You see a music sheet.
It weighs 0.50 oz.
It contains the fourth verse of a hymn.


This item is the fourth verse, but there are four verses to a cult hymn, each on different music sheets. They are dropped by different members of the Cult. See Music Sheet for an overview.
Be careful! If you "use" the music sheet it will disappear and you will see a message in red: You have learned the fourth part of a hymn. If you already know that verse, you cannot use it again, as when attempting to do so this message will appear You already know the fourth verse of the hymn.
It looks the same as a Music Sheet (First Verse), a Music Sheet (Second Verse), a Music Sheet (Third Verse), an Old Letter and The Rite of Eternal Night.

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You must learn all the verses of the hymn to gain access to the deeper parts of the cultists cave on Vandura (beyond the piano). By learning all the parts of the hymn, you will earn the achievement Chorister.
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Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

NPC City Value
in gp
BereniceLiberty Bay800