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Ocera was merged along with Empera and Lucera into a new world Kronera on August 14, 2014.

Additional Info

  • Ocera had two visits by Orshabaal, who was killed only in the first time, Tholfin blocked it and looted an Orshabaal's Brain, claimed to be the first one in tibia.
  • The guild Brothers Of Peace has hunted so many players that ocera almost never has more than 600 players on, the average being around 500, in 2007, it was around 800.
  • On December 3, 2013, over 300 high-level characters on Ocera were deleted, nearly all belonging to the guild Brothers Of Peace, with 181 of those being characters that were in the top 300 in Ocera by level. The leader and all the vice-leaders were deleted, causing the guild to disband. The guild has since been reformed.

Reasons to play here

  • None.


  • The first to reach level 100 on Ocera was Rhy'Horn, after beign banished for 1 month due sharing account. He was later deleted in 04/20/06.
  • Ocera is commonly cited as the most broken PvP world, due to the power abuse by Brothers of Peace.
  • The fewest guilds exist on Ocera (4 as of Dec 2012, but only one major guild Brothers of Peace).
  • It commonly has the fewest players online, rivaling especially with Premia.
  • Extremely low rate of English speaking players.
  • Cheating.
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Most of the good spawns were taken by Brothers Of Peace.
  • All mages unaffiliated with Brothers of Peace are hunted upon reaching level 45. This may be due to the availability of Sudden Death at that level.
  • Recent complaints have been made about Brothers Of Peace hunting all Mexican players, that seems to be true, since many Mexican players "suddenly" got killed and stopped playing on Ocera.
  • Almost everyone who's not Brazilian ultimately gets hunted.
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