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I've been hunting vampires since the days your grandfather's grandfather was an infant. So you better listen to me, otherwise you might end up dead. Even if you listen to me, there is a good chance that those beasts will get you. I don't care why there are vampires and when they came here. The only thing that matters is that we will outlive them!
Don't think about them in terms of beings. They're nothing than beasts, trust me. They are cunning and deceptive, but still beasts.
Don't fall for their nonsense of being the rulers of the night. There is no dark curse, it was their own choice to become a vampire. They feed on humans because they are placing their own stinking existence above all else, and as I said, this was their own choice.
Vampires came to the mining colony in which I was living with my family. There were many of them, they were clever, they knew how to use magic, and they wielded dangerous weapons. My people had nothing. They killed some to still their thirst for blood, and many just for fun. We fought them in the tunnels, armed only with a few tools. At last we managed to let the tunnel collapse to kill the majority of us. This way they were at least no longer able to use us as source to satisfy their thirst for blood.
It was my curse to survive. It took me three days to dig myself out of the tunnel. Then I was found by the inquisitors that were chasing the vampires. I stayed with them for a while, accompanying them on their vampire hunts. But they were humans and their lives were short, so they attended other matters at some point. I left them and joined other hunters, and travelled the world.
I have killed my share of vampires in all those years, some weak, some strong. I learnt to fight, I learnt to run, I learnt their weaknesses, and I learnt their strengths.
Whenever you think you know all about a trade, you learn something new. If you fail to learn, you'll die. I've known many good people that died while hunting vampires. It took a few hundred years until I considered myself as quite good in this trade.
There is one weakness all vampires have in common: they're cowards. They proved this already when choosing the life of a vampire instead of facing the feared death. They prove this at each sundown when they rise again instead of ending their miserable existence. They prefer to spread their curse than to stop it. Selfishness is their main motive. Even though they form packs just like other beasts, they know no loyalty or support when danger arises.
Listen, I'm supposed to train you in the art of vampire hunting. But that's not how it works. If you are a fool, I cannot train you to be a genius. I suppose you know how to fight, else they would not have sent you. To learn the tricks of my trade, arm yourself with a blessed stake and hunt some vampires. Bring me their dust to prove your worthiness.

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