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My Travels by Ploch Pridestride (Volume 19)

Unexpectedly, pyramid-like ruins appeared at the horizon breaking the eternal green of the jungle. Already half taken over by the all-devouring jungle vegetation but still clearly recognisable there was an actual city - ancient, but obviously populated. Having heard about the pyramids of the southern desert we instinctively related the jungle monuments to the same culture and to the people settling in the city of Ankrahmun. While we cautiously steered our boats closer to the beach and wondered about the mysterious origins of this jungle city, more and more apes showed up on the beach, yelling at us in threatening poses. Strangely enough, they were wearing various kinds of equipment - actually wearing it, not randomly strapped to the body like some mindless beast might have done. Due to the obvious hostility we stayed far enough from them to avoid the coconuts and stones they hurled in our direction. I was left solely with the option to examine the strange apes and the ruins through my spyglass and was able to spot different kinds of apes which wore sparse clothing and equipment such as weapons in a way that made clear they knew what they were doing. However some - if not most - equipment looked odd on them, as if made for creatures of a completely different build. A closer look at the ruins revealed that they were not as ruined as I had thought at first, in fact most were only overgrown by the jungle. The visible remains displayed impressive work and art. Oddly, most patterns on the walls showed serpents and lizards of some kind which for sure did not fit the hairy humanoids inhabiting the city. Then I saw the first statues. Although obviously damaged on purpose and turned into almost unrecognisable heaps of stone, some of them showed features of two legged, upright walking lizards complete with weaponry and other equipment. Instantly I remembered the stories of intelligent, yet savage lizard men which were rumoured to live somewhere in the deepest jungle.

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