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TBI File 006ZAH8
Name: Ned Noxious
Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Former Paladin, Assassin
Place of Birth: Unknown
Residence: Unkown, seems to travel from city to city
Affiliation: None

It seems Ned Noxious has appeared out of nowhere. The first reports about his activities date back to the pirate conflict that threatened the Venore merchants council. Noxious obviously was hired along with other mercenaries to get rid of some pirate captains that held the usually unorganised pirates under their control. Altough there are no specifics about the affair, Ned Noxious was the only one, out of of the twelve hired mercenaries, that returned to claim his reward. Afterwards he was employed by different persons or groups for undocumented and rather insignificant jobs. His next notable apperance was the elimination of the bandit queen Leerah within her own camp full of renegade amazons. It is assumed that Noxious used invisibility to get to her and quickly killed her before any guards could react.

Further accomplishments that are probably related to him:
The assassination of the last Thaian mayor of Venore.
The assassination of the mage Haramun in Darashia.
The assassination of the Mixton Family.
The sabotage of the 'Queen Torviva' in the harbor of Carlin.
The poisoning of the Edron wells which led to five deaths.
The killing of at least six noblemen in provoked duels.
We cannot be sure for which felonies he was paid by an unknown party and which of these acts he fulfilled out of sheer morbid pleasure. Still the lack of any proof makes it impossible to punish him adequately.
At least three assassination attempts on him have already failed.

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