The beloved dog of the king is gone, help the king to find him!


Thais and its surroundings


Snake, Wolf, Bear.


Achievement Dog Sitter, 1,000 experience points and 500 gp, Fan Doll of Queen Eloise or a Basket (Puppies).

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World Board: Not again! Noodles has taken some royal freedom and left the castle, after him in the name of the king!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Noodles is gone, the King in despair! Find the little rascal, look everywhere. Bring him back to get rewarded for your care!


Noodles, who lives in the King's throneroom sometimes disappears. Go to King Tibianus in the Rain Castle and ask him about Noodles. He will then hand you a Dog Collar to bring his dog back. Noodles has a very large walking area that stretches over all of the Thaian peninsula. The quicker you go look for him after server save, the more likely you are to find him. Known places where he spawns at server save are:

Once you've used the dog collar on Noodles, return to the King and request your reward. Note that you cannot repeat this task for 2 weeks — the King will not give you another dog collar and you cannot use another collar on Noodles during this time.


If you are lucky, a Dog Lady.gifDog Lady might appear in the Rain Castle after the next server save. While the Dog Lady is in the castle, you might encounter a Basket of Puppies on the floor of the throne room.


Obtaining reward from King Tibianus, 721 trials.

Tries to get 1
Platinum Coin.gif 5 Platinum Coins 711 98.61% 2
Fan Doll of Queen Eloise.gif Fan Doll of Queen Eloise 10 1.39% 73


Player: hail king
King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject player.
Player: noodles
King Tibianus: The royal dog has disappeared AGAIN! I bet he's taking a walk somewhere outside of Thais. If you want to help bringing him back, I could hand you one of his leashes.
Player: leashes
King Tibianus: Well, here's a leash. If you see Noodles, just use it on him to help him find his way home.

Noodles is Gone Mini World Change

Turning in task:

Player: hail king
King Tibianus: I greet thee, my loyal subject player.
Player: noodles
King Tibianus: You're one of the loyal citizens who helped bring back the royal dog. You absolutely deserve a reward.
Player: reward
King Tibianus: Take some gold from my treasury. Here you are.

Noodles is Gone Mini World Change

or for Fan Doll of Queen Eloise:

King Tibianus: Indeed, I shall reward you. Uhm... take this little toy. Noodles seems to have found it somewhere.

Noodles is Gone Mini World Change