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Oh lay me to rest
In Thais graveyard
To know it's the best,
That's not so hard

I've been to Carlin
And met a fair lass
But to sleep in their graveyard?
I think I will pass

You may think I'm a fool
You may think I'm a liar
But I heard there's more there
Some say a vampire

But I digress and cajole
As is your common luck
Please bury me not
In the Plains of Havoc

For while an adventure
Is a wonderful track
Once I'm done, I'm done,
No desire to come back

And while many will quip
What's got in your head?
I say I prefer death,
And not the undead.

Edron is pretty,
Cormaya is fair,
But I haven't the money
To be buried there.

So lay me to rest
With a Thais tombstone
I've seen all the rest
This one feels like home.

     -Old Adventurer's Song

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