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You see Ned Nobel
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • A prosperous new year!
  • Rockits for everyone! Come and have some fun!


Northeast of Ab'Dendriel entrance.


Ned Nobel sells Fireworks Rockets to celebrate the new year.
He claims to be the son of Alfred Nobel.


This NPC first appeared during Tibia's 10th Anniversary in Edron, but he left the continent when the party ended. He gave you a (limited) amount of free Fireworks Rockets, Party Hats, Party Trumpets and other Party Items, up to around 22.
To get an item, you needed to greet him and say "item". Ned used to end the conversation every time you got an item, so you needed to greet him again.

His location used to vary during the new year's season:
He first appears in Ab'Dendriel, north of entrance.
Then he will be in Carlin, south of depot.
Then he will be in Kazordoon, south of castle.
Then he will be in Liberty Bay, west of depot.
Then he will be in Edron, south of entrance.
Then he will be in Thais, east of boat. After new year's season he leaves Tibia.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.



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Player: hi
Ned Nobel: Hi fellow, do you need rockits for the upcoming turn of the year? Just let me know if you want to {trade}.
Player: name
Ned Nobel: My name is Ned. Ned Nobel. Maybe you knew my father, his name was Alfred!
Player: Alfred/father
Ned Nobel: He laid the foundation for my invention.
Player: invention
Ned Nobel: I did plenty of testing and I can proudly say that they are much safer and better now. Nevertheless I can't tell you the formula. It's a secret.
Player: secret
Ned Nobel: No, I will not tell you and now stop bothering me I have to work. (ends conversation)
Player: job
Ned Nobel: I'm an inventor and a salesman. You know, without money no inventions.
Player: trade
Ned Nobel: Here, take a look. But don't light them here in my pocket! I wish you a Happy New Year!
Player: bye
Ned Nobel: I wish you a prosperous new year Player!

Ned Nobel