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Mythera was merged along with Libera and Rubera into a new world Umera on November 10, 2014.



All three are currently members of Mata Rindo.


  • Arkangels, originally led by Raptured Rayn but more famously led by Sante, was the most feared guild on Mythera from 2007-2009. During this time, they waged two huge wars, one against the BR team (Mythologics) and one against the PL team (Encore and Achromatize). During these wars, the guild Arkangels would slaughter their opponents in Ankrahmun open battles, sometimes winning with scores as high as 25 and 30-0. After defeating Encore and Achromatize in the fall of 2008, Arkangels ruled Mythera with an iron fist; the only reason they are not still in power is because the BR team lent their characters to a foreign guild called "Fusao," a group of BR's that used Magebot combo's to win their battles.
  • Brabo leader was the first player to reach level 100 on Mythera.
  • Mythera is currently undergoing a transformation to becoming a server again. Players can feel welcomed now which hasn't happened in years. Despite the constant wars, neutrals are being a bit more respected than in the past.
  • A Dark Lord's Cape was looted by Arkangels, it was the first on Mythera. Also Krysin was the 5th person in tibia to receive a bejeweled ship's telescope.
  • The highest level is Judge Chia who transfered to the server from Keltera at 316.
  • The First Spellscroll of Prophecies was looted by Iara Blooderia and Demon Joselito.

War History

2004 - 2008

2008 - 2009

  • New Generation lead by (Fusão) VS. Arkangels lead by Sante.

2009 - 2010

  • Caverao lead by Thubaka VS. Fall Out lead by Foba Smart.
  • Outer Heaven lead by Krysin and Oust lead by Dacruz VS. Fall Out lead by Foba Smart, Mythologics lead by Druid Alone and Caverao lead by Thubaka.
  • After receiving help when world transfers opened Outer Heaven and Oust were disbanned to form Dark Element and defeated Fall Out.

2010 - 2011

  • Seven Deadly Sins lead by Krysin, Oust lead by Arckanon, and Dramatic Changes lead by Gorgo'noides VS Dark Horn
  • The SDS/Oust alliance returns to fight the Dark Element backstabbers as they continued to power abuse after war ended. Now known as Dark Horn the fight is ongoing.
  • Dark Element lead by Jaspi VS Oust lead by Arckanon
  • After the former Oust team left Dark Element spawn disputes and power abuse lead to a war between the former allies. During which time Seven Deadly Sins is formed by Krysin to help Dark Element but he later withdraws and is power abused by Dark Element - the fight does not end here.
  • Dark Element lead by Jaspi VS Seven Deadly Sins lead by Krysin and Oust lead by Arckanon
  • After a month of fighting players in Dark Element betrayed their team seeing a loss as inevitable and joined the SDS/Oust alliance. Dark Element is defeated.
  • Dark Element vs Oust with forterians
  • After many months of reign by dark element the player Dacruz called some players from fortera players well-known as Supremacy one of the greatests guilds in fortera, they came to mythera and helped Oust to conquer the server but failing due bad comunication the heavy numbers of Dark Element.
  • Dark Element with forterians vs Oust
  • So after that Supremacy joined Dark Element to get rid of Oust out of the server with sucess sending Dacruz and his guildmates to fortera and ruling the server for few months.
  • Dark Element vs Wipe Out
  • Peace was ruling on mythera but Dark Element was not happy with Supremacy hunting so they decided to take them out, with the last of the force Supremacy joined the rest of oust and mane other comrades that came from other server to finally defeated Dark Element in a war system, Taking the server and ruling for months sending players like Tortixa and Tyriathz to a non-pvp server showing them that union means force.
  • But this was not a happy ending since the remains of Dark Element started to call more comrades from other servers like Pythera and the current guild Red Sky to stop Wipe Out the current guild of "gringos" in mythera, they formed Mata Rindo's guild, they fought a war system and won but was not enough to kick them out of the server, after few months the oldests guys from Oust came back to rejoin Wipe Out and keep fighting for respect and peace in mythera.
  • Wipe Out vs Mata Rindo.
  • Mata Rindo wipes out Wipe Out and is to date owning the server.

Notable Players

From America/Canada & other English speakers

  • Sante; Old leader of Arkangels, probably one of the most feared players Mythera has seen. Was a nice guy to friends.
  • Raptured Rayn; Original leader of Arkangels before Sante.
  • Krysin; Tried to take over when Arkangels left leading neutrals and low level mages to war against Fall Out. Later returned with reinforcements to win the war after Arkangels could not. However many players believe he takes the game too far and considers himself godlike even going so far as to imply that players needed his permission to transfer into Mythera. Ex leader of Outer Heaven and current leader of Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Cheese Master (Deleted)   Once the highest level in Mythera
  • Tannylouise; Queen of neutrality, rarely fights back but because of this and of course her personality is also friends with almost everybody, Leader of well known neutral guild Bound by Blood, also known as the Switzerland of Mythera.
  • Maiku Saisei during the time of Arkangels and Fusao was fearless yet stubborn being hunted by all sides and peoples of war.

From Brazil

  • Thubaka;It was one of the most killer of Mythera and ex Leader of another war guild allied with the old Fall Out called Caverao and Old Limpa Do Bambu.
  • Lady Mello Marotow; The Biggest Betrayer ever. Betrayed Fall Out with Hemun Rebirth, Gutyf and many others. 
  • Jaspi; Ex Leader of Dark Element. Transfered from Keltera and helped defeat Fall Out.
  • Foba Smart; Ex Leader of Fall Out.
  • Lady Bekka - Old war leader from Mythera's golden days. Had control over the server for a very long time until others rose against the abuse.
  • Menina Solta; Ex Leader of Dark Element and biggest old player.
  • Dyn Hardy; One of the leaders of Wipe Out and biggest commander.
  • Persyeu; One of the oldest leaders of Dark Element that changed sides to Wipe Out.
  • Berr Suvan; One of the Mata rindo's leader that came from pythera along his friends.
  • Fahzera Suvan; Same as Berr Suvan came to stop Wipe Out.

From Mexico

  • Arckanon Ex-leader of Oust
  • Demon legendario. Ex-Leader of Oust
  • Anemone; Top Mexican paladin in Mythera, and one of the leaders of Wipe Out.
  • Dacruz Ex-leader of Oust
  • Maxakor; Top Mexican sorcerer in Mythera and left to fortera.
  • Apocalipsisz; One of the leaders of Wipe Out that came from Chimera.
  • Aztek Camus; One of the former leaders of Wipe Out from fortera.

From Sweden/Poland

  • Royal Morfar; Leader of Swedish players now playing in Kyra lands. Ex biggest power abuser on Mythera.
  • Roger Sunrise; Ex Leader of Achromatize.
  • Agar Santos; An old leader of Achromatize. Now on Kyra.

From Venezuela

  • Sephferiuz; One of the former leaders of Wipe Out from fortera.
  • Narizhao; Old rapid'gord and founder of Wipe Out from fortera.
  • Lord'Nena; One of the former leaders of Wipe Out from fortera.
  • Denus Drarck; One of the former leaders of Wipe Out from fortera.
  • Rich Stonan; One of the former leaders of Wipe Out from fortera.
  • Shiak; One of the former leaders of Wipe Out that left to Tenebra.

Mythera now is owned by Mata Rindo Team, Berr Suvan,Faahzera leaders of mata rindo become's Dyn Hardy friend.

The server mythera is peaceful now.

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