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Non-Hunting Floors

Ank Tomb oasis1.png

First Hunting Floor

Ank Tomb oasis2.png

A Poison Spider and Hyaena G 1 Amazon, 1 Dwarf, 1 Elf
B none H Skeletons
C Poison Spiders and 1 Ghoul I Skeletons
D Skeletons J Skeletons and Snakes
E Skeletons K Hyaenas, Poison Spiders, Snakes
F Skeletons, Ghoul and Poison Spiders L Hyaenas

Second Hunting Floor

Ank Tomb oasis3.png

A Snakes I 2 Scarabs, 3 Scorpions,
B ghouls, skeletons J Mummy, 2 Ghouls, 3 Skeletons and teleport to 3rd hunting floor
C 2 Scarabs, 3 Ghouls, Skeleton, Cobra K Mummy, 2 Stalkers, 2 Ghouls
D Mummy, Ghoul, 2 Cobras L 2 Stalkers, Snake
E 3 Scarabs, 3 Ghouls, 2 Cobras, Skeleton M 2 Ghouls, 3 Snakes
F 2 Stalkers N 2 Ghouls, 7 Skeletons, Cobra
G 2 Scarabs, 2 Mummys, 4 Ghouls O 7 Snakes, 2 Ghouls
H 2 Slimes

Third Hunting Floor (First beyond Flame)

Oasis Tomb Map 3.jpg

A(?) 1 Vampire, 3 Ghouls, 1 Ghost, staircase to Mystic Flame V1 Ghost
B3 Mummies, 1 Ghost? W3 Ghosts
C2 Stalkers X4 Mummies, 3 Bonelords
D2 Vampires Y4 Stalkers, 3 Bonelords, 1 Green Djinn
E2 Ghosts Z5 Ghosts, 5 Stalkers, 4 Vampires, 2 Bonelords
F4 Mummies AA2 Crypt Shamblers, 2 Bonelords, 1 Demon Skeleton
G4 Ghouls AB1 Bonelord
H1 Slime AC2 Vampires
I2 Green Djinns, 1 Bonelord AD1 Crypt Shambler
J4 Vampires, 4 Ghosts AE2 Crypt Shambler
K1 Mummy, 1 Ghost, 1 Cobra AF3 Mummies, 3 Crypt Shamblers
L4 Mummies AG3 Ghosts, 1 Green Djinn
M2 Mummies AH1 Ghost, 4 Mummies
N2 Cobras AI3 Vampires, 3 Ghosts
O3 Mummies, 3 Vampires AJ4 Ghosts, 4 Stalkers, 1 Vampire
P1 Crypt Shambler AK4 Ghosts, 3 Vampires
Q2 Slimes, 3 Bonelord AL3 Mummies, 3 Gargoyles, 2 Vampires
R2 Ghosts, 3 Vampires, 2 Stalkers, 2 Bonelords AM5 Stalkers, 4 Mummies, Lich, Vampire
S4 Stalkers, 3 Scorpions, 2 Bonelords AN2 Mummies
T4 Scorpions AO2 Vampires, 2 Bonelords, Lich, staircase down to fourth hunting floor
U4 Mummies, 1 Green Djinn
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