Novice of the Cult.gif
You see a novice of the cult.
  • Fear us!
  • You will not tell anyone what you have seen!
  • Your curiosity will be punished!


The members of the lowest rank of the sinister cult still lack any greater powers but are eager to prove themselves worthy. Their inherent cowardice is somewhat compensated by first signs of fanaticism. Determined to protect their cult, they are capable but not too impressive opponents. What they lack in strength, they try to make up with quantity. Usually Novices of the Cult band together for a fight, often accompanied by a member of a higher rank whom they protect with their lives. Quite clueless about the true agendas and teachings of the cults, they are seen as disposable shock troops by their superiors.

They usually come 1-2 at a time, certain areas can have up to 5 Novices at a time, with Tarantulas, a Dark Monk, and very often with one or two Witches. If you are a free account user and want to look as if wearing a premium outfit, just use the Creature Illusion spell.


Melee(0-65) (poisons you 1 hp/10 turn), Distance Life Drain (20-80), Summons Chicken, Self Healing (20-40).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Liberty Bay Cult Cave, Formorgar Mines, Yalahar Magician Quarter, in the caves on top of the Hrodmir mountains.


Runs when low on hp, can't be pushed.


Knights just hit with weapon, pally/mages shoot with rod/wand or distance weapon. Sometimes HMM or even LMM can help loads. Summoning a Fire Elemental or a Demon Skeleton will help alot if you are low level mage.


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