Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Venore
Position 128.47, 126.6, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Cleric
Other Properties
Version 7.1
December 17, 2002
Status Active
You see Oldrak.
  • Beware of the undead approaching this temple!


In the Plains of Havoc temple


A monk who works in the Plains of Havoc.

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Part of The Paradox Tower Quest and the Demon Oak Quest. If you've obtained the Holy Tible (but, for example, lost it), he can allow you to get another for a 1,000 gold fee.
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Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Hallowed Axe 1Other Items Other Items1020
  • 1 During a quest and by saying item name.


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 ==== General keywords ====

Player: hi
Oldrak: Welcome Player! Rarely I can welcome visitors in these days.
Player: name
Oldrak: My name is Oldrak.
Player: job
Oldrak: I guard this humble temple as a monument for the order of the nightmare knights.
Player: Excalibug
Oldrak: A weapon of myth and legend. It was lost in ancient times ... perhaps lost forever.
Player: tibia
Oldrak: That's where we are. The world of Tibia.
Player: time
Oldrak: Now, it is 11:23 am.
Player: gods
Oldrak: They created Tibia and all life on it ... and unlife, too.

Pits of Inferno

Player: Nightmare Knights
Oldrak: This ancient order was created by a circle of wise humans who were called 'The {Dreamers}'. The order became {extinct} a long time ago.
Player: extinct
Oldrak: Many died in the battles against evil, some went mad, unable to stand their nightmares any longer. Others were seduced by the powers of darkness.
Player: Dreamers
Oldrak: They learnt the ancient art of dreamwalking from some friendly elves.
Player: dreamwalking
Oldrak: While the elvish dreamwalkers experienced bright and happy dreams, the humans strangely had dreams about {dark omens}.
Player: dark omens
Oldrak: They dreamt of doom, destruction, talked to dead and tormented souls, and gained unwanted insight into the {schemes of darkness}.
Player: schemes of darkness
Oldrak: They figured out how to interpret their dark dreams and so were able to foresee the plans of the dark gods and their minions.
Player: Hugo
Oldrak: Ah, the curse of the Plains of Havoc, the hidden beast, the unbeatable foe. I've been living here for years and I'm sure this is only a myth.
Player: myth
Oldrak: There are many tales about the fearsome Hugo. It's said it's an abnormality, accidentally created by Yenny the Gentle. It's half demon, half something else and people say it's still alive after all these years.
Player: Yenny the Gentle
Oldrak: Yenny, known as the Gentle, was one of the most powerful wielders of magic in ancient times. She was known throughout the world for her mercy and kindness.
Player: necromants nectar
Oldrak: There are many rumours about the Pits of Inferno, which are also known as Nightmare Pits. Even if I knew any of these secrets, I wouldn't tell you.
Player: Goshnar
Oldrak: He was the greatest necromant who ever cursed our land with the steps of his feet. He was defeated by the Nightmare Knights.
Player: undead or unlife
Oldrak: Beware the foul undead!
Player: Plains of Havoc or fair plains
Oldrak: Before these battles were fought here, they were called the Fair Plains.
Player: bye
Oldrak: Good bye, Player!

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