This quest has no legend.


Deep in a hidden cave below Mt. Sternum.


Cyclops, Ghouls and Skeletons. Possibly Cyclops Smith and Cyclops Drone depending on the way you take.

Required Equipment


  • You will need to find Skjaar below Mt Sternum (you can alternatively go through the Mount Sternum Undead Cave so you will only have to face Ghouls and Skeletons). You will need to pay him 1,000 gp and take his quiz. Before trying the quiz to buy the key check if the door to the chest room is unlocked! You may waste 1k if it is unlocked.

Enter through the west entrance of Mount Sternum (here), head downstairs. Then follow the route according to these maps:

You start at the stars and go up/down at the arrow markings

Start by heading west. Be prepared to face some Cyclopes on the first floor. On floor -2 you will face some Skeletons and a few Ghouls. Inside the quest room you will face 4 Ghouls.

  • Skjaar will only let you past the door if you prove to him that you have known his master, Dago.
  • The answers to his questions are "redips", "7", and "black" respectively.

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This is how the answers were found:

Redips - a grave in the Graveyard of the Doomed reads: "Here lies the favourite spider of the greatest magician." Then ask Hoggle about 'pet names': "Once there was a magician who named all his creatures like their species read backward." 'Spider' read backwards is 'Redips'.

7 - a grave in the Graveyard of the Doomed reads: "In this grave lies the thumb of Dago, lost in a battle with a damon." Then ask Lubo about 'finger': "Oh, you sure mean this old story about the mage Dago, who lost two fingers when he conjured a dragon." If you ask him about 'pet names' he will refer you to Hoggle. 10 - 1 - 2 means Dago died with just seven fingers.

Black - find the book How to Summon Black Demons in the hidden Demon Skeleton room under Mount Sternum. This book is written by Dago. Lubo also hints you towards the answer when asked about 'magician': "I don't remember his name, but it's said that his banner was the black eye." Dago specialised in the summoning of black daemons.

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player: hi
Skjaar: It's good to see somebody who has chosen the path of wisdom. What do you want?
player: key
Skjaar: I will give the key to the crypt only to the closest followers of my master. Would you like me to test you?
player: yes
Skjaar: Before we start I must ask you for a small donation of 1000 gold coins. Are you willing to pay 1000 gold coins for the test?
player: yes
Skjaar: All right then. Here comes the first question. What was the name of Dago's favourite pet?
player: redips
Skjaar: Perhaps you knew him after all. Tell me - how many fingers did he have when he died?
player: 7
Skjaar: Also true. But can you also tell me the colour of the deamons in which master specialized?
player: black
Skjaar: It seems you are worthy after all. Do you want the key to the crypt?
player: yes
Skjaar: Here you are.
Skjaar: Run away, unworthy player!

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