You see Mugruu
  • Come! Look!
  • Buying nice things!
  • Mugruu buys glittering stones and other pretty things.




Mugruu can buy some things off you, provided you finished the Chief Vuzrog's missions at least once.

Trade Details


Item   Value
Bow 1Weapons Weapons100
Crossbow 1Weapons Weapons120
Ogre Choppa 1Weapons Weapons1500
Ogre Ear Stud 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink180
Ogre Klubba 1Weapons Weapons2500
Ogre Nose Ring 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink210
Ogre Scepta 1Weapons Weapons3600
Shamanic Mask 1Body Equipment Body Equipment2000
Shamanic Talisman 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink200
Skull Fetish 1Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink250
Spear 1Weapons Weapons3


Item   Value
Arrow 1Weapons Weapons3
Blue Quiver 1Body Equipment Body Equipment400
Bolt 1Weapons Weapons4
Bow 1Weapons Weapons400
Crossbow 1Weapons Weapons500
Crystalline Arrow 1Weapons Weapons20
Drill Bolt 1Weapons Weapons12
Earth Arrow 1Weapons Weapons5
Envenomed Arrow 1Weapons Weapons12
Flaming Arrow 1Weapons Weapons5
Flash Arrow 1Weapons Weapons5
Onyx Arrow 1Weapons Weapons7
Piercing Bolt 1Weapons Weapons5
Power Bolt 1Weapons Weapons7
Prismatic Bolt 1Weapons Weapons20
Quiver 1Body Equipment Body Equipment400
Red Quiver 1Body Equipment Body Equipment400
Royal Spear 1Weapons Weapons15
Shiver Arrow 1Weapons Weapons5
Sniper Arrow 1Weapons Weapons5
Spear 1Weapons Weapons9
Tarsal Arrow 1Weapons Weapons6
Throwing Star 1Weapons Weapons42
Vortex Bolt 1Weapons Weapons6


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Mugruu.

Player: hi
Mugruu: Hello tasty!
Player: name
Mugruu: Me Mugruu.
Player: time
Mugruu: Always mealtime!
Player: job
Mugruu: Me buying things. Me watching {Larek}. Then me think good idea buying things.
Player: Larek
Mugruu: He shrimpy human. Looking tasty. But had good idea: buying things!
Player: Krailos
Mugruu: That meaning ogre lands. Steppe and grassland. Many fat {clomps}, few {water}.
Player: clomps
Mugruu: Clomp tasty beast. Much meat, very yummy!
Player: water
Mugruu: Not enough water in {Krailos}. Big problem.
Player: mission/quest/task
Mugruu: Ask {Ghorza} or {Vuzrog}. Or perhaps ask {Grubokk}, too.
Player: Ghorza
Mugruu: She {shaman} of {Bloody Skulls}. Knowing many things.
Player: shaman
Mugruu: Shaman is {Ghorza}. She always busy with spirits. And with {Great Hunger}.
Player: Bloody Skulls
Mugruu: That our tribe. Always battles against {Thunder Tusks}.
Player: Great Hunger
Mugruu: Most powerful spirit. Must always get enough food. If not will eat up entire world.
Player: Thunder Tusks
Mugruu: Hostile tribe. Try stealing food, {water} and women. Many battles against {Bloody Skulls}.
Player: Vuzrog
Mugruu: He big boss of {Bloody Skulls}. That meaning {chieftain}.
Player: chieftain
Mugruu: Chieftain is {Vuzrog}. He big boss of {Bloody Skull} tribe.
Player: Nibble
Mugruu: Shrimpy {goblin}. Cooking for {Vuzrog}.
Player: goblins
Mugruu: Shrimpy titches good for eating up. Or good for cooking meals and cleaning huts. Many working in mountains. Searching for onyx and opals. Ogres not want searching for themselves. So goblins have to search. {Grubokk} overseeing goblins.
Player: Grubokk
Mugruu: Grubokk overseeing {goblins}. Sometimes eating them. He strong and always hungry. Nearly as hungry as {chieftain}.
Player: trade
Mugruu: Mugruu not trading with human. Only if {chieftain} says yes. Back off!
Player: bye
Mugruu: Back off!

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