"Fardos then united with air, and he begot Nornur the God of Fate. Nornur envied Crunor's proud shape because he had inherited his mother's fragile, delicate form, and in fact his body had hardly more substance than a fleeting cloud or a song in the wind. He asked his creative cousin to help him get a firm body of his own, but no matter how hard the cousins tried, they did not find a solution. Nornur always was what he had been in the first place: An ethereal god, the shadow of a shadow. To console his sad cousin, Crunor suggested to Nornur that he should at least create some living being that belonged to him so he could manifest himself in his servants. And so it came to pass that the spiders came into the world, elegant if eerie creatures who could weave gossamer webs of great beauty. Fragile and fleeting, these delicate webs resemble Nornur's ephemeral form."

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