Oramond is a continent which is located east of Cormaya and reachable by ship from Thais only. It has one major city, Rathleton and various hunting grounds. Although Krailos is technically part of Oramond, the name Oramond is commonly used only to refer to the southern part, excluding Krailos.

The Oramond boat captain, Gulliver, is on a small island just west of the main island. To get to the city of Rathleton you must use a Slime Slide. Stepping on this slide transports you to a hill on the main island; here there are minotaurs. Go down to the ground floor and walk east to some buildings and a small boat where a portal takes you across the water closer to the city. From this spot you can either walk north to the main gate, then west to the upper city ramp or climb the ladder to the dock, go down the ramp the other side and walk north to the upper city ramp, here.

Rathleton boat-to-town.png

Oramond and the city of Rathleton are divided into several subareas, as seen below:

Oramond Map Legend.png

Oramond NPCs

Rathleton NPCs (55 NPCs)

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Beggar A Beggar.gif Beggar Lower Rathleton, just west of the bridge to the Workshop Quarter
Alaistar Alaistar.gif Magic Shopkeeper Potion Store, in the north-west of Upper Rathleton
Azalea Azalea.gif Druid
Druid Guild Leader
The temple in Upper Rathleton
Barazbaz Barazbaz.gif Representative Rathleton, in the entrance level (+2 floor) of the Magistrate building on Rathleton Magistrate Plaza.
Barnabas Dee Barnabas Dee.gif Sorcerer
Sorcerer Guild Leader
Two floors up, in the north-east of Upper Rathleton
Captain Gulliver Captain Gulliver.gif Ferryman A raft at the west of Oramond.
Chavis Chavis.gif Caretaker Lower Rathleton, near the west gate
Christine Christine.gif Food Shopkeeper Upper Rathleton, Grand Opera Café
Doubleday Doubleday.gif Scientist Rathleton Workshop Quarter near the upper city ramp
Dr Merlay Dr Merlay.gif Scientist
Rathleton Sewers
Dregor Dregor.gif Guard Bottom of the Underground Glooth Factory
Drystan Wildweed Drystan Wildweed.gif Druid Far east inside the Underground Glooth Factory.
Eathar Eathar.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Edmund Edmund.gif Jewelry Shopkeeper
Rathleton, one floor above the bank.
Elbert Elbert.gif Scientist To the south inside the Underground Glooth Factory
Elliott Elliott.gif Worker Rathleton Sewers, a bit north and one floor below Fillias.
Emily Emily.gif Caretaker The Barbican, in the northwest of Upper Rathleton, one floor up.
Ezebeth Ezebeth.gif Representative On the east side of the Magistrate building.
Fabiana Fabiana.gif Assistant
Magic Shopkeeper
The Rathleton Tibiadrome; access via Mystic Flame by temple in Rathleton Shops.
Fayla Fayla.gif Instrument Shopkeeper
Madame Feyla's Music Chamber, in the east of Upper Rathleton.
Fillias Fillias.gif Unknown Occupation Lower Rathleton, next to the old Glooth Factory
Flint Flint.gif Shopkeeper Flint's Finest in Upper Rathleton
Flora Flora.gif Unknown. Oramond Minotaur Camp, Rathleton New Sewers or Rathleton Ancient Sewers
Fyodor Fyodor.gif Postman
News Editor
Upper Rathleton, in the post office
Georgia Rainbird Georgia Rainbird.gif Scientist Underground Glooth Factory
Graham Graham.gif Knight Guild Leader The Barbican, north-west of Upper Rathleton
Guardian of the Deep Seas Guardian of the Deep Seas.gif Guard Seacrest Grounds
Guide Kunibert Guide Kunibert.gif Informer Near the raft west on Oramond.
Helsi Van Ore Helsi Van Ore.gif Supervisor
The Rathleton Monster Arena; access via Mystic Flame by temple in Rathleton Shops.
Hexel Hexel.gif Foreman Underground Glooth Factory
Jacob Jacob.gif Worker Rathleton Sewers, one floor below The Beggar King.
Jondrin Jondrin.gif Representative Rathleton, in the first level (+3 floor) of the Magistrate building on Rathleton Magistrate Plaza.
Jossel Jossel.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Klesar Klesar.gif Scientist Underground Glooth Factory
Kromrek Kromrek.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Maro Maro.gif Equipment Shopkeeper Tool Shop, in the north of Upper Rathleton.
Marvin Marvin.gif Representative Rathleton, in the entrance level (+2 floor) of the Magistrate building on Rathleton Magistrate Plaza.
Mordecai Mordecai.gif Magic Shopkeeper Upper Rathleton
Mr Brandon Mr Brandon.gif Fisherman
North-west of Rathleton
Nicholas Nicholas.gif Artist
Furniture Shopkeeper
Interior Design, in the east of Upper Rathleton
Normod Normod.gif Worker Underground Glooth Factory
Olm Olm.gif Informer Just past Captain Gulliver.
Peremin Peremin.gif Worker Underground Glooth Factory
Quandons Ghost Quandons Ghost.gif Unknown Occupation Under Oramond.
Roswitha Roswitha.gif Innkeeper Lower Rathleton, The Olde Coaching Inn
Roughington Roughington.gif Supervisor The Rathleton Duelling Arena; access via Mystic Flame by temple in Rathleton Shops.
Sholley Sholley.gif Representative Rathleton, in the second level (+4 floor) of the Magistrate building on Rathleton Magistrate Plaza.
Silas Silas.gif Artisan
Paladin Guild Leader
The Archer's Grounds in Upper Rathleton.
Strange Pipe Strange Pipe.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Terrence Terrence.gif Guard
Rathleton Workshop Quarter, between the upper city ramp and east gate
The Beggar King The Beggar King.gif Beggar
Clan Leader
Lower Rathleton, one floor down in the Rathleton Sewers behind a quest door
Virgil Virgil.gif Banker Upper Rathleton, Oramond Island Bank
Wesley Wesley.gif Farmer North-east in the Underground Glooth Factory
Yeo Yeo.gif Fisherman Entrance of Rathleton, a little south of the Workshop Quarter
Zeronex Zeronex.gif Scientist Rathleton Workshop Quarter on top of the old factory

Oramond Creatures

Oramond Creatures
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Quara Mantassin Scout.gif
Quara Mantassin Scout
100220110 Physical Damage
Quara Constrictor Scout.gif
Quara Constrictor Scout
200450210 (130 Physical Damage, 80 Life Drain)
Quara Predator Scout.gif
Quara Predator Scout
400890190 Physical Damage
Earth Elemental.gif
Earth Elemental
Glooth Blob.gif
Glooth Blob
700750462 (290 Physical Damage, 172 Earth Damage) + 880 Summons
Quara Pincher Scout.gif
Quara Pincher Scout
600775240 Physical Damage
Rot Elemental.gif
Rot Elemental
750850564 (120 Physical Damage, 444 Earth Damage)
Quara Hydromancer Scout.gif
Quara Hydromancer Scout
8001,100840 (40 Physical Damage, 375 Ice Damage, Earth Damage, 420 Life Drain)
Bog Raider.gif
Bog Raider
8001,300619 (365 Physical Damage, 114 Earth Damage, 140 Life Drain)
Mooh'Tah Warrior.gif
Mooh'Tah Warrior
Massive Earth Elemental.gif
Massive Earth Elemental
9501,330553+ (108+ Physical Damage, 445 Earth Damage)
Blood Beast.gif
Blood Beast
1,0001,600238+ (124+ Physical Damage, 114+ Earth Damage)
Metal Gargoyle.gif
Metal Gargoyle
Worm Priestess.gif
Worm Priestess
Glooth Golem.gif
Glooth Golem
1,6062,7001176+ (931+ Physical Damage, 245 Energy Damage)
Minotaur Hunter.gif
Minotaur Hunter
1,7551,900778 (260 Physical Damage, 518 Earth Damage)
Glooth Anemone.gif
Glooth Anemone
1,7552,400512+ (327+ Physical Damage, 185 Life Drain) + 880 Summons
Rustheap Golem.gif
Rustheap Golem
Minotaur Amazon.gif
Minotaur Amazon
2,2002,600200+ Physical Damage
Humongous Fungus.gif
Humongous Fungus
Hideous Fungus.gif
Hideous Fungus
2,9004,600900+ (with summons 1500)


NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Death Priest Shargon.gif
Death Priest Shargon
Glooth Fairy.gif
Glooth Fairy
The Ravager.gif
The Ravager


Oramond Quests
NameMin LevelRec LevelPremLocationReward
Dark Trails Quest?150+OramondGlooth Engineer Outfits, 15 Glooth Bags, Giant Shimmering Pearl (Green), 2 Crystal Coins, Green Gem, Gold Ingot, Skull Staff, Wand of Voodoo, Belongings of a Deceased (The Ravager), Belongings of a Deceased (Death Priest Shargon) and access to the Oramond Fury Dungeon.
Glooth Engineer Outfits Quest0200OramondAchievement Glooth Engineer and Glooth Engineer Outfits and addons:
Outfit Glooth Engineer Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Glooth Engineer Female Addon 3.gif
Oramond Quest0200Oramond.Voting points which can be used in the Rathleton Quest.
Rathleton Quest0150RathletonAbility to vote on several topics, ability to use various teleport within Oramond, and the ability to sail to and from Oramond from more cities, achievements Rathleton Commoner, Rathleton Inhabitant, Rathleton Citizen, Rathleton Squire.
Hero of Rathleton Quest?200Jaccus Maxxen's Dungeon in Oramond.Bag containing a Glooth Glider Blueprint, 4 Glooth Bags, 5 Platinum Coins, a Walnut. Ability to access Jaccus Maxxen's Dungeon and all areas of it; ability to kill bosses within.
Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest0100Seacrest Grounds beneath Oramond.Access to the Seacrest Grounds, Blue Crystal Shard, Green Crystal Shard, Violet Crystal Shard and achievements Mind the Step! and Snake Charmer.