The Nightmare Knights (NK) are an ancient order of knights that have many rumours surrounding their existence and their ultimate disappearance. They were originally formed for the purposes of training elite fighters. However, after one of their members (Falnus) had turned evil and became known as the evil undead lord Goshnar, they knew they had to defeat him after seeing his malignant plot in their Dreams.

Their main base of operations was located in a monastery just east of the Plains of Havoc temple. There they trained and practiced their skills on the many strong creatures that are found there. They also built the Knightwatch Tower as an outpost to store equipment and travel to other places on the continent using the Dreampaths (more commonly known as magic forcefields) they had developed there.

The entire order of the Nightmare Knights was structured around the interpretation of Dreams and the art of "Dreamwalking," which they were taught by the elvish Teshial caste. All paths were connected by the Chamber of Dreams, which is past Hugo's prison, and concealed far underground beneath the abandoned monastery in the Plains of Havoc.

The only way to enter the mysterious order of the Nightmare Knights is to pass the "Dream Challenge." The entrance to this challenge is down a secret pickhole below the monastery. It consists of riddles and feats designed to test the participants' cunning and knowledge of the Dreamwalkers.

The Nightmare Knights were also the keepers of the secrets of the plains. They constructed a base below Goshnar's grave above the Well of Life, the best items of Tibia, and the Pits of Inferno, called the Shrine of Wonders. Goshnar's Grave is accessible by a pickhole in the undead catacombs beneath the Necromant House.

The fate of the Nightmare Knights was foreseen after the war with Goshnar, and was sealed when The Ruthless Seven set out to capture the Halls of Dreams in the Dream Realm. The Dream Master, who was the elder of the order and keeper of the secrets of Dreamwalking, was lost in the Dream Realm after the Ruthless Seven captured the last Hall of Dreams. This hall, the Chamber of Dreams, was the Knights' only hope to survive, but they failed to reclaim it, were separated, and then wiped out. The Dream Master is the only one to remain. However, you can find many others in the form of ghosts among old places that they inhabited. Moreover, the bodies of various elders of the order can be found scattered around the Plains of Havoc.

The main motto of the Nightmare Knights still remains on the wall of their destroyed monastery (just east of the Plains of Havoc temple):

F.. king an. coun.ry 
w... honor ... vir... 
we will ..otec. th.. pla... 
.. tha. HE ... .ever ret...

This reads as:

For king and country 
with honor and virtue 
we will protect this place
so that HE can never return

Now that the Inferno Pits have become unsealed, The Ruthless Seven lie in wait. The order must be recalled to fight the evil that was prophesized to return.

List of Nightmare Knights and what happened to them: