You can get this item from a Chest (Quest) on the boat of Captain Kurt on the Island of Destiny, together with an Adventurer's Stone.

Brave adventurer,

the Adventurers Guild bids you welcome as a new hero of the land.

We are a fellowship which endeavours to help new heroes such as you taking their first steps in a hostile and sometimes confusing world.
Please take this adventurer's stone as a gift and first part of the help that we provide.
You can use the stone in any greater temple of the main cities of the land to instantly travel to our guild hall.
There, we will humbly provide you with some basic services and information.
The city guide, whom you should find near the place of your arrival in the city of your choice, will provide you not only with valuable advice but also with directions, so it should be easy to find a temple in any town.
If you should ever lose your adventurer's stone you can replace it by talking to a priest in the temple.
I hope you will be visiting us soon.

Kind regards,
Rotem, Head of the Adventurers Guild

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