You see a blackboard.
You read: House of Wealth

Player: hi
Odemara: Be greeted, dear Player. Have a look at our gems.
Player: job
Odemara: I am responsible for buying and selling gems, pearls, and the like.
Player: name
Odemara: I am Odemara Taleris, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Player: time
Odemara: It's 9:28 pm.
Player: offers, buy, sell
Odemara: Well, I sell gems and goblets. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a trade.
Player: gems
Odemara: You can buy and sell small diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethysts or sell topazes.
Player: Pearls
Odemara: There are white and black pearls you can buy or sell, as well as giant green and brown pearls which you can sell.
Player: bye
Odemara: Farewell.

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