Property Value
Combat Properties
Health Health Icon 1400
Experience Experience Icon 1350
Est. Max Dmg 420+
Summon (not possible)
Convince (not possible)
General Properties
Name Nightmare Scion
Classification Demons
Spawn Type
Pushable ?
Pushes ?
Elemental Properties
Physical 100%
Earth 0%
Fire 80%
Death 0%
Energy 80%
Holy 125%
Ice 90%
Heal 100%
Life Drain 100%
Drown 100%
Immunity Properties
Paralysable ?
Senses Invis. ?
Behavioural Properties
Walks around
Walks through
Other Properties
Version Unknown.
Status Active
Nightmare Scion
You see Nightmare Scion.
"Weeeheeheee!"; "Pffffrrrrrrrrrrrr."; "Peak a boo, I killed you!".


Added in the Christmas Update 2008.


Melee (0-140), Poison Ball (0-180), Death Hit (70-130), Self Healing.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Cemetery Quarter, Alchemist Quarter and in the Arena and Zoo Quarter (unreachable), Vengoth.



Just like every other creature that runs in low health, try to cast a strong spell or rune to prevent it from running too far, and try not to lure any other creatures. And also know that Nightmare Scions are really fast, so it's best to finish them off quickly or trap in a place where they can't run away.


0-147 gp, 0-3 Platinum Coin, 0-2 Ham, 0-4 Meat, Double Axe, Essence of a Bad Dream, Scythe Leg, Death Ring (rare), Crown Helmet (rare), Focus Cape (rare), Crystal of Focus (very rare), Diamond Sceptre (rare), Bar of Chocolate (very rare), Shadow Sceptre (very rare).

(Loot Statistics)

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