You see Obi
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • Only quality steel and wood used for my weapons!
  • Buy your weapons here!
  • Selling and buying all sorts of weapons, come and have a look!
  • Give those monsters a good whipping with my weapons!


Rookgaard's south-eastern building in town


Buys and sells Weapons to adventurers. His granddaughter Dixi works upstairs buying and selling Armor and Shields.
On top of the Wasp Tower there is an advertising sign:

"You read: Feeling ill?
Are you poisoned?
This does not have to happen to you again!
Buy quality armor at Obi's!

Trade Details


Item   Value
Axe Weapons Weapons7
Bone Club Weapons Weapons5
Dagger Weapons Weapons2
Hand Axe Weapons Weapons4
Hatchet Weapons Weapons25
Katana Weapons Weapons35
Mace Weapons Weapons30
Machete Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment6
Rapier Weapons Weapons5
Sabre Weapons Weapons12
Scythe Weapons Weapons3
Short Sword Weapons Weapons10
Sickle Weapons Weapons2
Spear Weapons Weapons3
Sword Weapons Weapons25


Item   Value
Axe Weapons Weapons20
Dagger Weapons Weapons5
Hand Axe Weapons Weapons8
Rapier Weapons Weapons15
Sabre Weapons Weapons25
Scythe Weapons Weapons12
Short Sword Weapons Weapons30
Sickle Weapons Weapons8
Spear Weapons Weapons10
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