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My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 20)

I recognise a mystery when I encounter one, and this was a mystery for sure. Although a good mystery can fascinate me a lot more than most women I met in my life, I was responsible for this expedition and for my men which stopped me from changing our plans right there and then. Instead I started to make up a plan for a later expedition which would lead me to the area where the lizard people possibly could be found in order to learn more about them. Thus we left the strange pyramid city behind us for now and continued our passage through the reefs. Shortly after, we eventually made it and the shoreline became safe once again. We decided to take a break and set up camp, even more careful than usual, securing it with everything we had at our disposal since we needed some time to repair our boats and equipment as well as to heal our wounds. We camped there for two days and - thanks to the gods - had to face only minor nuisances. During the night the same jungle which could turn dangerously silent in the daytime became a symphony of screams, screeches and howls of creatures no one of us could even imagine. When the sun set, the sky seemed to explode with massive rain as if the gods were pouring down a whole ocean on us. Even with our full equipment we would have had a hard time to keep ourselves comfortable and with a significant amount of our stuff lost to the jungle, it was almost impossible to actually recover. As we took off for the sea again we were all glad to escape this green hell once more. We followed the shoreline to the next impassable reef formation, however, this time the reefs were close to the beach, so it was easy enough to find a way around while keeping the land in sight as well as avoiding the depths of the sea. Using my spyglass, a wooden structure blending almost perfectly with the jungle caught my attention. It reminded me of an enormous fortification of some sort, yet there seemed to be no defenders, just thickest jungle surrounding it.