Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Rathleton
Position 131.115, 123.163, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Occupational Properties
Job Tribe Leader
Other Properties
Version 10.90
December 8, 2015
Status Active
You see Nibble.
  • Work, work, work... <sigh>
  • Making grub as fast as can!
  • Poor goblin! Poor goblin!
  • <sigh>




Nibble is the leader of the Krailos Goblins, but he has been captured by the Ogres to be their slave and cannot do much to help his kin. His real name is Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad.
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Part of the Krailos Quest.
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Player: hi
Nibble: Hello, hu-man. <sniff> <sniff> Vile smell about you. Remind me of ogre Grubokk. Hmmm. Or maybe it is ogre soup.
Player: name
Nibble: <sigh> Ogre bosses call me Nibble.
Player: Nibble
Nibble: Not funny! Me full name Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad, ignorant hu-man!
Player: Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad
Nibble: You mispronounce badly, hu-man! But no matter.
Player: time
Nibble: Eating time for ogre bosses. Cleaning pigsty time foor poor goblin, always and again.
Player: goblins
Nibble: Chosen folk of Frog God. Lived free in free goblin city! Golden age of goblins before ogre came! ...
Nibble: Now slaves of ogres, mining for crystals. Source of deep shame. You not understand, you no goblin.
Player: Frog God
Nibble: You not worthy of croaking his name! He no listen to you, he no turn golden eye on you, hu-man!
Player: Hopgoblin
Nibble: Him great philosopher goblin, wisest of all! Him see what need be done in thought and deed, and him do it, even if weak minds often not understand. ...
Nibble: Him said, goblin need many thoughts, many voices. Him said, freedom in spirit. Him said, responsibility in action. In the end, him make ultimate sacrifice. Said need of many goblins outweigh need of one! But his sad, sad loss.
Player: Swordfish
Nibble: Hero of past days, made clever pranks on ogres to save many fellow goblins. Right hand of Sugatrap during trek to find holy mountain, and trusted friend after. ...
Nibble: Him patron of secret city. Countless tales of his deeds, told little goblin whelps in their crib! Every goblin want to be like him - feisty, fast and funny Swordfish!
Player: Sugatrap
Nibble: Great forefather. Led goblins to holy mountains to raise city in honour of Frog God. Every goblin whelp know his story! Him lived in dark times. ...
Nibble: Then, all under heel of stupid ancient goblin clans, always warring and quarreling with everyone, with orcs, trolls, humans, elves! Not good for goblins! Always hunted above and beneath earth! ...
Nibble: But Sugatrap clever! Saw this not way forward to better times. Him thought weapons resort of the stupid. Thought of new things. ...
Nibble: Devised traps for flies to offer to Frog God. So God Frog turned golden eyes on him and showed him way. ...
Nibble: Sugatrap saw goblins had to leave and build new civilization. But when he tell other goblins, they laugh and say, 'Who you to say we must change goblin ways?' And he say, 'I Am Sugatrap. And I say.' ...
Nibble: And they laugh again, and Sugatrap know they never come with him but stay stupid and kill each other. So he killed all who laugh. But he weep to have to kill fellow goblins. ...
Nibble: Sad time, long ago now. Rest of goblins clever enough to follow Sugatrap into bright future.
Player: ogres
Nibble: Big, brutes, barbarians. Them worship greed, always greedy. Greedy for crystals! Greedy for tasty food! Greedy for violence! ...
Nibble: But goblins will not give up. One day we free again. ...
Nibble: And then, will rebuild great city greater than ever, and never be seen again by hulky ogres or hu-mans! Happiness!
Player: mines
Nibble: Goblin folk use to live happy in secret. Then one day ogre fall into goblin tunnel. Baaaaad day for goblins! ...
Nibble: Ogre come and eat goblin babies. Ogre come and make goblin mine for holy crystals. Sacrilege! Slavery! ...
Nibble: Ogre take goblin chief as slave in camp. Ignominy! Cannot leave camp! Cannot free people!
Player: Vuzrog
Nibble: Acting chieftain of tribe. Him always hungry, always make me stir horrible ogre soup with goblin bones in it! <sob> ...
Nibble: Him see everything as either to be eaten, be beaten or to be used for menial task. Bah.
Player: Mugruu
Nibble: Him only ogre in camp with flicker of cleverness. Him learn from hu-man Larek how to trade. Before, him used to make crude tools like rest of ogres. ...
Nibble: One time, goblins steal some of Mugruu's tools and ran away. Not know what became of them. Hope they smuggled to people in mines! ...
Nibble: But after that, all goblin slaves in camp killed except for me. I left alive as punishment! But will not give up! One day, we goblins free again!
Player: Ghorza
Nibble: Ogress of power. Serve horrible hungry god, but she at least not interested in goblins, she always leave Nibble alone.
Player: Larek
Nibble: Him slave like me, baking cookies for glutton chieftain. Him never leave camp again alive.
Player: bye
Nibble: <sigh> Poor goblin always left behind.

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