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My Journeys Trough [sic] Tibia II

The villagers claimed the fire started in the night and they claimed, when they came to douse it, they saw 'things' in the flames and the crackling of the fire sounded like a whisper in an unknown but threatening language. I'm still not sure what actually happened that night. It could have been some mere accident of course. But it's also quite possible, that the villagers just could no longer bear the cursed man and took things into their own hands. The more disturbing alternative is, that the manifestations that I ignored as chance happenings and vivid imagination had something to do with the fire. The superstitious people had not dared to look for the corpse, so I ordered the men I brought with me to search the rubble. They easily found the bones of the old man, but their findings were utmost disturbing and to this day the thought about what I had seen sends shivers down my spine. The fire had literally left over nothing but bones, which is not just improbable but rather impossible. The bones, though smeared with ashes, were clean of charred flesh. Even the heart that is almost impossible to burn, was gone. Yet that was not what was strange and disturbing about them. The frightening thing was, that his bones were full of runes written in languages even I did not knew. A few of the marks reminded of glyphs in ancient text that were found at the most remote places of the world, remainders of civilizations that had long gone extinct. How in the world would it be possible to treat the bones of a living man like this? I'm absolutely sure none of the villagers tinkered with the bones nor would anyone have the knowledge to forge such complicated scriptures. I took the bones and sent them to the academy for examination, while I continued my delayed travel. Later I learned that the ship that transported them was lost at sea with no clue about its whereabouts. Of course it could have happened by chance. Ships get lost to all kinds of natural hazards. Yet I have to wonder if I had doomed those sailors when entrusting them with this peculiar cargo.

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