Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Farmine
Position 128.254, 123.53, 10
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Occupational Properties
Job Explorer
Expedition Leader
Other Properties
Version 8.54
December 9, 2009
Status Active
You see Ongulf.
  • Great, another supply ship is due. How is a dwarf supposed to work under these conditions?
  • Ah, there's nothing like the sound of hammers in the morning.


Farmine, near the steamship


Ongulf represents Emperor Kruzak and is the leader of the dwarfs which are working day and night to foster the expansion of Farmine. He needs help to find a way out of the mountains.

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Player: hi
Ongulf: Hello, Player. You've come at a good time for our project.
Player: project
Ongulf: Well, it's a long story but you really should listen to understand what is going on here. You can also hear a short version of the story, but then don't blame me if you mess something up due to your undwarfish impatience. ...
Ongulf: So what would you like to hear, the long story or the short version?
Player: long
Ongulf: After centuries the resources beneath and around the Big Old One became alarmingly short. Some decades ago, the imperial mining guild financed a project to search and establish new mines far away from Kazordoon. ...
Ongulf: After several tries with mixed success, the project of the technomancers proved the most successful. Their steamships studied and mapped the great underground rivers deep beneath the earth. ...
Ongulf: With the help of certain apparatuses, they tracked deposits of ore and compiled ship routes to reach them. These mining bases had some obvious advantages and disadvantages. ...
Ongulf: The suitable spots had no connection to the surface. On one hand, this meant that the new mines were safe from most kinds of beasts. On the other hand, it meant that all food and materials had to be brought there by ship. ...
Ongulf: Special, heavy ships were built to carry ore and supplies back and forth. The only limitation for such bases had been the range of the steamships. ...
Ongulf: Recently, the technomancers with the help of the temples of fire and earth made some crucial discoveries that allowed the ships to extend their cruising range almost limitlessly. ...
Ongulf: The survey ships of the technomancers were once again sent out to find new, promising resources. ...
Ongulf: Sadly some of the ships never returned and others only found minor deposits of ore, not worth the effort. But one of the ships made a groundbreaking discovery - a cave that had a connection to the surface. ...
Ongulf: As far as the explorers could tell, the area had been unknown to dwarfhood and mankind so far. ...
Ongulf: What was more, the cave system had an abundance of rare ores. The imperial mining guild agreed to fund a new project and to name it 'project far far away'. ...
Ongulf: Don't look at me, I'm not the one who came up with that name! Those technomancers are such an imaginative bunch. But where were we? Oh, yes, the new project! ...
Ongulf: Well, some ships were sent to establish a first base. ...
Ongulf: It became painfully obvious that the number of workers needed there could not easily be supplied by the ships alone. Also such a base would require an amount of money, expertise and manpower that the guild could not provide. ...
Ongulf: We would need help and additional resources. That's where you come into play. If you are interested, let's talk about possible missions.

Player: hi
Ongulf: Hello.
Player: dwarf
Ongulf: You humans often think of us dwarfs as a shorter version of yourself. As a matter of fact we are quite different. ...
Ongulf: You'd have a hard time to understand our society and personality, and of course each dwarf is different just like there are no two rocks alike. Members of our race still have much in common, and we even have some things in common with humans. ...
Ongulf: You have to find out yourself which things. Form your own opinion and have a mind of your own.
Player: humans
Ongulf: Well, considering the sheer number of humans, it wouldn't surprise me if we encountered some humans in this new land. They are primitive but at least not hostile. ...
Ongulf: Maybe we can settle some mutual agreement of help in some way.
Player: orcs
Ongulf: The orcs out there make me nervous but at least for now they seem to be kept at bay by their minotaur masters.
Player: minotaurs
Ongulf: I am still surprised by the role the minotaurs are playing in this land. I wouldn't consider them allies but in this strange new land, they are the closest thing to allies we have for now.
Player: bye
Ongulf: Bye.
Player: mine
Ongulf: Mines are the veins of every dwarven hold. You humans will never understand the beauty of a mine and its underground halls. ...
Ongulf: It's not about its looks, but its purpose and importance for the community what makes a mine so special to our people. ...
Ongulf: It is one of the things that binds us together and gives us a common purpose.
Player: guild
Ongulf: The imperial mining guild oversees the allocation of resources among the various mining projects. The guild is one of the most important institutions of dwarfhood. ...
Ongulf: Dozens of the finest miners are constantly planning and working for the best of their people in the name of the emperor who is of course the most prominent guild master.

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