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Nova was merged along with Lunara and Titania into a new world Iona on November 10, 2014.

Game World Merge

On November 10, 2014, Nova was merged with the servers Lunara and Titania into the server Iona. Its creation was officially announced here.

About This World

  • Server is currently in war. However its almost constantly in war.
  • The server is ruled by Europeans mainly Swedish.
  • The Server has defeated the mighty Sorcerer "Ferumbras"


  • Old server price of items can be very low.
  • Ruler language is English.


  • Power Abusers.
  • Server is almost constantly at war.
  • A lot of botters, most of them got main character which protects the bot characters if someone takes skull.
  • Old players have quit; only a couple remain.
  • A lot of account selling.
  • A lot of "Skull Bashers" (PK-killers) This can also be an advantage.
  • Respawn of monsters is medium/slow.

Additional Information

  • First level 100 Lecius
  • First level 150 James Dark
  • First level 200 Undead Slayer
  • First level 300 Exequter
  • First level 400 Exequter
  • First Mage on Tibia to reach Level 100 was Annie Happy
  • First Master Sorcerer on Tibia to reach Level 350 was Exequter
  • The first "new" World, between 1997 and the end of 2001 there was only Antica, which was originally simply called "Tibia". With the advent of Nova, Antica was named and from now on every world has a name.
  • The Oldest Guild is Los Hermanos established on Oct 31 2002.
  • Golden Boots.gif Nova have the original set of Golden Boots, thanks to Erana for reporting the famous free premium accounts bug.
  • Horned Helmet.gif The Horned Helmet  owned by Fishb Fairy.
  • Thunder Hammer.gif The Thunder Hammer used to be owned by Zedroil di Komra , unforunately due to a hacked "friend", the current owner is unknown.
  • The name of the gameworld "Nova" means "New", in latin.

Rares & Known Owners

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