Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Venore
Position 128.187, 125.105, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Armor Shopkeeper
Other Properties
Version 7.1
December 17, 2002
Status Active
You see Norbert.
NPC Bubble D
  • Wonderful and stylish clothes! Come and buy!


Venore, south-east from the depot.


Norbert deals in Armor.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Coat Body Equipment Body Equipment1
Doublet Body Equipment Body Equipment3
Jacket Body Equipment Body Equipment1
Leather Armor Body Equipment Body Equipment12
Studded Armor Body Equipment Body Equipment25


Item   Value
Coat Body Equipment Body Equipment8
Doublet Body Equipment Body Equipment16
Jacket Body Equipment Body Equipment12
Leather Armor Body Equipment Body Equipment35
Studded Armor Body Equipment Body Equipment90
Wedding Outfit Box Tools and other Equipment Tools and other Equipment5000


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Player: hi
Norbert: Wow! The great Player visiting our {shop}! LOOK, PEOPLE, LOOK HERE!
Player: job
Norbert: I am a salesperson here, but one day I might become a tailor, or a supermodel perhaps!
Player: name
Norbert: I am Norbert.
Player: news
Norbert: I heard the colour of the next season will be orange.
Player: time
Norbert: Now it's 8:57 pm. Did you notice this is a xelor watch I am wearing?
Player: xelor watch
Norbert: Xelor, the dwarf of the chromancers guild, makes the most stylish watches in all the land.
Player: king or Tibianus
Norbert: Even the king of Thais, blessed be his name, can't buy a better wardrobe then ours.
Player: Tibia
Norbert: Our tailors are influenced by styles of the whole known world.
Player: army
Norbert: I don't think they dress that well.
Player: Ferumbras
Norbert: Those evil mages dress so ugly.
Player: Excalibug
Norbert: I fear such a weapon will ruin a silk shirt with one blow.
Player: Carlin
Norbert: Women could do better then to wear armor. Women in leather scare my in particular.
Player: Thais
Norbert: Thaian wear is not that stylish anymore.
Player: Hugo
Norbert: He's our boss, a great tailor and designer.
Player: offer
Norbert: I sell very stylish clothes indeed.
Player: shop / clothes
Norbert: I have wonderful jackets, coats, lovely doublets, even warlike leather armor, and impressive studded armor. And wedding outfits! Just ask me for a {trade}.
Player: trade
Norbert: Of course, just browse through my wonderful clothes.
Player: bye
Norbert: Bye, bye.
Player: hi
Norbert: Welcome, Player.
Norbert: Bye, bye.

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