This page is about the NPC Nomad. For any of the creatures of the same name, see Nomads.
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South of Bittermor on Hrodmir.


He calls himself a professional outdoor survivalist who has no use for a name because he is one with nature.
He sells one of the two enhanced PvE Blessings available in Tibia, and can also heal you if you are low on health as well as rid you of all negative Status Conditions.
Use Levitate here to reach him.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item Price (gp)
The Heart of the Mountain Blessing 2600 gp and an extra 260 gp for each level up to 120


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Player: hi
Nomad: Ah, another diciple of the extreme... surviving the icy outdoors? Let me {help}! If you need some first aid out here, I can provide {healing} or grant you an {enhanced} blessing!
Player: help/heal
Nomad: You aren't looking that bad. Keep your wits about you and walk it off! For additional protection, however, I could grant you an enhanced {blessing} and there is also the {pilgrimage} of ashes.
Player: blessing
Nomad: Besides the {enhanced} blessings available from me, I know of one other, granted by a mysterious {djinn}. There are also five different other blessings available, each in a sacred place. ...
Nomad: These blessings are: the {spiritual} shielding, the spark of the {phoenix}, the {embrace} of Tibia, the fire of the {suns} and the wisdom of {solitude}.
Player: spiritual
Kais: You can ask for the blessing of spiritual shielding in the whiteflower temple south of Thais.
Player: phoenix
Kais: The spark of the phoenix is given by the dwarven priests of earth and fire in Kazordoon.
Player: embrace
Kais: The druids north of Carlin will provide you with the embrace of Tibia.
Player: suns
Kais: You can ask for the blessing of the two suns in the suntower near Ab'Dendriel.
Player: solitude
Kais: Talk to the hermit Eremo on the isle of Cormaya about this blessing.
Player: enhanced
Nomad: I am able to grant you the heart of the mountain's blessing. But I must ask of you to sacrifice X gold. Are you willing to part with that amount of wealth?
Player: yes
Nomad: Receive the heart of the mountain then.
Player: pilgrimage/job
Nomad: Survive the extreme, battle the ice and cold - I am a professional outdoor survivalist! Well-versed in emergency {healing} and I also know of an {enhanced} blessing, ancient and powerful!
Player: djinn
Nomad: I know of a mysterious djinn, bound to an existence of slavery far to the north of Tiquanda's jungles. He is bound to tell you his secrets and offer you the 'blood of the mountain'. ...
Nomad: I do not know where exactly but I guess you must first dig that one out to actually talk to him.
Player: name
Nomad: I am one with nature, one with the ice and the cold. Names are of no worth out here. Out here, you face isolation and loneliness. Only your strength, willpower and {training} can keep you alive.
Player: training
Nomad: My life is one of hardship, hardship I chose freely. Endurance, strength and the power of the will are my only companions in this frigid wilderness. My strength comes from disciplined training and knowledge of the outdoors.
Player: bye
Nomad: Keep a stiff upper lip!