You see a mutated bat.
  • Shriiiiiek


Modern scientists found out that the common bat has the inherent power of transformation. For this reason, bat blood is high-priced among alchemists and probably also explains the bats connection to vampires in some way. Due to certain influences by contaminated food or magical radiation, some bats transformed into horrible beasts. These beasts are well-known as Mutated Bats. Unlike intended mutations that origin from experiments, the mutation of bats seem to happen rather spontaneous.
Mutated Bats seem to lack the fertility of other mutated species as it is was never heard that they brought up offspring. The transformation into a giant-sized mutated bat seems to put some strain on the bats, turning them incredibly aggressive. Only the company of other Mutated Bats seems to calm them a little. Lonely Mutated Bats can become so aggressive that they attack their own shadow until they die of exhaustion.
In certain areas with a high magical contamination, the Mutated Bat has become a dangerous plague. Swarms of those bats have killed whole small villages in a single night. Moving only in the darkness, they devastate the land like a swarm of locusts until they are stopped by military or brave heroes.
As it is rather easy to create Mutated Bats on purpose, scholars of magic or alchemy often use them as watchdogs or tools of vengeance. Their aggressive and destructive nature makes such endeavours dangerous at best, and not few lost control of their vicious pet in a rather inconvenient moment.

A stronger mutated form of a bat. They have powerful attacks so low level players are advised to avoid them. After Summer Update 2009 they have slightly weaker poison shot, poison at melee and can no longer make you drunk.

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You may hunt 400 of these as a task of the Killing in the Name of... Quest. Upon completion of the task you will face Bruise Payne.
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Melee (0-169) (poisons you starting at 6 hp per turn), Poison Shot (70-180), White Musical Bomb does Drown Damage (30-90), Purple Musical Wave makes you Cursed (up to 13 per turn), Poison Wave poisons you 12 hp/turn, Self-Healing.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Cemetery Quarter (around 10 underground on the west side along with banshees, and 4 bats on the church roof), Alchemist Quarter (4 found on top of roofs), Arena and Zoo Quarter (2 under the arena with other mutated creatures), Razachai, Northern Zao Plantations, Souleater Mountains, Middle Spike, Vengoth and Vengoth Castle, entrance of the Temple Complex.


Runs away in deep yellow health.


Knights: try to stay diagonal to avoid poison wave, better hit them in full attack since most damage you'll take will come from poison. Make sure to trigger chase enemy as soon as it starts running away, so you kill them faster. Also have exana pox ready to cast as soon as you kill to avoid heavy damage from poison.


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