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Nightmare Isles (via Kha'labal or Devourer)


Ability to obtain a Nightmare Teddy.

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World Board: A sandstorm travels through Darama, leading to isles full of deadly creatures inside a nightmare. Avoid the river near Drefia/northernmost coast/Ankhramun tar pits!
Towncryer: Near Drefia's mountains/Near Darashia's coast/In Ankrahmun's desert, a storm has revealed the entry to a nightmare that can't be sealed. Horrible creatures there spell instant death to all young adventurers who dare take a breath!


This MWC is active every day and features a teleporter which leads to the dreaded Nightmare Isles. The teleporter can be located:

On these isles, fearsome creatures protecting a Nightmare Teddy lurk. Do not access them unprepared.

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