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My Journeys Trough [sic] Tibia I

In my travels I visited a small coastal hamlet where I learned the villagers kept a 'wild man' captive. They asked me for advice how to deal with the obvious lunatic. They had chained him up in a dark, unused barn. I was quite surprised when while examining the unkempt, dirty man I recognized that this tattered and stained clothes at one time must have been regal and noble. For most times all he would utter were animalistic sounds and growls. I could see how the simple people of the hamlet would assume he was raised by animals or a hermit that had gone mad due to loneliness. With patience and diligence though, I managed to calm him down. Although it took days until the first time, he mumbled something that could be interpreted as words. Sadly from that point on my progress was halted. There was no way to get more out of him, then a few words and even them were rather random. He could be soothed by my words but though the words and phrased he uttered were proof that he knows my language well, he showed no reaction to anything I said, beyond reacting to the tone of my voice. It was as if he'd been trapped in his own mind. Strangely enough 'things' started to happen in his presence. Things moved when not watched, milk turned sour, food rotted away in minutes and I could not get rid of the feeling that sometimes we were watched by some unseen presence. In all his utterings only three things were prominent and consistent. 'The library', 'knowledge' and 'Zathroth' were the words he mentioned most and which usually were followed by screaming, cramps and the aforementioned manifestations. The superstitious villagers first refused to take care of him for a few more days on their own, while I acquired a carriage to bring him to the academy, where he could be examined and treated more appropriately, but I convinced them about my authority and they gave in. When I returned a few days later though, I found the barn a burned down heap.

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