will take some time, however. Do you need a new one?
Player: yes
Doubleday: Alright, there you go - please, try to be more careful with my equipment next time!

Oramond Quest

Exchanging Votes with Doubleday

Player: Hello
Doubleday: Hello there, hmm just... just wait right there, I'll be with you in a second. Just getting this experiment done...
Player: exchange
Doubleday: Well, let's see, you helped me 1 times before exchanging any votes - how many votes do you want me to give you in exchange?
Player: 2
Doubleday: Alright then, that's 2 vote(s) you want - I won't take them back, are you sure?
Player: yes
Doubleday: Hey, let's try to be reasonable here, alright? That's a bit too much for what you did, isn't it? It may seem that way but the number of votes I can offer isn't limitless.
Player: exchange
Doubleday: Well, let's see, you helped me 1 times before exchanging any votes - how many votes do you want me to give you in exchange?
Player: 1
Doubleday: Alright then, that's 1 vote(s) you want - I won't take them back, are you sure?
Player: yes
Doubleday: Good, you just gained 1 genuine votes in the magistrate!

Oramond Quest

Nature's Balance

Obtaining the task:

Player: hi
Drystan Wildweed: I still have trouble with those annoying {thieves} - despite them having significantly weakened after your recent endeavours, though.
Player: thieves
Drystan Wildweed: Some utterly annoying rascals rove about in these tunnels. They are stealing glooth based weaponry and devastate the flora and fauna down here. They threaten the natural balance. Would you go and eliminate some for me?
Player: yes
Drystan Wildweed: I knew you would be willing to help nature. Weed out two hundred of them. That should bring some relief for these caves.

Oramond Quest

Finishing the task:

Player: hi
Drystan Wildweed: Greetings. Have you eliminated the glooth bandits?
Player: yes
Drystan Wildweed: Great! You rendered a favour to nature and the city of Rathleton alike. This will get you a certain voice in the city.

Oramond Quest

Glooth Bandits

Elbert: Greetings. Excuse me but I don't have the time for useless conversation. I have a lot of work and unfortunately also some {trouble} here.
Player: trouble
Elbert: There is a band of thieves who bully the tunnels near the factory far too long. Even worse, they have stolen some important objects. ...
Elbert: On the one hand there were some special gauges I calibrated for {Georgia Rainbird}. She surely needed them for some important purpose. Further they have stolen a vast amount of ammunition for new glooth-based weapons, so called glooth ejectors. ...
Elbert: This ammunition consists of glooth-filled supply capsules. Would you help me and try to bring them back?
Player: yes
Elbert: I'm very happy to hear that. If you have found ten glooth capsules talk to me again.

Oramond Quest

Reporting the first mission:

Player: hi
Elbert: Ah, there you are! Do you bring back the stolen glooth supply capsules?
Player: yes
Elbert: Great! Thank you very much for your help. The city of Rathleton is a bit safer now. If you find more of these capsules bring them back to me, too. ...
Elbert: But these capsules here, they seem to be filled with some kind of mutated glooth. They are tainted. If you can cleanse them somehow, I will take them. ...
Elbert: But there is still another thing that troubles me. I don't believe that these thieves act on their own behalf. There must be someone behind this gang. ...
Elbert: I want you to find this person. Would you help me?
Player: yes
Elbert: Excellent! I even have a little hint: One of my labourers got lost in the south-western tunnels some days ago. There he heard that some glooth bandits were approaching and wisely hid himself. But suddenly they disappeared. ...
Elbert: I assume they have a sort of secret hideout in this area.

Oramond Quest

If you talk to him prematurely (task not done):

Player: hi
Elbert: Greetings. Have you found out whether there is someone behind the glooth bandits - and if so, who?

Oramond Quest

If you have completed the objective:

Player: hi
Elbert: That is most interesting news! Thank you for your efforts and risk-taking. Sure, if this ominous Circle of the Black Sphinx is behind all that, a successor for this warlock might appear. ...
Elbert: But at least for now the danger is averted. And if you find some more glooth capsules, bring them back to me, please.

Oramond Quest

Tending Gloothworms

Calibrating the Irrigation Funnels

Player: hi
Wesley: Ah, hello! Well, what is your {report}?
Player: report
Wesley: Please read the analysis code on the gloothworm surveillance machine northeast of here, and then report to me.

Oramond Quest


Player: hi
Wesley: Ah, hello! Well, what is your {report}?
Player: report
Wesley: The ground has taken up too much water! Calibrate all of the 7 irrigation funnels in the glooth farm.

Oramond Quest

Reporting the mission:

Player: hi
Wesley: Ah, hello! Well, what is your {report}?
Player: report
Wesley: Ah, very good. The funnel values have returned to normal. Please go to the glooth surveillance machine north of here to find out what else needs doing.

Oramond Quest

Feeding the Worms

Player: hi
Wesley: Ah, hello! Well, what is your {report}?
Player: report
Wesley: Please read the analysis code on the gloothworm surveillance machine northeast of here, and then report to me.

Oramond Quest


Wesley: Ah, hello! Well, what is your {report}?
Player: report
Wesley: The gloothworms need feeding! It's a very strict mushroom diet. Go to the cave southeast of here and shred some of the mushrooms into flakes. You need exactly 5 doses. Here, take this hoe to do it. ...
Wesley: When you have 5 doses of fungus powder, scatter all 5 doses on the gloothworm tubes in the farm. Return to me after that.

Oramond Quest


Rake Away

Player: hi
Wesley: Ah, my faithful assistant! Your help is very welcome.
Player: mission
Wesley: You know what to do - find out what the gloothworms need and then do the associated task. ...
Wesley: Take a look at the gloothworm surveillance machine in the northern cave and then tell me what it says.

Oramond Quest


--- ALERT--- 0001110010110011001 --- ALERT ---

Player: hi
Wesley: Ah, hello! Well, what is your {report}?
Player: report
Wesley: There's too much excremental floss around the gloothworm tubes! Quick, before they choke under it - use this rake on the gloothworm tubes! ...
Wesley: Use it evenly, on at least at 10 gloothworm tube spots! The floss must be raked away.
Wesley: Ah, hello! Well, what is your {report}?

Oramond Quest

If you have no rake:

Player: report
Wesley: Hmm, toxic values are returning to uncritical. Good. But I still need that rake back. Please hand it over. Please hand it over. If you lost it, buy a new one at {Maro}.

Oramond Quest

If it's not your last mission for the day:

Player: report
Wesley: Ah, I see toxic values are back to uncritical. Swell! Please go to the northern glooth surveillance machine to find out what else needs doing.

Oramond Quest

If it's your last mission for the day:

Player: report
Wesley: Ah, I see toxic values are back to uncritical. Swell! Well, that's about all for now. ...
Wesley: I need to work on the surveillance machines for a little, so you can take a break for a while. Here's your reward!

Oramond Quest