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When we arrived here by means I'm not allowed to mention, we found not an abandoned isle and save haven to build a secret base, but a populated and civilised kingdom. Unsure it we were to continue with our initial plan nonetheless I sent word to the other dreammasters for a decision. Meanwhile I sent scouts to watch the strange inhabitants of this new land and get as much information about them as possible. After verifying that they were at least not openly in league with demons or the brotherhood, I decided to make contact. The people we met were seemingly completely human, albeit somewhat pale and of an tired and disinterested attitude. Although they obviously had never encountered a dwarf, they paid my right hand man only little more attention then anyone else. And that was little enough. This already made me suspicious and as we were invited by their leader to dine with him as honoured guests I told my men to be on guard. I postponed the invitation under the ruse of affairs I had to attend before, so I could use the time to see if my dream would grant me some insight and wisdom. As it is known those dreams are never direct, neither prophetic but with all this screams, carnage and bloodshed in my dreams there was little to be mistaken. Yet I refrained, as dreams are treacherous if threatened with ignorance. How easy it is to cause all that you dreamed about by your own actions because of your dreams. So we prepared potent antidotes and runes to deflect any attacks or traps that might await us. King Julas as he was called was a gentle enough host and the feast if not splendid was appropriate. Yet at the serving of the wine the magic amulet I had donned warned me about poison. I silently informed my men as I had told them in advance. Each of us secretly used an antidote rune on himself while others of us distracted our host and his retinue. As the evening turned to night our host was becoming more and more nervous, obviously waiting for his poison to take effect. Smiling inwardly I turned the polite discussion to the ways of our order, casually mentioned that we were known to reward our friends well and deal with traitors and their ilk swiftly and without mercy. More and more that Julas became nervous and more and more my talk became more stern and threatening. Only thinly veiled I finally had told him that I was aware about his treachery and were prepared to retaliate. Finally he broke in and with a shrieking voice he ordered his guards to attack. I and my men were accustomed to fight enemies more fierce then those men who where numerous but trained as militia or city-guardsman at best. We made sort work and soon most of them surrendered. King Julas though had retreated already. I interrogated the men at arms and learned that Julas as his father before him ruled the island with an iron and oppressive fist after years of freedom and prosperity. We searched the castle for Julas, fighting through some of his remaining men who offered only half-hearted resistance before giving up.

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